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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Noodletugger

Kennen CARRY? NOWAY :)

Noodletugger Last updated on June 6, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Let me first explain my rune choice for Seals:

I actually usually go w/ dodge seals here. I put AP seals for the moment to give Kennen more dmg in this carry build. I would also most likely add the 10% increased critical dmg with this rune set up, but runnin low on time and didnt change it.

Now for the meat of the topic:

I ALWAYS GO MID with kennen unless there is a TF or KARTH that is capable. YOU have to realize that Kennen is squishy, so health is kind of a must for him instead of a complete pure caster ap build.
ALSO, as soon as u get your ult in mid, be lookin for that window of opp. to strike with ur 5 marks already charged
***(kennens passive deals bonus dmg and adds a mark to the target after 5 auto-attacks. The 5th hit is the one that will be the active charge. you can see a small electrical current around his ninja star and you can also hear a lighting effect letting you know that the next auto attack will be the one to add a mark. ALSO you are refunded 25 energy on the next auto attack hit. so its important to always try and have this charged up before you go for a gank/team battle as that 25 energy will allow you to hit an addl' ability which otherwise couldnt because you are missing that small amount of energy for it)***
to lighting rush in, make sure you hit the champ for the addl energy recived for hittin them in that form, pop your ult, instantly hit Electrical Surge, and this will STUN your target. Now this is when you apply ignite, and let loose on an auto attack to add that addl mark, and a thundering Shuriken, to add second mark and if they are even alive thru any of that, which i highly doubt, Electrical Surge again, which will then stun them for a second time and its GG.
Any squish against you in mid is a 90% kill, unless they have cleanse or get alot of minion damage or that you might of took a risk and attempted a kill with not a lot of health lol.

****I sometimes, as of lately, have been using Cleanse.***

It's bad if you possibly get stunned right before an execute of all your abilities and turns out youre the one gettin roflstomped because of maybe a luckier quicker reaction from a noob ryze gets a rune prison on you, or take an arrow in the face from Ashehole(ya i said it and made it it up :)wasting your popped ult or not even being able to get that far cause YOURE DEAD! So its pretty much up to you. BUT ALWAYS go mid. Thats your number one priority starting game.

****NEVER EVER initiate a battle thinking your ult is gonna take out the whole team ahead of your tank ect...****
Too many times I have seen noob Kennen's that I have ethier solo qued with on a team or playing against, rush in to a group of 3 because thier ult is up, thinkin that hes gonna insta kill them all with his god like ult, which in return, that kennen is completely shut down and fed another kill to the enemy team. *THERE ARE RARE EXCEPTIONS TO WHEN YOU CAN ACTUALLY PERFORM AN ACTION SUCH AS THAT*--That would be if a fleeing group is low health, or you are just super uber fed with your 20 stacks of SS and your like 4 levels above most of thier team, usually around the 18 min. mark, that you can actually dominate a group. This also depends on thier CC abilities and specific champs you are facing. Most often than not, even with specifics such as this, you will most likely die. Granted, you might take 2 outta the 3 with ya, certaint death is never a great idea unless its for the greater good of your teams strat to help finish the game much quicker--
With that said, make sure you have your initiator take the stuns/debuffs in a team fight then pop in with your lighting rush w/ your ult on to decimate the helpless victims that wasted all of thier cd's on the meatshield.
***AND IF YOU DO DIE during that encounter, there is a bug, or at least i think its a bug :) w/ Guardian Angel to where if you die with your ult on, the ult is refreshed on your rez and spams prolonged dmg :) LOL....thatll be fixed soon i bet :)
Another great trick is if you are goin in to some heavy fire, pop your ult w/ lighting rush, and QUICKLY toggle your RING! STAND there, take that NO DMG for 2 sec and then hit your ES. ***REMEMBER***....when you are Lighting Rushin, you can STILL cast your Q ability and your W during it. I have a lot more tips and tricks w/ kennen, but like imma tell you all how to beat me ;) HAVE FUN PWNING...and yes...HE IS OP...but hell, EVERY CHAMP IS IN THE HANDS OF THE NOODLE YOU LOVE TO TUG! :)

P.S. ASHEHOLE(ashe) and NASSHOLE (Nassus) are registered trademarks of Noodle corp. Industries..... haha :) OH and *horegana is my other one! IF you use them...remember where you got them from :)

BTW: SKILLS GET YOU next time someone says "YA ONLY CAUSE YOU GOT FED" You might wanna let them know that SKILLS GET YOU FED and that the person who was noob that FED you were only NOOB compared to your skills :)
GL...and i have plenty more op builds w/ other toons....Let me know if you have any requests for other toons and ill make a Page for that champ.

TAKE CARE...and HAPPY LoLin' :) mmmm i love LoLerin right in my veins....Ya, im addict to the LoLcrack....and they need to put a label on this game like they do cigarettes "warning, Highly addictive and hazordous to your health" " may cause hemroids and excessive cheeto and pop tart eating phases and a definate strain on your marriage/love life and just an over-all neglect to RL period." hahah :)

Guise is just a place holder for a new item called WILL OF THE ACIENTS....(i think thats what then new item is called) 40ap + 30ap and 15% spell vamp for team as well as your self. Amazing item at a cheap price. They are most likely gonna up the price for it lol.....i mean...What it takes to build is cheap and ridiculous imo ....but for the mean time, i would like to see what kind of dmg. for the price it would bring to this playstyle and if its even feasable to make it a must have item no matter what for kennen.