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Katarina Build Guide by justxD

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author justxD


justxD Last updated on September 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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''HI IAM A PLAYER FROM playstyle with KATARINA....thats my kind of play with katarina ( AP BURST ) IF THE ANOTHER TEAM GOT MORE AP CHAMP's OR more than 2 tanks DONT MAKE THE THORNMAIL... u just make it if the another team have champs like teemo, xin zhao, master yi, ashe .. champ mostly attack speed.. the annoying ones XDDD'' Is wait i said in this guide.. before the nerf.. Now i just putted an BloodThirster to increase W and R power..

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i use that items cz my build is AP ..according with ur play style.. as my build is almost totaly AP i buy rabadon's.. but if u want to make damage with ur knife skill u can buy the hextech...or a rabadon's.. tha abissal scpeter depends of ur enemy team..if most AP buy abissal scpeter before the rabadon deathcap or after as u wish.. now after the remake.. i putted some AD/LifeSteal to increase the regen with Ulti.. and combine it with Hextech Gunblade..

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i personally like exuast and ignite cz i shunpo --> exaust --> death lotus --> bouncing blades --> and ignite.. but any other spell with exaust are good like flash, cleanse..ghost if u like it..AND.. NEVER .. use clarity.. clauvorance.. or rally.. cz u dont need it.. u CAN USE heal in the first games..but drop it and start play with exaust and ignite xD..

Now, i switched Exausht with Flash to have that ''safe'' sensation.. but ignite and exaust is the best to Katarina.. if u play well and have the skill.. in my point of view i say.. keep it..

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WHY THAT ITEMS!!? ( 2 ) and why that summoner's

with that items i play with all skills.. my skill rotation is :

W > Q > E > R ( if the enemy run away with low health ) > Q or E

i personally use my summoners spells.. exaust to make the enemy take my full Ulti damage kind :

Q > E > exaust > R

Ignite is a spell that is cool on early game.. just on early game .. then if u want to feed on early is a cool option, or u could change it to flash.. kind :

Q > E > R > ( if enemy run away ) > flash > E > Q

To make the efect of ur skills buy a Rylai's scepter .. is helpfull when u use shunpo (E)or knive (Q), u slow ur target and u can easily get him, if u follow him ofc..

If your enemy team have like Xin Zhao, Master Yi , a twich ( AS champions etc ) if i see that in that game i'll nont feed so easily , i start with a Doran's shield and i play defensive on early.. then i buy sorcerer Boot's to get some speed.. then if u have around 1200 gold i start for blasting wand to make rylai's sceprter but DONT buy the amplifying tome.. cz is better if u give some damage to scare a bit the enemy then have lots of HP just to run from them.. then u farm lots of minions and make some mobs from jungle, ghosts, wolf and golems to buy Giant belt faster as u can.. in the moment that u got Giant belt u can easily give damage and scare a bit the enemy.. after that u can make a Thornmail to easily kill AS annoying champs.. them make more burst power from a Rabadon's Deathcap pr hextech gunblade ( i personally dont make Hextech Gunblade because iam all AP burst.. is a cool item but i dont like it on my build )

Now.. After the Remake.. i still use the same skill rotation.. but more carefully.. as W works with AD and AP.. and the 2nd phase of Q i say: Q -> W -> E -> R,

But.. the 2nd phase of Q works with E too if you're AP Kata.. i use most this:
Q -> E (cool burst by now) -> W -> R

sometimes i just left W to last hit doing:

Q -> E -> R -> W ( this way, if the opponent didnt died with R u use W and if he still dont die.. quit.. or give a use to ur summoner's exhaust to auto.hit while u wait for CD's.. or left him in Low health and ignite him.. not most effective)

If you're giving a cool burst and dont need to jump on him cz he acctually jumped on you.. for example ( those noobs suiciders that jump on you sometimes):

Q -> W -> R -> E ( if u make it.. u got a change to catch him if he run )

PS: after any of the combinations.. always start a 'combo' with ur Q to make the next skill burst ur enemy.

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how to kill a low health enemy without be killed..

if a enemy champion is running with low health u can use your shunpo to a nearby ally champion ( enemy champion or minion) and throw ur knive ( Q ) to kill him .. ( READ - if u use shunpo to a enemy champion u got to have sure if u kill the one you are chasing to use Katarina passive ( whwn u kill a champion u lose 15 secs of cd's) to you can use shunpo again to easily escape from another enemy ) .


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how to run away from turret with skill

Basicly u normally have some defenses again turrets because turret make DAMAGE ( not MAGIC DAMAGE, magic resist dont save u from a hit of a turret ) but with that build u got to be a bit clever cause u dont have too much defenses.. but if u got burst dmage u can SHUNPO > ULTI > KNIVE > ( if u have burst u kill the enemy fast in case of u get a kill ) > shunpo to nearby ally or minion .. that how u run from a turret with the kill .. in a game i found 3 enemy champs with low health near their turret.. i was behind them.. i made shunpo and i got one kill, the passive make me use shunpo again, two kills and to the third one i made shunpo again and ulti.. three kills ..

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Team Work

in teamfights with that build ur not so squishy but u lose ur health a bit fast.. u shouldnt start the teamfights.. u got to know the skills of enemy champions cz if u make the ulti in the mid of them they can stun u and u can die really fast.. normally tank iniciate the teamfights.. if u got an Amumu in ur team u got to wait for his ulti and then u make shunpo to the mid of them and make ur ulti.. ur teammates can be a bit upset because u steal them sometimes XD but if all going fine and ur team own the teamfight doesnt matter how they are.. FTW !!

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As a jungler

I start on Red with pull.. is your choice to give blue to Mid guy.. but there's no problem in keep it to you.. to improve the cooldown's.. then.. just make the jungle.. but there's a question u may have.. '' if he start with Q, then he chooses W, then W again.. and at lvl 4 he chooses E, how does he gank?? is that the best way?? ''

I'll answer it.. i do it cz.. W has such a low cd.. and is helpfull to jungle faster.. if by lvl 3 u got W at lvl 2.. is cool.. jungle factor is that u make it fast. But.. u still can put E at lvl 3.. to gank easier.. if u do it.. make sure that u make sucessfull ganks to improve ur lvl and burst with W at jungle.

And if u stay behind in lvl.. or if u make ur jungle a bit slow.. is better u put E at lvl 3.. atleast u have a chance to run away or kill..

Jungle with Katarina is pretty easy.. May look like u loose lots of health in Red at beginning.. but use the pots.. and if u prefer.. Red -> ghosts -> (2spended pots.. still with 4) -> active 1 pot -> move to blue -> ( eventually u will spend another in blue fight or after it.. by this way u may have 1 or 2 pots) gank top or mid..

Enjoy it!!

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in case of doubt u can set a comment and i soon set an answer for you.. and dont forget to Vote xD :D