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Kayle Build Guide by TheReverendDave

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheReverendDave

Kayle: Pusher + Mid-Game Carry + Late Game Support

TheReverendDave Last updated on July 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Kayle top lane. She's strong and very potent as a ranged laner and a tough champion to gank after level 6. This build makes her probably one of, if not the best, lane pushers in the game. When compared to a champion like Nidalee, Kayle contributes much more significantly to team fights, but can push lanes just as hard. This combined with augmenting her stacking passive with additional armor reduction, and her low CD invincibility ult, she puts the enemy team on the back foot in a big way.

The biggest thing you are trying to accomplish with this build is to push your lane. Many champs in top lane don't last hit under tower very well, and with your ranged harass you should be able to down their turret by level 9 or so. When executed properly, you should come out ahead on CS and with tower. This puts you and your team at a good gold, as well as lane, advantage. You can continue to push top lane, or help push mid lane and easily move your team into tower advantage.

Moving towards mid-late game, Kayle provides great team fight contribution by ulting and saving carries, keeping the team sustained with heals, and lowering the armor and MR of enemy champions while her attacks deal significant damage and AoE. This makes her an excellent choice in team comps where the bottom support is tanky (nautilus, leona, alistar, etc.), and when the jungler is beefy as well (udyr, lee sin, nautilus, olaf, etc.).

Kayle is first and foremost a pusher and minion slayer all game; she helps carry the early mid-game with her high attack speed, damage output, and AR/MR reduction; she fills the late game support role with heals, ults, and AoE sustained damage.

Let's check it out!

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Pros / Cons

Best push in the game
Good ranged top lane
High sustain
Good damage output and armor reduction
High CDR for Intervention and Righteous Fury up constantly

Quite squishy until late game
Cannot be the tank or "bruiser" top role that some team comps need
Needs farm and will eat minions that others on the team might need/want

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This is what i run for this build.

Full Attack Speed Marks
Full Mana Regen Seals
Full Ability Power Glyphs
Full Attack Speed Quints

Let's talk briefly about why. Attack speed is paramount to Kayle's ability to push and to damage. She's not really a good burst character, she's a sit there and smash champion. So she needs to sustain in her lane (mana regen seals), clear minions quickly (attack speed), and deal considerable damage through Righteous Fury (AP glyphs).

Obviously other choices may do quite well as well, but focusing on early game push and sustain is key.

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This gives the obvious offensive focus, but you get armor and mr that you don't have in runes. Improved Recall is super important as you push top lane towards tower two, to be able to warp before ganks. Good Hands is great for Kayle because you will get focused in team fights and getting back to life is paramount late game. You can save turrets and inhibs late game by coming in 6 seconds earlier. Cool down reduction, attack speed, and armor/magic penetration here is also key for this build.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Exhaust

These are definitely the best choice for Kayle. Ignite instead of exhaust if you are just that aggressive. Personally, I prefer exhaust as is both a defensive and offensive spell. With Ghost, Intervention and Divine Blessing, you should be able to get out of pretty much any situation except the 3-4 man gank.

DO NOT push top lane towers 2 and 3 unless you have Ghost up. The enemy will keep track of this, and will capitalize on you if you overextend. Even with massive ward coverage, without Ghost, you may not be able to pull out in enough time if needed.

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Start Boots of Speed, Health Potion, and Sight Ward. This is because you are pushing your lane and need to watch out for the enemy jungler. WARDS ARE YOUR SECRET TO STAYING ALIVE. You should NEVER back and come to lane without a ward. As you push, you need to cover yourself so that you can remain safe from ganks.

First go for Berserker's Greaves. Go back when your first ward runs out, and pick up BGreaves and a ward and any pots you can afford. At this point you will have +50% AS buff between your runes, masteries, and items. You will be dealing great sustained damage. If you are lucky enough to have gotten a kill, pick up a Meki Pendant to help sustain your harass and pushing of the lane. BUY A SIGHT WARD!

Second go for the Stinger. This helps with your CDR as well as Attack Speed. At this point, you will be wiping minion waves in a matter of moments, and you can easily take a tower down for about half health if left undefended for a wave. Use this to take down top tower fast. BUY A SIGHT WARD!

Third finish up your Fiendish Codex or hopefully the Nashor's Tooth. At this point, assuming you haven't been killed with a gank (have you been buying wards?), you should be taking down tower if you haven't already. With Nashor's and Righteous Fury leveled up first, you will clear minion waves almost instantly and can push on towers with ease. If you are headed towards tower two, BE SURE TO HAVE MANY SIGHT WARD IN THE ENEMY JUNGLE AND IN RIVER. Between Ghost, Divine Blessing, Intervention, and Exhaust, there is no reason for you to get caught except for letting your ward coverage down and getting jumped on unprepared.

Fourth go straight for The Black Cleaver. This is a fantastic item for Kayle as it brings high damage, stacks increased armor pen/reduction alongside her passive, and as we head toward team fights, will augment your team's ad carry damage output. It's really a huge win for your team and compliments your ability to push.

Fifth is Phage into either Frozen Mallet or Trinity Force. Depending on your team comp, you may need to get tanky as the game progresses. Frozen Mallet get you there while making anyone very afraid to get in range of your Reckoning as then they will become pretty much perma-slowed with armor reduction eating away at them. Also, it's likely that you will start to get focused as you are too much of a pushing and team fight threat. If you are the teams damage carry and/or you have tanky support and jungler (like Alistar and maokai), then you may just get a phage and move onto Guardian Angel, or get the triforce if you need to carry harder.

Sixth is Guardian Angel. You have so much sustain with Nashor's Tooth, and your ult cooldown comes up so much... A GA helps with survivability and will get you back in the team fight if you get focused down.

This is late late late game and anything beyond this is highly situational.

Another good item to mention is Zeke's Herald. This can help max out your CDR, give you health, life steal and more attack speed, for you AND your team. Look at picking this item up sometime after Cleaver if you have other Attack speed champs on your team (jax, yi, etc.), or before Cleaver if you find yourself falling behind early on because of getting ganked or zoned out of lane.

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Skill Sequence

Max Intervention as you can, 6/11/16.
Max Righteous Fury first to maximize your lane pushing.
Max Divine Blessing and Reckoning together. If you need to sustain in lane better, level up Divine Blessing first. If you are starting to snowball, max Reckoning first.

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Well that about wraps it up! Thanks for reading, and I'll try to clean and spiff this up more in time.