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League of Legends Build Guide Author timespill

Kennen - Tanky team killer. Try it!

timespill Last updated on September 30, 2010
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Hello every one and welcome to my first build!

Important: if you like my build please rate it so other people will read it! If you are unsure about it, try it! It will NOT let you down.

Before we say anything: This build works.

Note how even when I lose due to feeder team, the score is positive and even if I don't have TONS of kills, I do have tons of assists. Also note that am ****py with mordekiaser :D (actually had 2 leavers and a feeder in the team that game but never mind).

In this guide:
1. pros and cons (of kennen in THIS build)
2. Basic attitude
3. pre game preparations
4. item build.
5. game progress (early mid late)
6. FAQ

Pros and Cons:

1. Surprisingly tanky - amazing survivability!
2. Epic team stun ftw + more stun for carry.
3. Incredibly hard to lane against.
4. Good farming abilities.

1. Once you cast your spells - you can't do much until you can cast again.

*Usually people think Kennen is flimsy (one of the best guides here sais so, credit). This is countered by runes, dorans shield and scepter. This with lightning rush and stuns makes you surprisingly durable! USE THIS! The enemy thinks you are and easy target.

Basic attitude:

Game goals:

Early game:
1. Kill enemy carry - turning him into a fail feeder in the process.
2. Destroy first tower for a better position at late game and some team bonuses.
3. Get feeded and farm out basic items.

Mid game:
1. Help small ganks.
2. Help in team fights.
3. Fill up Soul stealer.

Late game:
1. Stun whole enemy team.
2. Cause big dmg, or even kill whole enemy team.
3. Double stun enemy carry.

To accomplish all this we will use:

1. Magic penetration: with shoes you got 28. That means that unless the enemy stacks magic rsistance, you will do True dmg or maybe suffer like 10-15% reduction. This increases dmg output much better than just AP.

2. a bit of HP stack. ESPECIALY early! We are going into lane with 800 hp!!

3. AP stuck - using soul stealer due to survivability and AOE skills.

4. Extreme aggression early game.

Pre game preparations:

Now that we have explained what we are trying to do, here is how everything helps:

Offence tree: Everything after magic penetration, except the final one, doesn't help us much. Why put 11 points, which is a third of what you got, to get that?

Utility: Well, with no mana it's easy. The only REALY good thing for us there is the cool downs, and that is NOT worth 19 points.

Defense: We CAN and WLL use everything we can. Taking flat hp bonus, dmg block, more AP, more attack speed. Nothing goes to waste here!

In conclusion, we go 9:21:0 because all of our points are used this way, giving us the maximum final result.

Summoner spells:
Flash - extra durability - with flash we got 3 escape mechanisms: ulti, flash and lightning rush. Combined with high hp - untouchable. Also, and this is VERY important - flash can fix a bad ulti cast by you! Ghost just can't do that for you. Not to mention the reduction in bonus you get from ghost while used with lightning rush.

Ignite - I tested several spells to go with the flash, and Ignite is the best. At level 3, u can generate about 250-300 dmg combo. If enemy was harassed - he will die with a look of surprise! HAHA!


Again, we try to make the best out of what we have; this is why we will use each rune for what it is made to do. No AP in the marks and things like that.

Cooldown reduction: we take it for late game pwn it is much better then few AP points. Also, with this cd reduction and the final item you still don't have 40%. Now one might ask why having less than 40% helps and the answer is that it lets you take advantage of the golem buff. If you had 40% and were to get the buff (and u are going to kill everyone so you will get it) it will be WASTED. *That is unless you got full 20 stacks on soul stealer. If that is the case, who cares about anything else / you can skip last item for more AP.

Flat health: We have 4 cornerstones in the build: Survivability, aggression, dmg and stun.
Health helps us with the first 2. It also helps the others for is it required for you to be near the enemy, or to be exact in the heart of the enemy team.

Magic penetration: To supplement our 20 points from the shoes, summing up at 28+15% (that's almost all the softer enemy has) after you get shoes = very fast. THIS IS BETTER FOR YOUR DMG THEN AP.

Lane chaise:
Mid. You dish out 200(+100 ignite) combo every 10 seconds starting at lvl 3, which is very hard to dodge. Your mana doesn't run out, cuz mana is for the weak anyway so you don't have it. You got 800 hp, and hp regen. Now you tell me how can one guy at lvl 3 stop that??

Item build:
After explaining everything in such detail, the items are no brainer.
Core is shoes, soul stealer and scepter, starting the scepter with the belt (IMPORTENT!). Do try to get those ASAP.

Game Stages:

Early game:
Kill enemy carry. He CANT stop you if you do it right. No matter what.
Important notes and patterns:

1. Count you shots! Try your best to be in range of the enemy as you land you 4th creep shot. The fifth goes straight into the enemy's face, followed by electric surge = 150 dmg + 2 marks.

2. When in range and while your 5th attack is ready, lightning rush onto the enemy, going behind his creeps. Hit him in the face with auto attack and use surge. This stuns him, gives you back a total of 55 energy, and puts you in a position for shurican + auto attack.
Do the math: 75+55+75+75+55=335 dmg. That's on lvl 3 and with about 10 second cd. OUCH.

3. After doing the first 2, the enemy is low on health. Maybe 300. You can flash into tower, do the combo again and finish with ignite for a total of 450+dms, some of which is pure. AND you get to live and tell the tale due to your hp! Yey!

4. If you got enough hp left, try to dmg the enemy tower as much as you can! Do the lightning rush - surge combo on the creeps, and don't auto attack them while u are in the tower range.

Mid game:
Join the mini and full team fights and ganks. Use your lightning rush for mobility if you think you are not fighting in the next 5-10 seconds. You will be everywhere, stunning everyone and basically being immortal due to flash, stuns, lightning rush and 2000 hp. (and maybe scepter's slow which is very good if u or someone else are being chased).

Late game:
You can initiate the fights. However, it is so much better if some galio will do it for you. You go in after him, and deliver stun+about 1500-2000 dmg to EACH enemy in 3 seconds. After a few seconds, you can do the lightning rush + other spells combo to finish off any runners/tanks. If things are going really well, you can kill almost all of them on your own.

Go now, my minions, and slay the enemy!