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Brand Build Guide by Trinyah

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trinyah

Kegan Rodhe? This guy is a burner!

Trinyah Last updated on April 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I wont do any changes in the next time. So I just want you to try it out as it is.

Thank you,


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Hey guys!

Hello guys :D,
first of all, this is my first guide. I never done something like this before, so please be nice :P. Moreover English isnt my native language, that means im sorry for grammar mistakes. But I hope you will understand me.

After this I can start now ^^...
Well Brand. He is in fact one of my main champions and an all time favourite for me. A very strong mage and an insane damage output. With a very skilled player you can deal a massive damage with him. But Im not Phreak :P (if you know what I mean :D).

I was level 15 when I bought Brand, and since it, I play him once a week. Thats why I think I know how to play him.

Finally, I will start right now...

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Pros / Cons


-Massive damage output in early game
-kills everyone when he finally got his Rylais
-Insane amount of mana
-Deals damage without getting very close to the target
-boots will help you to do first blood
-hes hot


-without the runes you have to pick a dorans ring
-without fed he is useless
-you need a lot of gold for the first blasting wand
-I have no other bad points XD

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I explain to you now, why I choose this Runes for Brand:

Greater Mark of Insight:

I love to deal some massive damage in early game. If you play against a skilled AD carry, that has Magic-Resist Runes, you have no chance to harass him. The Magic Penetration is whether good to deal some bonus damage, or to get through the resist of tanky chars like Lee Sin.

Greater Glyph of Intellect/Potency:

Now its getting more strategic: With Mana-Runes you have the ability do some extra spells like your ulti (exactly 100 bonus Mana). Later in the Part about the Summoner Spells I will tell you more about the important meaning of these Glyphs.
But if you just want to deal some extra damage, the AP-Runes are definetly the right choice.

Greater Seal of Replenishment:

A MUST have for mid-laining! Spamming your skills is awesome. When you got this runes you dont have to go base before your first kill. (Which is in my case always first blood ;)

Greater Quintessence of Potency/Force:

In early game theres always an advantage if you got some bonus AP. While leveling up you get the AP from the Force Rune. Nothing more to say.

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In the Masteries I found a good Skilling Tree for Brand.

In the Attack Tree I take the Burst-Magic Damage Tree while giving points for AP, CD and AP per level. The additional 10% magic penetration converts your Brand into a Volcano.

I leave out defense...well he is not a tank or a carry.

In utility I set the points for additional mana, and more range for my flash. The early game movement-speed will help you to attack with your spells easier.

Possible Alternatives:

Take the 9 0 21 way. Its not necessary if you take the mana and mana reg runes.

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Starting and Core Items

Wohoo now the Items :D

Starting Items:

Set 1
Boots of Speed
3x Heal Potion

Bonus Speed in Masteries and the boots will make you untouchable for enemy spells and will help you to harass the enemy easier.
The Heal Potions are a good advantage in laning and they save you from being low-life.
Take 2 Heal Potions and 1 Mana Potion, when you dont like my Rune-Build.

Set 2
Doran's Ring

Well, I dont like the Doran Items. Only in trolling games I pick all Doran Items to annoy my allies ;) (just being sarcastic)

If you want to deal a huge amount of damage and you love to play aggressive pick the Ring.
In Addition to the Runes and the Masteries you have an insane early game damage output.

First Core Item:

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

I love this Item so much. In addition to the extra life which makes you more safe from enemy harassments you get the awesome passive: The slow. When you slowed the enemy with your E skill its so easy to give the enemy champion a hot burst of ur Q skill to stun him. Finally use you W skill do deal extra damage and finish him off with your ulti. Have a nice day.

I know its hard to get 860 gold but all you have to do is farm. When you picked up your first kill its no problem to buy the Blasting Wand. If you go back because of low life take the Amplifying Tome instead to give yourself a little upgrade.

If you dont like this Item just pick a Rod of Ages or an Archangel's Staff first. Its not the same way of dealing damage, but extra mana or health is good too.

Building Items:

Rabbadon's Deathcap

Huge amount of ability power. Awesome Item Passive is Awesome.

Void Staff

Magic penetration...we already had this part. (The same with Sorcerer's Shoes. Pick them after Rylai's or after Doran's Ring.

Archangel's Staff

This ends youre need of mana. Trust me :D

Abyssal Scepter

Resisting more magic damage and lowing the magic resist of nearby enemies in addition to your HUUUGE amount of magic penetration :P will allow you to finish everyone :D

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Skills (and the Sequence of them)

Basically the Skills of Brand:

Q - Spear

A nuke Skillshot.
In my opinion, you will just need it for stunning. I killed only 2 champs with it in my whole time in LoL.
Take it on Level 5, max it on 18.

W - Pillar of Flame

AoE Damage Field.
Great Farming Skill, beginning of the Combo. (I will explain it later)
Take it on Level 1, max it on 14.

E - Conflagration

AoE Direct Attack.
Only to deal in Combo with Q or W.
Take it on Level 2 to deal 25% bonus damage with your W. Max it on Level 15.

R - Pyroclasm

Direct Attack.
**********in Fire Ball. Nothing to do here.
Max it like a ulti on 6, 11, 16.

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E - W - Q - R Combo

I begin a harrassment with my E, by slowing the target I do my W to deal a huge amount of damage, spelling my Q to stun the enemy. With your ulti you finished the job. Or a triple kill. Maybe a Pentakill, too.
To abridge the distance use flash. They wont see you coming.

W - Q - E - R Combo

Basically the same as the other combo. Just First the AoE.

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Summoner Spells

You all waited for this part, didnt you? So now there are possible lobby questions:

1. Why did the noob take Heal?
3. WTF without clarity you cant lane dude?!

1. Heal. I know its for noobs, but its the only summoner spell you really need. Without getting killed in the early game, you are a heavy damage-dealer in mid and late.

2.Ignite, wtf? A skilled Brand player doesnt need ignite. Dude watch his passive. Dealing 2% of the targets maximum health over 4 seconds is enough to kill a lucker. Believe me :P

4.....Mana regen Seals, Mana Glyphs and 9 points in utility are making the clarity useless. Only needed if you take other Runes.

Other possible Spells:

Teleport instead of Heal
Maybe for faster laning and for a quick visit on other lanes.

Surge instead of Heal
Quick upgrade. Please dont take it. Its only good for real carrys.

Ghost instead of Heal
This is recommended. For a fast chasing its always good to take this. In combo with flash you are unstoppable.

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Ranked Play

Only a few Tips and gameplay changes I want to give you when playing ranked :P

Runes: Just take the AP runes.
Masteries: Take the 21 0 9
Items: If you feel unsafe by picking the Rylais take the Rod of Ages instead. This is a very good Item for hybrid effects (Mana, Health and AP)
Skill Sequence: Take Q on Level 2 and the second E on Level 5. The Stun will give you the ability to escape quickly
Summoner Spells: Heal/Clarity (depends on Runes) and Flash

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Just try to lasthit the minions with youre normal attack. Spamming W will make you run out of Mana very quick, although you have those imba-early-game Mana Runes.

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Double Laning and Baron Steals XD

When double laning its good when you got a champion with you that is able to snare.
When you go mid, and finished the enemy champ for 12 times, your mates can take a drink while you go stealing the Baron and taking a Pentakill ;D

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Why should you choose my Build?

If you are a good Brand player you will definetly like my build.
Early game slow, a lot of Mana, magic penetration and a fast movement speed will make you an op Brand.
I see a lot of builds with Will of the Ancients in it. When I realize that this isnt a trol guide, a little part of me dies. Guys please pick a Rod of Ages or an Archangel's Staff when you dont like the Rylai's.
You will make them cry.

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Thank you :3

Hey you again :D
Thank you for reading through my build. I hope I inspired you to play Brand like this the next time. Maybe you will buy him, if you havent got him already ^^

Thx to Lupr0123, Nilssan, mybrot, itwasmee and TheNike
I had a lot of fun playing with you :D