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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bread

Kennen AP AD- OP STYLE!!!

Bread Last updated on May 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build, i play kennen a heap and have been using this website for builds quite alot and though i should make one in return.
Why ap and ad hybrid?
The reason for this is when im playing kennen all ap, after using my combo "yeh stunned them they can't get away" away from what late game you don't deal much damage after that, with a bit of ad that fixes the problem.

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How to play kennen

Use a thundering shuriken or just hit them with your auto attack if it's going to add a mark of the storm. If it hits use lightning rush and eletrical surge, this will stun them, most likely after the stun they will run away hit them with a thundering shuriken once more on there way and if they're low enough chase them.

Be last hitting as much as possible, use thundering shuriken to do this if it's up as it hits them faster and stronger, be using lightning rush and eletrical surge on big groups to drop there health alot, or if there health is already low just to take all that gold and exp

Hide in some brush and wait for the perfect moment, if your using flash flash in with your ulti and start your 3 spell combo, if your using ghost, use ghost and lightning rush and use your 3 spell combo and maybe your ulti if you think it's neccesary

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Pros / Cons

High burst damage
Can stun 1-2 people with his ulti
Good at 1v1 and team fights
Great minion farmer
Useless unless used correctly
Item dependent
Can be nullified with CC

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Early, mid and late game

Early game
Early game you want to be focused on farming and harrasing heaps, i usually go mid and last hit with thundering shuriken and if i can get a clear shot use that on my laning opponent. After i get all 3 spells when the minions are low i use them all. Remember to constantly harrass, if you see them get low ATTACK! Remember use thundering shurkien if it hits use lightning rush and eletrical surge and hit them a few times with normal attacks.

Mid game
Mid game if your going well in your lane you want to be thinking about ganking, kennen is an amazing ganker. Hide in some brush, use ghost and lighting rush and if you want your ulti BEFORE you get to them, that just lets you get that extra lightning bolt out. Remember teamwork is vital for co ordinate ganks and be sure to corner someone and get your stun out as fast as possible to help the person/people your ganking with

Late game
Late game participate in as many team fights as you can because if you've played kennen right then you should be able to carry or atleast be able to do alot of damage.

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Skill build and Item Build

Firstly for skills i like to level everything up at the same pace, if you level only one skill up then you'll do alot of damage with that but almost nothing with the others, it just helps to spread the damage out if one of your skills is on cooldown. Get your ulti whenever you can because its a very useful skill in team fights, if used correctly you can have AMAZING cc


For items i like to start with an and a I get For that extra speed. I then build the tome into a and start building a Next i will get a and a I finish with a and a

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Item choices

Core items

Other options
You can swap for or
And you could swap for Some other options could be a or

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The reason i chose ignite and ghost
The reason for this is because ignite can get that person on there last bits of life running away, overall it's an amazing skill.
Ghost for your lightning rush, adds that extra speed in the gank to catch up.

Other options could be flash, exaughst or teleport

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Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading my guide as i said it is my first one and i would appreciate as much feedback as possible and constructive critism, leave a rating aswell and i might do some more builds. Using this build you will be an unstopable miniture killing machine. You will run in and stun the person taking them down to half and killing them with auto attacks and if not that chasing them with skills. I've gotten games a well as 17 for 2 or 23 for 1! I love playing kennen and i love killing people with him (: i hope you've enjoyed your games with this build!