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Katarina Build Guide by SnH Homies

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SnH Homies

Katarina (Get death fire grasped, it will be fun they said)

SnH Homies Last updated on October 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pros / Cons

Pros :
- Can kill squishy champion without beeing even hit
- Death fire grasp can reach 50% current health damage end game. Ehhhh seriously ? YES. You'r in dominion baby. You have enough AP to do so.
- Your skills get refreshed whenever there is a kill close to you. ANd you know there is ALOT of kills in dominion.

Cons :
- If you get ganked or stunned, you'r dead
- Have no choice to attack first if alone
- Can be countered with stun. Jump in when you know it's safe

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Basically, this guide is made for dominion. Killing before others kill you is the key in dominion. When you get a kill, your skills get refreshed with your passive ! Don't be surprised to get a quadra kill in top fight cz of this op passive. This guide is based on Death fire grasp true strength. Ohh and yes, english is not my first language, be nice please.

As I said, everything will turn around Death fire grasp. In normal game, Death fire grasp ain't that useful cz it's too long before you can get enough AP. In dominion, you can get fed easily after a couple of minutes. Okay, others can also get fed easily you'll say. True, but death fire grasp has an incredible range. People will see their HP getting cut in half with Dfg and won'T even have time to react before they get kill by kat. So, what is the point here ? Surprise your enemy and kill before they kill you. Hide yourself, wait in the bush, don't jump in a 3v1 if you can't get a free kill in less than a second. Look at the map, if you only see 1 ennemy on the map, please, don't jungle like a noob. The enemy is planning something.

Don'T forget to get some creeps kill everytime you have some free time. After a ace, when you control one side of the map. Anytime you know you'r safe.

In the first team fight top. Try to not die first. Survive untill there is a kill. Your skills will get refreshed your team will starts getting the advantage.

Aim for squishy enemy. Teemo, Ashe, Gp, Nid, Graves, etc. won't even hurt you since they'll get killed in less than 3sec.

There is some champs that can't be beaten with that build. Xin, Irelia, Alistar are one of those. Their op cc will ruins ur game. Try to avoid those or wait before they waste their skills on someone else before jumping in.

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Nothing to say here. You need damage. Any questions ?

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Nothing to say here. You need damage. Any questions ?

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1. Get some boots and pots for some resistance top + a Blasting wand for some extra damage.
1.1 If you feel agressive, you can go all out damage with a Blasting wand and a tome. But I prefer to get some boots if top fight turns bad.
2. Try to come back to base with 765 gold to buy Kage's pick. Get some extra gold before Dfg.
3. Get a belt for some extra health until you get fed
4. Get your sorcerer's boots to escape faster until you get fed
5. Finish your Death fire grasp. Why death fire grasp you'll say ? Because you can reach 500+ AP in dominion because of the incredible amount of gold you get. What does that mean ? It means you'll get a 50% current ennemy health damage end game with your death fire grasp. Refresh every min. Free kill for every squishy champion.
6. Get more AP, slow and sustainability with Rylai
7. MORE and MORE AP with death cap
8. Hextech. Why should you take hextech last ? Because in dominion, you have to kill as fast as possible. The best is to kill your ennemy before he even load he's being attacked. Plus, early game, your spell vamp won't change anything until you get more AP. Katarina becomes endangered if she isn't able to finish her enemy before the end of her combo. This is why she doesn't needs spell vamp, she needs AP k ? Don't ever trust a Katarina who start her game with hextech. She's bad. You ain't farming passively behind your creeps like normal game idiot.
9. Finish with WoA for some spell vamp cz now, with all that AP, spell vamp bacomes useful.

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Skill sequence

0. Death fire grasp to get maximum current health damage
1. Bouncing blade to get bonus damage
2. Shunpo
3. Sinister blade
4. Ult da ****
5. Sinister blade

- Bouncing blade is your main skill. Provides some extra bonus damage and is really useful to harass the ennemy. It can buy some time before you get some help if you'r outnumbered on windmill.
- I choose to level sinister blade right after. The reason is that sinister blade has an incredibly low cooldown and will help you escape is it's getting too hot. Shunpo is also great to escape and dive, but it ain't getting better at escaping and diving when you level it. I know you get more damage if you level Shunpo before sinister blade, but SB will be more usefull, trust me. Level 1 shunpo is fair enough untill the end, you don't really need defense, you need more dps.