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League of Legends Build Guide Author pre-void aaron

Kassidan (only lv 16 so havnt included masteries or runes)

pre-void aaron Last updated on February 2, 2011
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okay this is my first build. it is a kassadin build that i play. there are only 5 items as i normally have finished due to surrender of destruction of a nexus before i get the rabadon. this build is for people who can keep alive at the start until you start to get to higher levels. normally i will stand back and atk the opponent in my lane with my Q. once im a high level i go around ganking when they are low enough health i go, R.E.Q.R.E(if you have it) by this time they are dead as they get slowed and silenced while you or your tamate finishes them of. if they are not then exust and repeat. like i said in intro there are no masteries or runes as i currently am only lv 16 and only use my 16 mastery points on mana, abillity and cooldown. i use the summaner spells exust because it help when you gank or chase. i use teleport as like i saidthis is not an early-game build and i need to lv fast. with this build at lv 18 you should have 4800 mana which with arch gives you 144 bonus ap. 70 ap with void. 80 ap with rod. and 155 from rabadon * by 1.3 = 583.7 +if the game gos on longr you can always get another rod or rabadon for more ap

all comments are welcome as it will help me improve my builds in he future thank you