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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pip00p

Kennen - Midget Sasuke from Naruto has Arrived as a Legend!

Pip00p Last updated on December 9, 2010
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Hello everyone, this is my first build. I will be glad to take opinions, tips, and suggestions for this guide. This is my style on how to play AP Kennen, no hybrid, no DPS, just pure AP rapage. I am aware there are many styles to play him, but this is MY build on an AP build, so please don't give advice on other types of builds, keep it AP :)



    - Harasser
    - Farmer
    - Burst rapage
    - Anti-Squishy (Twitch, Yi, etc.)
    - Great CC skill (Your team loves you in wars)
    - A flippin' ninja

    - Fairly squishy
    - A threat (Getting aimed sucks balls)
    - Buffed quite a lot since a few patches ago, might be nerfed but seems unlikely
    - Ugly skins (Riot needs to give him some cool ones)
    - Model is weird, for such an awesome character, the design sucks *** in-game (Picture is quite cute though)

I just really like harassing, and trying to get first blood since I lane mid fairly often. I am big on Magic Penetration because Kennen cannot go high AP like other casters (Veigar, Karthas, etc.), you will be hurting the enemy carry early game with a fair amount of MP as well as cooldowns to allow a constant harassing time :). And the seal is just to give you the AP which you need late game.

Summoner Spells
Personal preference. Period. I love because despite what people may say, Kennen is a diver, one of the best out there. is just that little boost you need if they run away from you, or just to shut down annoying heals, regen, etc. or to help you dive :)

Exhibit A: Kennen lv 5 vs Miss fortune lv 5 MID, Kennen 3/4 HP with ghost and/or ignite, Miss fortune 1-2 bars hp hugging the tower. Kennen pretends to creep, tower starts attacking his creeps, Kennen instant ghost+lightning rush, pass through Miss fortune, W skill, ignite, firstblood/raped/GGTQ.

Some spells obviously don't go with Kennen...
- Yes, I've seen a Kennen with clarity. No it doesn't restore your energy, why would you even need to with 25/sec energy regen?
- Not a DPS build
- No... just no...
- You rape all creeps with E and W (except baron) why do you need this? No, this is not jungling Kennen if you were thinking that.
- I don't really see a situation to why you would need this... but I am open to opinions
- You ******.

Standard damage output. I am aware that 9-0-21 is also good, but I just enjoy the extra damage from standard attacks when the spells are cooling down. If you are keen on surviving, I sometimes go 9-21-0 for that survivability which helps while in in the middle of mayhem. :D


This is your early game harassing ability, later on it's just to give the extra damage output for single targets. Yes it does hurt through on out, so I don't really find a need to put anymore levels into it until the rest are maxed.

Man do I love this skill. The passive is great for harassing, charge up 4 hits then strike on the 5th for a shuriken charged with electricity (and your AP), great damage in all situations. Active, even better. When the enemies have a charge already (Mark of the Thunder) just hit the W hotkey and watch a line of electricity appear linking you two. Its not bonding, its transferring pain, the best part is that there is no limit to how many you can do it to. Get the idea? This will be your farming tool, lightning rush into a crowd of creeps (I will get into that later) and W away, watch the coins fly. Other than that, you use it to harass, harass, harass. Oh, I would also like to mention that it works on invisible units... Twitch, Shaco, Eve, etc. got away with 100 hp? No problem, if they have a Mark, W and watch them RAGE, RAGE, RAGE.

Your initiating farm skill. Your initiating war skill. Your pure awesome god-speed skill to escape all and every situation. Best of all, your DIVING skill. If you don't dive with this skill, go cut yourself. Nah, I'm joking. Other than that, just be cautious using it, drains a lot of energy if you don't hit a target, you may find yourself as sitting duck with this skill.

One of the most effective AOE ultimates. Rapes in wars, rapes in solo, rapes carries. Use it to destroy in a war, either at the start or at the end. Combine it with another AOE (Nunu, Amumu, etc.) and win every single war you encounter. It truly is a terrifying lightning skill, make Sasuke Uchiha feel like a **** ninja.

Onwards to Gameplay and Items
at the start for survivability, don't worry about damage, you do plenty at the start, and a pot incase they're putting up a fight. Constantly harass with Q and W, use E to chase when you've got a sure kill. Make sure that the passive of W is used often on the enemy hero. If you really feel the diving in your blood, go for it. Succeed and feel triumphant. Fail and die a miserable death, be sure to expect flaming. When needed, go back to base (no health left, excessive gold, fail gank, etc.) and grab a a pair of . If you can get , get it instead of the boots. Be sure to grab health pots with left over money, you never know when they might be useful.

After your first port to base, you can decide to gank if your teammates need help or you're just a greedy, blood thirsty midget, or you can go back laning to continue raping and farming the fool who lanes against you. Wars will probably start breaking out, you will want to be there to kick some *** and take all the money (Kill steal is not a sin, I repeat, it is not a sin). Not many heroes will be outrageously dealing damage to you so it is safe to initiate, just lightning rush in, maelstrom away, claim your double/triple/maybe quadra and penta? By this point, you should already have enough money for , , and possibly a or two. If you're doing extremely well ignore the item sequence for a Mejia's Soulstealer. I generally don't get it even when I do well simply because you will be aimed and getting the stacks again is just a pain in the ********.

Now will be the time for late game, just continue to war with your teammates, chase down, kill steal, rinse and repeat. Tanks will probably be up your *** trying to take you down, if that happens lightning out, let your teammates beat them down and then come back for a nice steal :) or failed attempt. Your high value items should start appearing, to give you even more MP, for a nice rapage boost in your AP, to slow down all those cowards and give you some more survivability. Your main items will be complete, and the only useless item left will be size=25Doran's shield (unless you bought Mejia's Soulstealer). If that is the case, sell that ****py shield (or if you got Mejia's Soulstealer) which helped you so much early game to work on a , this item is just great for Kennen: extra nuking power which slows them for 3 seconds, gives you lifesteal for standard AND magic attacks, and a nice 75 AP to totally rape some more.

If the game doesn't end by now, there is something wrong, either with the enemy or your team. Possibly you. Definitely not Kennen's fault because he is pure awesumz.

Team Composition
Yes Kennen is great, yes Kennen is a legend, of course all that good stuff.
But even as godlike as Kennen may be, even he cannot handle a whole team alone... without good teammates of course.
Are you having problems finding good heroes to team up with? Your friends have absolutely no idea what to use? Look no further and use AoE CC Team by Trojan995!
This guide will give you some of the best heroes that will just join in raping the other team, side by side with Kennen. Thumbs him up for a superb guide.
Basically you will be aiming for AOE DESTRUCTION because it's fun to watch a buncha enemies on top of your friends and then you come in and join them. That's right folks, 9 people all tangled up in each other's bodies... and then comes with . GGTEEHEE.

Well this has been my guide, I enjoyed writing it and hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Feel free to give me advice and all that good stuff! Good luck to all you Flippin Ninjas.