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Kayle Build Guide by BubonicPlague7

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BubonicPlague7

Kayle, Straight with Chaser (support/chaser)

BubonicPlague7 Last updated on June 6, 2012
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Sup this is my first LoL champ guide, so any feedback would be great.

K so this is Kayle, IMO one of the best supports in LoL, if played correctly. She is decent all around and really shines with a solid AP/AS build. Her passive just screams "I want attack speed." Kayle is a great Chaser. She has both a slow (with her Q) and a speed boost (with her W) as well as a punishing ranged attack. She can shrug off turrets with that W and Intervention (R).

Also a great farmer. E is all she needs for that. With reduced cooldowns, you basically always have a splashing ranged attack. This with her W makes her a good jungler as well but I haven't battle tested it since I just never jungle.

Kayle is Excellent support. Its hilarious to see the enemies focus your ally just to see them unable to finish the kill as Kayle personally delivers judgement. I tend to use W mostly for the MS bonus early on allies and myself, but with tons of AP, the heal really kicks in as you level it up late game. I try not to waste too much mana needlessly healing. Kayle's support totally shines in the clutch (i.e. in the last second).

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Pros / Cons


    Super versatile
    Chasing machine
    both a Slow, a MS enhancer, and 2 lifesavers
    Splash,magic damage
    Tons of Lolz

    Slow base attack speed
    boring early game
    not for noobs IMO

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This build is not for noobs. It can be very hard to time W and R. I plan on which one I need, press it, watch health bars and click the team member that's dying. You need to know when to run, and when to chase. Diving is always a risk so just be smart about it.

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Main Runes

Kayle is great as AP/AS since her Righteous Fury provides ridiculous Magic Damage. AS makes the magic happen.

Kayle works well with AP or Magic Penetration, whichever floats your respective boat. I use Mag Penetration Mark of Insight.

Seal of Resilience Flat armor Seals, fend off high basic attack damage.

Glyph of Shielding Per-level Mag Resist. need more twds late game since most champs have to build AP.

Quintessence of Swiftness MS, for them pesky runners. Maybe you decide you want more AP or something else but with Berserker's Greaves, Kayle has a mediocre 380MS, which is not ideal. honestly though, W provides a lot of MS late game. However I use W a lot on allies. again, its your call.

Other Runes

AP or AS runes are great on Kayle. Her E used to be broken with too much base attack speed so why not break it again?

Kayle could also work with AD runes, though its not ideal. Only Q scales with it, and its the last one I max. AD has multiple uses, so its always a valid option.

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Early AP with Amplifying Tome is a must. Lv 2 W and a mana potion do the trick on early survivability.

Depending on the balance of farming/lolzing the other team, you may be able to get both berserker's greaves and Kage's Lucky Pick (5gold per 10sec) on your first recall. In my opinion, gp10's are a must for all supports, since their farming SHOULD be limited if they're with the carry they SHOULD be paired with in a lane. Kayle is an excellent farmer, however, so you may be stuck with tons of gold. boohoo. If you must recall before you have enough, go for the Greaves

Grab a blasting wand and head right for Morello's Evil Tome. Tom Morello is a great musician and I'd personally read anything he wrote, however evil. This gets you Great AP, great CDR, Mana Regen, and look, an active for Lulz. it has a 20 second cooldown. I'm lazy and never use it but you're a fool if you don't use it (I'm a fool).

After you act like a good student and buy that book, you have a decision to make. You can either get some quick attack speed with Stinger or go for the throat with the AP/mag pen of Void Staff. I like stinger into Nashor's Tooth because that has Both but, you need to adapt to your needs.

Get the other (void staff or Nashor's tooth) next.

After that, go for Rabadon's Deathcap for that surge of AP.

Finally, finish it off with Defense. I pick Warmogs just cuz it's the best all-purpose Defensive item in the game with loads of HP. With farmer Kayle, you never have to worry about stacks. just pop E and watch your HP grow. Obviously you'll need to base your Defensive item on your opponents. If AD heavy, get Thornmail. If AP heavy, get something fancy like Banshee's Veil.

These items help build an effective AP fast attacker. If you find any item besides the one I listed that works better for you, go for it. Gunblade is great, as well as Guinsoo's Rageblade. but honestly, i think Spell Vamp is stupid and unnecessary on Kayle. Guinsoo's AS boost is just too cumbersome. Other good options are Frozen Mallet or Rylai's Crystal Sceptor. I am torn between Nashor's and Phantom Dancer for that little extra umph. It's all up to you though. But really, do what I say.

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Skill Sequence

Max E first (Righteous Fury) followed by W (Divine Blessing) and finally Q(Reckoning). You need at least a point in each right away though.

E has to be lv.1, followed by W lv.2 then Q lv.3. E has great extra reach, damage output, shorter and shorter CD. I rely on this for most of my damage. it gives range, splashing Magic damage, and is a great tool. this is tied as my favorite spell on Kayle.

W is great for support. It gives both a Health boost AND MORE IMPORTANTLY AND MORE OFTEN OVERLOOKED, a GREAT MoveSpeed BOOST. It should just be called the Diving spell, since ur in and out with barely a scratch.

Q is mean since you just ruin one of their team members. use this to A: damage them, B:Help your dying teammate get away or C:Chase them down. The slow is too little too late but it does provide versatile utility, so def get a point in this early. you want to start battles with this.

R is tied as my favorite spell on Kayle. It just, provides so much lolz. It makes a target ally INVULNERABLE. they take Zero damage. This is a great spell but can be frustrating for noobs since it lasts like 2-3 seconds.
The key to this spell is timing. You need to A, survive a battle, B focus attacks on an enemy champion, and wait until you or your focused teammate are about to die. If timed right, the enemy wastes all their effort on something they cant kill while losing precious healthtime.

Healthtime is now a word. They lose 2-3 + seconds of healthtime attacking your ally before you even use the spell, since they wont get the kill. So the enemies spend 6+seconds or so attacking your ally when it takes you and your ally 4-5 seconds of thwacking to kill them. that means in a 2v2 battle, you will win. Plus E gives you splash (crowd control damage), useful in team battles. Let's not forget that.

You cannot even fathom how many lolz I've gotten from saving dying allies with R and killing enemies who thought they had a kill for sure. Omg some people get so mad- it's so funny.

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Summoner Spells

Get GHOST. Never give up the ghost, if you will. it makes you a chasing machine. I've also used it to run to the rescue.

Ignite works.

Also, maybe look into surge, as it's practically created for this champion.

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As I've said above, Kayle is a great chaser. Q not only damages enemies, but it makes them more vulnerable to your damage. More importantly, it slows them. As they run away, feel free to attack them to your heart's desire. With MS quintessences and berserker's greaves, it's likely that you can run faster than them. You also have Divine Blessing and Ghost at your disposal.

Kayle is effective at chasing because she can survive turrets easily. Divine Blessing is an excellent diving spell and if you are about to die, you can always escape that last turret attack with Intervention (again, timing is key). You should wait until the turret's attack is about to hit you to use Intervention, since it lasts only a few short seconds.

Use Intervention at the end of both team battles and 1v1 battles. If you do get caught with Intervention on CD, use either Divine Blessing or Ghost to get away if you're about to die.

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Early Game


I like bottom lane with Kayle.
Use E to harass, I stay between friendly ranged minions and melee minions and punish enemies if they try to last hit. If the enemy gets a little to friendly, use Q and E and just nail them. coordinate with your lane partner, who you can give a W to, and go in for the kill. Obviously, it's important to not die, so be smart about diving. Let the enemies push so you have more room to chase. That means its important that you and your teammate need only last hits.

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Mid game starts around level 8-11. At this point you should start roaming with your team and ganking or otherwise helping where help is needed. You should still stick with your lane for the most part but if you get their tower early on, you should start to gank.

I think Kayle is a great ganker since she has several options when it comes to who she targets.
If your ally deals tons of damage, you want to help them chase with W. Q is a great disabler and is key to catch runners.

During a gank, if you get targeted, dont panic. W yourself and back off for a sec. Your E should be activated and you gotta get a hit or 2 in. let your ally deal some damage and then continue attacking. If you or your teammate are about to die, don't be afraid to use Intervention (at the last moment for optimal effectiveness).

When you battle like this, your enemies may become confused. Use this to your advantage! They may start to attack your ally. Use Intervention on them and thwack them with E. If they run, tag them with Q. Get's 'em every time.

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Late Game

By now you're about Lv.18. Hopefully by now you have Morello's Evil Tome, Berserker's Greaves, Nashor's tooth and Void Staff. You should work towards Rabadon's Deathcap and the defensive item.

Now just roam the map with allies, gank, and push. I'd let the tank start most battles but Kayle is not a bad initiator herself. Be prepared to use W and R on yourself in this situation.

If you're being ignored completely, just skip the defensive items and get some more AP. Gunblade is a great option here, if you have the dough. Extra AS items help too. I've gotten Ionic Spark a few times and it actually surprised me how well it works for Kayle.

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Extra tips

Have fun with it! A lot of people take things personally, rage, and get upset about trivial things their allies do. Remember, League of Legends is a game and games are supposed to be fun. Don't take yourself so seriously. If you have a bad game, oh well. Move on to the next game and learn from your mistakes. Everyone has bad games. That doesn't mean you get to pick on more inexperienced players on your team.

Learn to communicate well! The team that communicates well is almost always the team that wins. This means being supportive, giving heads up, saying gj, etc. Tell your teammates what you plan to do and when you want to gank and stuff. It pays off.

It doesn't hurt to be social. I like to type a lot and I've met lots of cool people just by joking around with them. When you build a good friends list, you get a lot better and you can have a lot more fun!

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Kayle can be a lot of fun if you play her right.

Reasons to play Kayle
Kayle is a huge asset in a team battle, esp. 2v2.

Kayle can chase like a cheetah.

She's kinda hot. They made Kayle look a lot cooler IMO when they updated her look.

She's a great farmer and ganker.

She deals lots of Magic Damage with E.

Kayle's skill names are BA and she can FLOAT. oooo.

Thanks for reading my guide. Again, leave me any comments or suggestions in the comments if you want!