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Build Guide by bebopin jane

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bebopin jane

Kayle support/dps make other love you

bebopin jane Last updated on December 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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People dont realize right now, but Kayle could easily be a top tier hero once more. her damage output, lane presence, and support makes her the perfect addition to most team comps.

my build focuses on making you a hybrid/support

starting with summoner spells

ghost is a must on her, synchs well with her slow and speed boost and is great for running around to help out your friends

i usually roll with ignite next, helps you get those early kills and is good to counter those pesky healers on the other team

other possibilities could be flash, i dont see it working well with her

teleport is pretty good, allows you to lane amazingly and be able to support your team from anywhere on the map


i like the attack speed reds just because it really helps before you get AS items, but definitly mag/arpen are suitable replacements.

yellows: 100% mana/5/lvl. you need this. it helps so much you have no idea. lets you lane for so much longer, there is no other option for this.

Blue: i really like the flat cdr, great for letting you use righteous fury and divine blessing more often early, and is great for your short cd ult mid/late game.

quints: these are really your preference. i like flat ap just because i feel like the ap helps with healing more, but possibly flat ad, hp, arpen, magpen are all other good options. try them our see how it goes.


I usually try to go for a solo lane, though laning a duo is fine too. start out with a ring and a health pot and head to your lane, taking righteous fury first. early game what you want to do depends on who youre laning against. If the person has a good harass, stay in back and use righteous fury to last hit, but dont overdo it or youll run out of mana too quickly. If youre laning against another melee, go crazy. dont even bother using righteous fury to last hit, just go in and do it. keep it up until level 4, when you get your q and lvl 2 e. start harassing with a slow + e combo, the slow lets you get in 2-3 hits and it adds bonus damage to attacks. dont be afraid to be aggressive either, youll be getting your heal up pretty early so you can take the damage and just remove it.

you should probably b when you have around 1250-2000 gold, buying merc treads and a ward, and if you can afford it a dagger and meki pendant. once you get back to lane, keep leveling your e and heal, and play aggressive when your opponent goes in for last hits. try to get them down to around 1/4-1/3 health, than wait to either ghost in and slow combo, or tower dive. kayle is a great tower diver because of her ult, and usually the other person doesnt expect it. just run in and combo and wait to ult, hoping they try to kill you instead of running.

around mid game you should have nashors for sure and start building into guinisoos/FM. stay with your team at all times, and try to have blue buff if no one else needs it more, it helps you with the cdr and mana so you can spam heal. group up and have your team poke and push, healing in back and not really making yourself noticed. this really helps when team fights break out, almost always the other team goes straight for someone else, and that when you righteous fury them all down. making sure to heal your teammates whenever possible. Also a note with your ult, try not to use on yourself unless you get focused right away, save for the MOST important person contributing to the TEAMFIGHT. that means you should go and ult someone like your tank, but save it for your damage dealer. also try to save you ult until your teammate has very little health. This makes your opponents keep focusing them even though they are invulnerable, they just dont understand why he wont die. this is very risky, because sometimes they get burst down, but if done correctly, the fight is usually a faceroll.

late game you should have your frozen mallet for sure, and start building situational, i usually get either a banshee, hextech, or madreds, all making you very hard to deal with.

some other good items are new malady, wits end, and tiamat, but only get if you really think you need them