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League of Legends Build Guide Author Conquezt

Kayle the Leecher

Conquezt Last updated on October 1, 2010
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Kayle has to be one most underrated champs in LoL. On the rare occasion I've actually seen a fellow geek play her I have never seen her played this way before. I scanned through some builds on this site and again I couldn't find anything similar to this. There are probably others like me out there but I cant for the life of me find them.

I've used kayle numerous times and while playing her I could feel the potential but time and time again I could never make her perform as well as I wanted her too. She is technically a support champion but limiting her to that role never felt right. She is so much more.

I got my inspiration from a similar warwick build I sometimes use, and lo and behold, when applied on kayle she dominated some games for me. The idea behind "kayle the leech" is ample attack speed, short cooldowns, and % life stolen per hit.

In my opinion, this build makes kayle a ranged warwick, WITH support/tankish qualities. Thats just sexy on so many levels.


Reckoning - Some magic damage and 16% increased damage dealt to impacted champion, however for this build its only really used for its slowing properties. 25% reduced movement. Combined with exhaust and build items escaping kayle is all but impossible. Why so slow chum?

Divine Blessing - Heal + 12% movement speed on a short cooldown (approx 4 seconds) which allows for continual use; an added boost of speed for running towards or away from enemies; quick heals for tight escapes. Awesome? Yup.

Righteous Fury - Ranged assault on a cooldown that allows it to be used at all times. This is your bread and butter. Don't leave home without loading your guns.

Intervention - Short duration of INVINSIBILITY. That's just priceless in so many situations. I need not say any more.

Passive - 30% AD is coverted to AP and 15% AP is converted to AD. This skill makes the build possibilities for Kayle endless. Which direction is best is truly up for interpretation. You choose.


Please keep in mind I have no specific order for these items to be acquired in however I do have my own preferences.

Nashors Tooth - This is typically the first item I start working and the first item I finish working on. Increased attack speed, some ability power, small amount of mana regeneration, and what I consider to be a necessity with Kayle, cooldown reduction.

Boots of Swiftness - Kayles only weakness in my opinion is that she has no stun. My thoughts on this are if you cant keep your target from running away you might as well make running away pointless. Typically I like to start out with boots of speed after completing Nashors Toothand finish them later, but you can be the judge of whether their needed or not.

Madreds Bloodrazor - This is your main damage. Doesn't seem like much but it does the job. Life % stolen per hit, increased attack speed, and some other minor bonuses. Awesome item to have and I really don't feel it needs to be defended.

Phantom Dancer - This item is more or less optional. I like it for the various stats it gives. Increased attack speed, increased movement speed, some dodge. I repeat! This item is optional!You could vary easily switch it out with something like The Bloodthirster or even Infinity Edge for some added damage if you feel you need it.

Sword of divine - This is another item that's optional and not critical to this build, however, the increased attack speed it gives is critical. If you want to replace this item at least replace it with something similar; last whisper, malady, wits end; you get the idea.

Warmogs Armor - I find the health benefits are necessary. This specific item however is not. If I were to replace it, the only other option in my mind would be frozen mallet.


I went for critical damage and critical chance simply because I don't really find any others all the bountiful. Not to mention I already owned a set of tear 3's. With such a quick attack due to the items chosen I do notice the crit hits often enough to be happy with them. You can however pick any rune combination you feel fits.


When I play I always have a blue golem buff on me so I don't really need anything much from the utilities selection. Cooldowns are currently rapid enough that anything more is just excess. Defence seems fairly obvious to me; she is not a tank. That leaves offensive. More Damage is always nice so why not?


Early game I run to my lane and hug the turret until minions spawn. Kayle is not a first blood type of gal so I don't even bother risking it. I spam my righteous fury, farm all the little minions, and grab a kill or two is possible. I try to keep myself relatively out of harms way. Deaths early on are not ideal.

Mid game comes after one or two turrets have gone down and people start becoming mobile. That means its time to grab the blue golem buff. From that point on you will never find me without the buff unless I die from a nasty gank. Stay mobile and keep farming. If you find a couple stragglers, by all means, feed away.

Late game I stay with your team and don't be the first one to run into the unknown. At this point in the game which ever group works best as a team will probably end up winning the match unless your fed beyond belief. If that happens go ahead and feel free to carry your team on the wings to victory.


Kayle is a highly enjoyable champion to play. She has a wide range of skills on a long list of potentials for me personally.

Damage - High attack speed combined with % health /hit with the potential for more at the sacrifice of other traits.

Survivability - With approx 3300 Kayle's no glass cannon. Healing from Divine blessing and a short burst of invincibility from her ultimate, Intervention (respectable cookdown), keep her safe from most battle field events.

Mobility - The ability to use divine blessings attribute, 12% increased movement, continuously along with movement statistics from build items, its very easy to get quickly from place to place on the map.

Crowd Control - I find kayle a little lacking in this area of specialties. Her only true trait is a short 25% movement reduction from reckoning which helps but does not impress me. Its only application is for catching up to your opponents while their fleeing or adding a small amount of damage to the inflicted target. It's better then nothing but among champions there are so many better choices.

Playability - She is classified as a support champion. She is not very commonly used. When she is used most of time the players performance is nothing special. Because of that she is often underestimated. I enjoy blowing away expectations. So I'm sure you can understand why then this is one of my favourite champions to play.

So... Take a quick peek, give her a try, and let me know what you think.