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Kassadin Build Guide by Aquvious

Kassidin for Pros

Kassidin for Pros

Updated on September 24, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aquvious Build Guide By Aquvious 2,617 Views 0 Comments
2,617 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Aquvious Kassadin Build Guide By Aquvious Updated on September 24, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Intro to Kass

Kass is a Burst mage with a bad early game, this is one of the reasons people dont like to play Kass. The other reason is that his Ult doesn't seem to do any damage. THAT IS NOT HOW IT IS! Kass just because he has bad game until lv 6 doesnt mean he's a bad champion. He's actually one of the most OP champions in the game.
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BADASSNESS Needs rifting!

REMEBER RIFTWALK DOES DAMAGE, PLUS IT STACKS. Most of my games are won because i riftwalk onto some poor fellow and take them from full hp to 20%. But this is also a great escape tool, since it has a lower CD and a larger range than flash it is almost too usefull for putting distance inbetweeen you and your enemies. In the jungle Kass is almost untouchable, just flash over 1 wall after another.
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How to OUTSMART your opponent

These are some tips on how to OUTSMART anyone.

The most helpfl tip here is that you should atleast have 4 charges of force pulse when fighting, if not use Neather blade and Rift walk a few times to get there (there is a reason Neather Blade's Mana cost is so low). This will allow you to use Force Pulse as soone as you rift in and Null Sphere

When your low and your opponent is also low, bait him into looking like your running away. as soon as he is away from their tower, Rift in, Null Shpere,and Force pulse. If he isnt dead after that Riftwalk again into him. NOW IF HE ISNT DEAD AFTER THAT then that means your bad at reading the words LOW HP!

The jungle is the perfect place for Kass, Due to his low CD ult, he can Pop in on any enemy he wards, or escape by Rifting over multiple walls even if the opponent tries to follow with flash.

The silence IS VERY LONG. LONG ENOUGH TO RUN AWAY! (hint hint casters?)

Force pulse has a wide range and rarely missses, it also slows everything it hits by 35% which is Massive.
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Farming is an important thing if you cant get enough kills. Most of my games end up around 15-4-14 to 21-8-4. But that doesnt mean you can give up farming. 18 kills is not alot of money. What really feeds you is the amount of gold you farm fom the beginning will power you at the end of the game. A 200 minion count can make up for 9 champion kills. SO it is best to farm when you can.
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Kassidin's masteries are the normal 9-6-21 taking a point in Greed and Spatial Accuracy, but if you feel that that is too Squishy you can take 9-3-18 taking 3 points in hardiness. The reason i dont have you take Magic resist aswell is because his passive gives him an automatic 10% no 10 points, 10% Magic resist. Kass starts with around 30 points, so that is around 35%-40% already.
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NOTICE: IF YOU DONT LIKE GLASS CANNONS, THEN KASS IS PROBABLY NOT YOUR CHAMPION!!!!With Kass and his Riftwalk, it isnt even mandatory to use boots. But due to Riftwalk's high cost when casting continueously, IT WILL LITERALLY EAT UP YOUR MANA!

I start out with a Sapphire Crystal and 2 hp pots. Later, the first time i go back i would have farmed atleast 900 gold, buying me a Tear and boots. After I get another kill (if i didn't get a kill already) I buy a Sheen. Later i save up for an early Rabadon, grabbing that as soon as possible. NOW is where you look at the other team and see what item you should get first, a Lichbane, OR, a Void Staff. Both are inexpensive by then.

Once you have gotten both those items, you buy straight out Archangels. Or if you think your kass is too Squishy, Buy Rod of ages, a Banshee, and a Archangel.
Both Builds will give you OUTSTANDING damage, but the second build provides better survivablity.
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Summoner Spells

I Personally use Clarity and Ignite.

Clarity : A useful earlygame spell, provides mana in times of need.
Pros: Can cast more spells even after you run out.
Lets you Riftwalk more.
THE-so-called CON: Useless lategame. WELL If your riftwalking Alot, there's no harm done to you by riftwalking again!
Cons: It only provides so much mana at that time. Its pratically useless when in a teamfight.

Teleport: Pets you save dying teamates, towers, Egank people, etc.
PROS: Look at the options above and say that is AWSOME!
Cons: Long CD, can get you killed if you warp in the wrong places, and can only be placed on allied minions.

Ignite:Medium CD Anit-heal, DoT, and AWSOMENESS?

Exhaust: Pros: Reduces incoming damage by that individual, and also slows them by 35%
CON: You already have a slow and silence, so why use this?

Clease: Pro, Useful, Low CD, but instead of doing this, go riftwalk right out and you'll be fine. If its in the jungle, You have a garuntee'd safety.

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