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Katarina Build Guide by n3b3z

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author n3b3z

Katarina mid

n3b3z Last updated on August 26, 2011
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so guys this is my build for kata that i use usually not always its depend on the enemy team thought but otherwise this is my 1st build and i hope u like it and find it helpful.

pls rate and comment

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so i chooced this runes build cuz 1st item i will grab is dorans shield my choice of the AP Quintessence , Glyphs , and seals is that i want AP and at the same time stay at mid as long as posspile this will let me have good hp reg and AP.

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so i know most of u may wonder why i used the build that the mage champs with mana always use but i used that build but change somethings and with this build u will have the choice to grab ur boots after a little bit longer cuz when u buy only the boot of speed ur speed will be 386 MS so ur speed will be good and and when u buy the full boot u will have 407 MS and all of ur mastrey point will be usefull nothing will be useless and ur cd's will be 9% with this mastrey build and with no runes and when u have the blue/red/baron buff it will last longer than the other builds and ur recharge on ur abilites will be shorter.

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so i've explained why i use dorans shield and i 4got to say it will giv eu more hp as 1st item but that only in mid and the spell vamps is rly good on kata when u use ur ulti u will drain so much hp like when u use heal and it will keep u more on the lane and the boots ofc to give u more dmg i know u may think why not use ionian boot but i will why cuz ur cd's will be rly low when u max ur Q and E and sure ur ulti's cd will refresh when u kill an enemy champ or assist as well as the other abilits cd will refresh so u can use it immediatly and sure the Rabadon's Deathcap to increase the dmg u deal and its passive is rly good Rylai's Crystal Scepter to give u health since kata's health is kinda low this will give u hp and will slow the enemys that got hit by any of ur abilites and will make their escape from ur ulti way harder and take more dmg when they not slow they will get less dmg than when they r slow and it will also give u AP and my choice of Void Staff is that u need more AP and u will also get magic penatration that will make ur ulti way usefull and another hextach so u can spell vamp more and in teamfights they may attack u and u will not get rly low after the ulti finish they will be dead and u will stay alive and witha good health

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Skill Sequence

will in mid i prefare to use Q 1st and then E and yes i know the E skill deal more dmg than the Q skill but in mid u need to farm as much as u can to get lvls faster and ur E will may put u in danger 1st lvls when u use it against minions they may deal dmg to u and minions dmg's in lvl 1 is rly strong and ur W isnt the best skill u just need it against tank to reduce their HP reg and in big teamfights to use shanpo after using u W so they deal less dmg to u so i just prefare to open it as the 3rd skill and then max my E cuz its rly strong and deal so much dmg and then Q so bounce more targets but that's just my opinion and sure u can change in the order as u like to but this is what i like and think is better

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Summoner Spells

for summoner spells u use Flash and Ignite cuz sometimes u just cant use shanpo on minions and get out of the gank and also the range of the tower when there is no minions so u just use flash and then ur safe and i use ignite to make sure that the target die i just use it when i push ulti so i make sure he wont escape and its rly good combo with ur W's blade so that's why i chooce it cuz its rly effictive against tanks and normal champs