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Kassadin Build Guide by LittleStalin

Kassawin the AP Burst.

Kassawin the AP Burst.

Updated on October 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LittleStalin Build Guide By LittleStalin 7,381 Views 1 Comments
7,381 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LittleStalin Kassadin Build Guide By LittleStalin Updated on October 16, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Cleanse



This is a Kassadin Dominion AP burst. I found this to be the most effective way to play him in Dominion. You start off with usually a strong 60-70 ap based on your runes etc, ensuring a powerful early burst. A key to this build is knowing to disengage and then return to your enemies, since you really have no follow up after your burst. And remember, always have 4 spells stacks at all times before going in.

as you can see,this build does me good.
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Void Stone - Kassadin takes 15% reduced magic damage and transforms this damage into bonus attack speed.

This doesnt really do you much good playing as an ap burst to be honest, but it can give you that slight amount of speed and resistance to take out player with >100 health. I ususally would advice against auto attacking if your lich bane already went off, but if the enemy is obnoxiously low then be my guess and smack them a few times. But in most scenarios you want to disengage, then return to your unsuspected target.

Null Sphere - Kassadin fires an ethereal bolt of void energy, dealing damage and silencing the target for a duration.
Kassadin fires a void bolt dealing 80/130/180/230/280 (+0.7) magic damage and silencing the target for 1/1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6 seconds.

This move is the bread and butter of Kassadin, mostly bread. This will be your initiation to all targets (try to go for casters, or ability reliant fighters like Renekton). This will hinder any ability to cast spells, as well as discourage your foe with all the damage you be seeting off. Always make sure to land this spell first before anything.

Nether Blade - Passive: Kassadin's melee attacks draw from the void, restoring 8/11/14/17/20 mana each hit. If this effect is triggered from attacking a champion the amount of mana restored is tripled.

Active: Kassadin's normal attacks become charged, dealing 30/45/60/75/90 (+15% of ability power) bonus magic damage for 5 seconds.

I must say I always wished for a better spell than this for Kassadin, but in a laning phase it's useful. In dominion, not so much. Unless you build him accordingly. The way I see it as Kassadin; Why focus on something you are kind of good at instead of focusing on something your great at. The most you can get out of this move is feeding your Force Pulse some spells stacks. You can also synergize this with your lich bane for a bit of extra damage.

Force Pulse - Kassadin draws energy from spells cast in his vicinity. Upon charging up, Kassadin can use Force Pulse to damage and slow enemies in a cone in front of him.
Kassadin draws energy from spells cast in his vicinity, gaining a charge whenever a spell is cast near him. Upon reaching 6 charges, Kassadin can use Force Pulse to deal 60/120/180/240/300 (+0.8) magic damage and slow enemies by 30/35/40/45/50% in a cone in front of him for 3 seconds.

This move is also vital for Kassadin. It can become just as much as a nuke than your Null Sphere. You want to make sure you have four stacks on it before you go into any engagement, which isnt that hard considering all the move spam in Dominion. I will use this move almost immediately after Null Sphere. It also is a succesful move for a team fight, considering the cone damage it does, you can end up slowing an entire team if positioned right.

Riftwalk- Kassadin teleports to a nearby location dealing damage to nearby enemy units. Additionally, multiple Riftwalks in a short period of time cause them to cost additional mana and deal additional damage.
Kassadin teleports to a nearby location dealing 60/90/120 (+0.4) magic damage to surrounding enemy units. Additionally, each subsequent Riftwalk in the next 7 seconds costs 100/100/100 additional mana and deals 60/90/120 additional damage.

Lastly Riftwalk is the move that makes Kassadin who he really is. This move will help you get around to anywhere on the map, get to anyone, as well as get away from anyone. IF you position it right, you can hop over many of the building props in Dominion. Putting you as far as possible from anyone. As great as a move it is, it does take ALOT of mana. 100 mana may not seem much, but when you use the move repeadetly without waiting for the stack to go down, it all adds up. As well as the mana cost going up, the damage does as well. This is very important for finishing people off as well. You can nuke somebody for with this move alone depending on how many stacks you have on it, and how much health your foe has. It's going to be a big help when you re-engage your enemy, so make sure to keep the stacks up if you intend on coming back to your enemy. Synergize this move with the various speed buffs on the map, ti save yourself some mana or delay grabbing another stack on your Riftwalk before getting to an enemy. As well grabbing speed buffs, you should go for the health packs too; considering the mana it returns to you. You can also stay on the map for quite some time if you hunt down the health packs,so you arent constantly making trips back. Lastly, make sure you have a Tear of the Goddess early so you can actually use the move at ease.
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I took this rune page set up off of an old fiddlesticks build so w/e. I like magic pen, a little mana regen, and a little ap. all works. you can do whatever you'd like.
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As far as masteries go, your classic 9-0-21 should cut it.
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I go with Blasting wand and Amplifying tome for a nice 60 ap to start. Ensuring burst, this idea might be slightly risky because you have no boots; but hey Kassadin is all about risks. Bearing in mind you dont have boots, you have to rush to top through the speed buff. After the team fight i head back when i have enough for Sorcerer's Boots. After that I come back for a Sheen and hopefully a Tear of the Goddess, which should give you a good amount of mana thanks to the passive if you keep building it. Next rush a Rabadons, if convienant grab a Needlessly Large Rod. Then grab a Lich bane for an additional nuke insurance plan xD. Then depending on what you feel is necessary in whatever order grab a Will of the Ancients, Zhonya's Hourglass, then a Void Staff
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Skill Sequence

Strong early nuke with 2 points in Null Sphere, and 1 in Force Pulse. make sure your team spams abilities prior to start. On your way over, and maybe a few seconds into the team fight you can put in another point to Force Pulse. Which is your most useful move in that teamfight considering how many spells get shot off. Once you hit 5 grab a point in Nether Blade. Then when you hit 6 its gets real. Rift Walk baby. From then on distibute the rest of your points into Null Sphere and Force Pulse until they are lvl 5, as well as taking a point in Rift Walk whenever possible. Then top off your nether blade.
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Summoner Spells

I take Flash for a number of reasons.
A. to get closer when rift walk is on cd (or costs too much mana)
b. get away when rift walk is on cd ( or costs too much mana)
c. if im trying to nuke somebody with rift walk and need to save the stacks before I reach them.
d. helps if you've managed to get an entire team to chase (happens alot)

Overall its a great engage/ disengage tool for AP Burst

Next I take Cleanse
A. so i can be even more of a slippery void hopper.
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Pros / Cons

Great against Casters
Great against people running away
Great burst
great start
ensure team kills

Low health
no early speed
no Attack Damage follow up
League of Legends Build Guide Author LittleStalin
LittleStalin Kassadin Guide
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Kassawin the AP Burst.

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