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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JonaWLC

Kennen VS The World

JonaWLC Last updated on September 8, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Thank you for reading my first guide.

The +25% of Current AP from Zhonya's Ring isn't applied in the total stats above, so his total AP is more than the current number shown.

In this Guide I will explain the use of AP Kennen and how he can actually 1v3.

The Runes don't really matter, but Magic Penetration Runes isn't needed due to the fact not much people plays build that uses High Magic Resist, but if you do seem to run across those people, remember to Ping for a Gank if you really wanna kill them.

This Build isn't exactly for people who just started playing Kennen, it's for people who's played Kennen a while and still haven't got the hand of it.

I don't really need to explain about Kennen much. He's a character that if played properly along with your allies, you can just about destroy them without losing anyone on your team.

Choosing the Q skill at the very start is a wise choice because it allows you to harass the enemy alot, and with alot of practice you can even stun the enemy just by using the Q skill. (Mark of the Storm)

Level 1 - 5: First, buy yourself an Amplifying Tome and a HP Potion. Remember to stay out of the way when the enemy champions walks near you. Last hit the minions with yoru normal attack and harass with your Q skill. Normally once you reach level 3, where you have Q,W and E skill, you can go in for the kill depending on the enemy champ. Just use any way to apply 1 Mark of the Storm to that Champion and then Flash (If you're far away) towards them, E skill (Lightning Rush to charge into them applying another Mark and dealing damage) then use the W skill stunning them (If they already had a mark in the begining), and throw your Q skill. (If you didn't apply a Mark before Flash/Lightning Rush, this would stun them). Then use Ignite, which eats away their HP while you normal attack them, *Since they would be practically stunned next to you this could garuantee a kill*. But do not try this unless you feel like you have the upper hand. Once Ignite is cast, you'll have extra 10 AP. (Yay!) Keep killing minons until you can afford a Mejai's Soulstealer and Sorcerer's Shoes.

Level 6 - 14: This is there the fun begins as you now have your R skill. You can now run around lanes and kill enemy champions or gank. If you ever see a champion with half health, it's your time to shine. This time with the R skill, you can actually kill atleast two champions if the timing is right. All you need to do is E rush, W right after and then R for stun and dealing masses amount of damage while you can now either Throw your Q skill or normal attack. Throwing your Q skill allows you to stun 1 enemy champion once more so if that combo just killed one champion, use your Q to stun the one who's still left alive and attack him. Your fast cooldowns should let you do another E W combo. Be sure to buy items because your enemy do level up and you need more AP if you wanna kill them quickly. Ganks can also be organised if you communicate with your team well enough.

Level 15-18: By now the enemy champions should be grouping together and pushing mid lane like every game. Or maybe the other way around, but repeat the previous combo E,W,R and maybe some Q in there and you can either Kill or thin out the enemies HP allowing you some assists. Remember to NEVER rush out on your own unless you know that you can survive.

I personally think AP Kennen is stronger than AS Kennen because of the killing speed of AP Kennen. AS Kennen has low survivability against other DPS and since AS Kennen runs of Attack Damage and speed, he's screwed against most high Armored DPS (Or HP w/e). Kennen is too squishy to stay and fight as a DPS, but AP Kennen can just come in, Nuke/Stun, then run off and let your teammates finish them.

Overall, the playstyle of AP Kennen can change either against 1v1 or 1v3.

If you're ever in a situation where you don't want to waste your R skill for just one champion, Ignite can take it's place. You'll realise during higher levels, ignite becomes a part of Kennen's widely used skills. Also, once ignite is on cooldown, you get and extra 10 AP. (Better than nothing I guess). So don't be afraid to use Ignite.

The way how Flash is used varies during gameplay.
1. You can use flash to jump out and cause a suprise Nuke attack that is very effective against a whole team.
2. Flash can be used to warp through a wall in order to get away. (Obvious one this is).
3. You used your E, W and missed your Q skill and they got away from your R skill range, use Flash to get them back in your range. (I love this one because I got so much kills doing this.)

Don't be afraid to use Lichbane, even though it gives extra stats that would go to waste on Kennen (+350 Mana) but what you want is his Effect. Applying all your AP into your damage in your next normal attack, giving you extra movement speed and extra magic resist, what more do you want?

Thanks for using your time to read my guide.
Do rate this guide, and feel free to give any type of comments.