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Kayle Build Guide by LegendairyCow

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegendairyCow

Kayle - Righteous Blades of Fury ~ In Depth [June 22, 2011]

LegendairyCow Last updated on June 25, 2011
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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Notices and Edit Log

NOTICE 1 : If you guys like the build, please upvote! Feel welcome to suggest things as well.
NOTICE 2 : Currently tying out Aura Kayles, will post on this soon.

June 5, 2011 : Guide released, hope everyone enjoys it.

June 6, 2011 : Added in multiple more extras, such as : Kayle in The Jungle, Aura Kayle, Kayle in Between, Teamfights, and Skins.

June 7, 2011 : Added Kayle's update and revamp, may come in next patch or so. Looks good! She's rearing more to a ranged damage support.

June 13, 2011 : Tiamat build, trying out now.

June 22, 2011 : Kayle's remake supposedly done! Edited.

June 24, 2011 : Looks like it was reverted, thank god.

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Kayle Remake Updates

Here's the results :

NOTE: Reckoning's damage actually does 20 less damage then what the tooltip says. So it's not even buffed to compensate for the passive nerfs. Even if it was it would still be roughly the same amount of damage or even lower due to passive nerf.

NOTE 2: After some testing by other people (thanks to them) we have reached the conclusion that the AP ratio on E is actually 0.2 and not 0.3 as the tooltip states. This is starting to look more and more like a massive mistake.

Holy Fervor
30% Attack Damage converted to Ability power reduced to 20%
15% of Ability Power converted to Attack Damage reduced to 10%
No longer stacks with itself

Base Damage increased to 80/130/180/230/280 from 60/110/160/210/260
Ability Power ratio increased to 1.0 from 0.8
Slow amount increased to 35% from 25%
Mana cost lowered to 70/75/80/85/90 from 80/85/90/95/100
Animation sped up slightly
Divine Blessing
Heal base amount adjusted to 60/115/170/225/280 from 65/100/135/170/205
Ability Power ratio reduced to 0.25 from 0.5
Movement Speed bonus increased to 18%/21%/24%/27%/30% from 12% at all levels
Movement Speed bonus duration reduced to 4 seconds from 10 seconds
Cooldown increased to 12 seconds from 10
Mana cost increased to 75/90/105/120/135 from 60/65/70/75/80
Righteous Fury
Base Damage increased to 10/20/30/40/50 from 4/10/16/22/28
Cooldown lowered to 17 at all levels from 22/21/20/19/18
Bonus range increased to 425 from 400
Mana cost reduced to 50 from 65
Animations on everything changed
Sounds on everything changed

Hm. This is a sketchy one indeed. (Note : Credit goes to Timeo for the list from the LoL Forums.)

1) Looks like Q was buffed. Sort of - apparently it does 20 less damage. Disappointing, hope it's fixed soon.

2) Kayle's passive was destroyed. Absolutely demolished - not sure if Kayle is exactly viable anymore - in fact, her early game is yet even HARDER, at the moment. I'm trying alternating builds, but it's looking pretty grim.

3) I really can't weigh out what happened to W - so much tweaked! In my opinion, W was nerfed - a lot, in fact. Riot needed to increase base numbers, not ratio! Stupid how they also INCREASED mana costs - huh? Heal nerfed.

4) E was "buffed". Apparently, however, the tooltip in game lies - what the heck? Is Riot just trying to make us shut up or something by tricking us?

All in all, this was a pretty significant nerf to the Kayle I used to play. It's going to be a hard climb back up the road to finding a niche for her again.

NOTICE : Looks like it was removed, thank god. However, it seems like they're planning to give her both armor and magic penetration as a passive. Fresh idea, not sure how it'll work out.

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In my opinion, Kayle is THE most underplayed champion in the League. Why, we ask? Let's look at some reasons people often hash over Kayle.

Note, these are simply what I see these days on the forums.

1) Kayle, is a jack of all trades. This is the number one reason people despise using Kayle. She has all the components of a support, ranged carry, etc., yet cannot pull off any of those jobs correctly. (According to current opinion.) A lot of the times, this is true. She's outshined as a carry, a bruiser, and a support.

2) Her ratios suck, and her heal is utter ****. Her Q animation sucks, as well. - Not really a reason not to play her, although I can say her heal is iffy - the reason why I only put a point in at early levels. Often, I only use this is a quick life saver, as it also increases move speed.


"No hard CC, doesn't really excel in any defined role, her heal sucks."

"High mana costs, weak early game, too much farm/takes too long to get strong, squishy, ult a bit too low now. Heal is useless for anything but the MS."

Albeit these issues, I would be willing to say these merge incredibly well, and end up giving a champion that excels at laning with a partner or alone. Hopefully, this build can help people out, and get Kayle back to being played in the league!

PS ~ I do know, and hope others know, that Kayle's skills and utility will be reworked VERY soon. I make this guide knowing this, and will update accordingly when the changes come.

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Masteries and Runes

I go with a 9/0/21, caster style build. I would first like to note, that if you prefer flash over exhaust (See next chapter.), feel free to add the first offense point to Deadliness, and and move the Greed point over to Blink of an Eye.

These masteries give you some pretty nice early move speed, as well as VERY good mana regen early game, synergizing with your runes.

On the topic of runes...

I believe runes are self choice. Kayle is honestly not too rune dependent, although the mana regen runes are noticeable. Other than that, I'd advice any sort of MPen, and AP runes, for an nice little boost.

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Summoner Spells

Why Ghost?

Ghost is an excellent escape tool, with which your boots, mastery, W, and spell all together will give you some wicked move speed breaking 500, making you uncatchable.

Why Exhaust?

Along with your slow, which also increases damage output, this is usually how I get my first kill. Q > Exhaust > E > Autoattacks = First Blood. Of course, this is after lots of harass with E. In other words, this will allow you to shred away at enemy HP with your Fury, and even more so as the mastery in Exhaust will decrease their Magic and Armor Resist.

Other Acceptable Spells

Flash is acceptable, although Kayle often has little need for repositioning. Chasing is done with her slow, and ghost, so I see little need. However, this is still a very useful tool when ganked. When you see those pesky gnomes pop from the bushes, pop your R on yourself and flash away before they hit you.

Why I don't like others.

Clairvoyance - If you're truly the 'support' for your team, you could take this. However, Kayle isn't a very good support, and although she is somewhat viable with a tanky aura build, her Q and E are just too good to pass up. You'd do much better as a ranged, tanky sustainer.

Clarity - You should have little mana problems, if you use your spells wisely, and not spam your heal like mad.

Cleanse - You COULD take this, but if they've caught up to you even with your mad move speeds, it's sort of gg. Only way this would work is pairing this with flash, and using your W to mini-ghost away.

Fortify - Read Clairvoyance.

Heal - Not bad, you CAN take this. However, it's sort of what your W is for, and even more interestingly, this W can be cast on the move, unlike heals like Soraka's.

Ignite - Last hits are Kayle's specialty post level 6. No need for this, unless you're really gearing for that first kill. And even then, Exhaust will help you get in more damage than an Ignite.

Rally - HUH?

Revive - Kayle's a friggin' angel, she revives when she wants.

Smite - I have not tried jungle Kayle, and honestly don't advise it.

Teleport - Not a bad one, but your very good move speed will have you navigating the map like a cruiser.

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Item Build & Trips Back

1) Fiendish Codex.

Starting with an Amplifying Tome gives you some good bang in the beginning of the game. It's very noticeable with your E. Hitting an enemy even once with that ranged blast often has them scurrying away in fear, as they see their HP bars chip away. Build this first, and it will also give you some good mana regen for early game.

2) Blasting Wand + Boots

Kayle is a pretty good farmer. That ranged attack is easy to farm minions with, especially since it has reduced AOE damage. You should have at least a kill or assist by now, and have racked up a fair amount of minion kills. Push at least a minion wave to their tower, heal up your lane partner if you have one, and head back to get these.

3) Guinsoos + Finish Boots

Guinsoos is what makes Kayle such a beast. Along with her passive, this basically multiplies your early to mid game damage multiple times over. However, a problem is keeping the stacks up without pushing like mad or wasting mana. Nevertheless, full stacks and good timing means death to your fellow lane enemies.

I'm also a strict believer in situational boots. However, I find Boots of Swiftness giving me a good edge, and semi kiting abilities. Also, you're incredibly squishy right now, and it's best to float around poking - I mean, blasting, here and there for now.

4) Catalyst

This will solve your nasty squishiness for early to mid games, especially when you build Banshees.

5) Stinger

Gives you CDR, and 40% attack speed. Will make your overall efficiency with E a lot better, and deadlier - also can guild up Rageblade Stacks faster when you don't have it up during an engagement.

6) Banshee's Veil, and Nashor's Tooth

Finally finishing up these two - more AP, CDR, Mana regen, Health, Mana, and all sorts of useful stuff from these items will culminate into a very strong late game here.

7) Hextech Gunblade

Like those multitudes of hybrid champions, the Gunblade is a phenomenal addition, as well as its active.

8) The Choice

Here, it's really up to you. If you get this far, you'll have pretty much the Kayle you want / dominates. However, there's a few items that can fit this slot. One that come to mind is, of course, Trinity Force. One thing I am about to test out is Frozen Mallet. I assume the slow would work with E, since Madreds' 4% procs with it as well. Both give good survivability, and damage bonus, with some utility to cap. If your enemies start stacking a lot of HP, get Madreds.

If this build is finished, you will be pretty darn tanky, with near 3k health, 441 move speed NOT including your W (which makes it a whopping 500 move speed!) and a large amount of damage output, especially with your Q percentage scaling.

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Kayle's Abilities, and Putting Them to Use

Passive : Holy Fervor

Holy Fervor - 30% of Kayle's attack damage is added to her ability power and 15% of Kayle's ability power is added to her attack damage.

The. Most. OP. Passive. Ever.

No real point to utilizing this, just keep it in mind as you play. This is why Guinsoos and Hybrid Items are so amazing for Kayle.

Q : Reckoning

Reckoning - Blasts an enemy unit with angelic force, dealing damage and slowing movement speed. While the target is slowed, Kayle inflicts increased damage to them.
Blasts a target, dealing 60/110/160/210/260 (+0.8) magic damage
and slowing its movement speed by 25/25/25/25/25% for 4 seconds.

While the target is slowed, Kayle inflicts 8/10/12/14/16% increased damage to them.

80/85/90/95/100 Mana

Incredibly good ability to begin your battles and chasing with. Not only does it increase your total damage output, but slows enemies! Furthermore, it's a great nuke with good scaling, that I often use as last hits. At end games, this does nearly 500 damage alone. With CDR, This has about a 7 second cooldown. Not bad for a slow nuke, but not amazing, admittedly.

W : Divine Blessing

Divine Blessing - Blesses a target friendly champion, instantly healing them and granting increased movement speed.
Blesses an allied champion, healing them for 65/100/135/170/205 (+0.5) health and increasing their movement speed by 12/12/12/12/12% for 10 seconds.

60/65/70/75/80 Mana


This ability, I use for both laning sustainability, and to SAVE LIVES. This ability is a defining skill that will prove your Kayle as a proper one or not. A proper one will use this to heal your sorry butt from 10 HP, protecting you from that last hit coming through the bushes, and will increase your move speed by 12%...for TEN SECONDS. I'd also like to note, this has a ten second cooldown, less than 9 with your CDR. In other words, had you unlimited mana, you don't even need Ghost.

Another great aspect is its ability to be cast without animation. That 0.1 second casting animation that this skill DOES NOT NEED, can also save YOUR butt from certain destruction.

Utilize this for teamfights and laning. Sustain allies and help them escape OR chase down enemies. I love it when a Jax gets that last hit/leap in right before tower range due to this skill.

E : Righteous Fury

Righteous Fury - Ignites Kayle's sword with a holy flame, granting Kayle a ranged splash attack and bonus magic damage.
Kayle harnesses her righteous fury to increase her attack range by 400 for 10 seconds. These attacks splash, dealing an additional magic damage to her target and nearby units take 20/25/30/35.5/40% of her attack damage plus magic damage.

The total bonus damage is 4/10/16/22/28 base damage plus (+0.3) (30% of her ability power).

65/65/65/65/65 Mana


Melee? Who needs melee when you can give yourself a ranged attack with damage steroids!? Did I mention it does AOE damage and makes you a boss at farming in game?!

This skill can do a multitude of things. It can push lanes, deal large amounts of damage, rip down turrets, and especially funny when hitting champs nearby their minions. They don't notice until they've dropped 150 HP and go "WTF, that has AOE damage too?!"

This. Is. Your. Bread and butter. Combined with your Q, you should be able to shread and rip through enemy HP like a good bruiser should.

Why is this also so amazing? Your attacks are varied, making it hard to counter, creating you as the true hybrid. You deal your usual physical damage, while dolloping on a nice usual 60-80 magic damage to your attacks by mid game.

R : Intervention

(Active): Kayle bathes a target ally champion (or herself) in a holy light, rendering them immune to all damage for a few seconds.
Range: 1,200

The defining moment. The ultimate of ultimates. The super-awesome amazing finisher that has scouter levels - oh wait, this is Kayle, WHAT?

Yeah. Her ult sucks. I'll have to admit, the ultimate is pretty much just good for using early game for a lot of things. However, don't underestimate it in early to mid game, during laning and gank phases. Things it can do.

-Save a life. Imagine your lane partner or an ally running down the line to your tower. He's got 100 HP, that Akali going for him has 500. She thinks she's got this, and is ready to jump in and GTFO like all ninjas do. SUDDENLY, you pop your ult. And oh snap, that Akali says WTF as none of her burst damages your ally, and is ripped apart by the turret. Life saved, kill earned. (Provided she was damaged by said ally earlier.)
-TOWER DIVING! This works both ways! Early game, got that fool that escaped with 100 HP? Use your W to heal yourself for that 12% move speed, and Ghost if you must - as you head into tower range, pop your R on yourself. Note, it will only block 2-3 tower hits! Smack your Q and E on dat fool, and earn yourself that kill. Now, gtfo through the jungle or something, since your ult lasts only a petty 2-3 seconds.

But, but, what about late game? 3 seconds put on a carry can define the win or not!

Yeah, it might. However, a GOOD enemy team, will know to keep the person CC'ed, and often enough 3 seconds is negligible. It's not even a good escape tool, as it does not stop slows or prevent stuns.

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Farming Like A Boss

Kayle is pretty item dependent. Make sure to score as many minion kills as possible. Honestly, it's not that hard, unless you have little practice last hitting.

Make sure to always get those casters in the back. When you hit level 2-3 Fury, they do down like hotcakes, usually in about 3 blows.

Near mid game, farming is so easy, it's laughable.

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Kayle in the Jungle

Kayle can clear jungle camps in seconds with her Q and E, especially after Rageblade. Blue and Red buffs can usually be taken within 10-15 seconds, just make sure it's ok with your jungler if you have one.

However, starting with Kayle in the jungle is just stupid.

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Aura Kayle

I've only tried this a couple times, with mixed results. Kayle, while she may seem squishy at first, has pretty good health ratios that give you over 2.1k base health at level 18. You can top that off with the usual aura items, like Shroud and Aegis.

However, that's better left off to hard supports of tanks, as none of Kayle's skillset really compliments an aura build.

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Kayle in Between

Mid Kayle isn't bad, honestly. Your main problem will be mana, since once you run out, it's pretty much a forced trip back to the fountain, since you'll be faced with using only melee. Nevertheless, once you get your codex and learn to 'spam' in bursts, she's an amazing harasser and denier. However, I still don't recommend this, as there are far better champs that can fill this role. Also, you'll probably have problems farming below level 6, and will end up pushing to their tower and overextending with your E.

All in all, would not recommend. However, she can still adapt to a mid lane environment.

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Kayle isn't a teamfight gamechanger. She can't revive you, she has no insane heals, and honestly, move speed doesn't help much in that little bush you're all inside, hacking away at each other. However, let's look at some ways how you can FULLY contribute all you have inside that teamfight.

1) Your heal.

Your heal isn't much good, since you'll honestly be able to use it only once or twice during a teamfight's duration. However, a heal is still a heal, and you can cast it on the move. Not much to say, use when people are getting low and get them back in the fray.

2) Your Fury and You.

Your E can contribute lots in terms of damage output, as long as they don't figure out YOU'RE the one whose been shredding their HP away. That AOE splash and good damage can carve away large chunks of HP, especially one you target your enemy with Q.

3) Your ultimate.

Your ultimate is HIGHLY situational. It honestly depends how stupid your enemies are, no joke. If they're smart, they'll immediately avoid and CC the shielded person like Tryndamere and his ult. If they're not, they'll continue piling on attacks wondering why the hell their HP is not going down. (Sort of blatant with all that INVULNERABLE! notices popping everywhere.) However, I find that in the middle of the fray, your ult often goes unnoticed and can give your teammate a good edge survival-wise.

4) Saving Lives and Chasing.

Again, as I've mentioned - you're a very effective chaser and honestly a straightforward escape artist. Brute speed gets you out nice and quick. Use your Q and E to utilize that slow and speed up when you need to.

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Cool **** and Tips

1) Use your E to hit turrets. It gives you some space to run away, and the splash does NOT hit surrounding enemies, so you have no chance of getting turret aggro.
2) E is not affected by blinds. Helps fighting the Teemo. BUT, you should rarely be using your melee anyway. Kayle is not meant for front line battle, but blasting enemies into oblivion from afar.
3) Did I mention how amazing her heal / speedup is in saving ***?
4) Your ultimate has another use - baiting. What you want to do is tell your allies once the game commences, that your ultimate makes you invincible for a short time. What I like to do, is pair with a good DPS champ, like Jax or Xin. Say for example, Xin gets VERY low, and is chased by also fairly low enemies. Through your passive early play, especially with E, you have pretty darn full HP. What you want to do here, is to first ult your ally, and heal him. Exhaust an enemy, if you must. Pop Q and E, and jump in the fray. In those few precious seconds, you will have tured the tide of a chase down. NOTE however, if your enemies are above about 2/5 HP, this tactic is not worth it. Still, ult your ally and heal him so he can get away, just don't engage - your ally will most likely be killed in that 2-3 second window.
5) Alter the build to suit you if you must. Something I often do is get Nashors before Banshees, as finishing Nashor's costs only 500 gold.
6) Righteous Fury is what gives you a competent laning phase. Some try to max out Q first - do not do this. Q is only a periodic nuke that will suck in the long run, especially when those creeps come knocking at your door. Also, note that Fury has no mana cost increase as level increases, only damage and CD buffs.
7) Kayle rips down turrets like a champ. If you've got 10 seconds to go for it around late mid game, GO FOR IT. Just make sure to ghost and W away with that 500+ move speed before anyone catches you. :)

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Battleborn Kayle will ensure you victory. (At least in a psychological standpoint.) Your first step on the way to pro-Kayle. Trust me, that skin will make you OP as hell.

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Current Kayle Remake

-Nerf passive.
-Make base values/early game better.
-Righteous fury 100% uptime @ 40% CDR.
-Q debuff applies to team instead of just Kayle.
-Medium AP ratio Medium Base on heal.
-No changes to ulti.
-Slight range increase on Righteous Fury.
-Overall mana cost reductions on offensive abilities.
-Plus mana cost on heal.

Taken directly from Shurelya's blog.

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Kayle is an extremely versatile, underrated champ. Although her remake will undoubtedly have her excelling in just one area, this current skillset is enough to make you a great laner, with some nasty early games. While she takes a good amount of micro to use properly, she's worth the effort, and I encourage you to try her.

As a final note, this is my first guide. Please attach reasons for downvotes. Upvotes, of course, are always appreciated. ;)

Thanks for reading.