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Yorick Build Guide by SaintYZ

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaintYZ

Key Masher Yorick

SaintYZ Last updated on October 2, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 4

Honor Guard

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Yorick has always been considered one of the most OP top laners in LoL. However, unlike Morgana and Shen, Yorick is rarely banned at any level of play. Players usually opt for more easier top laning champions such as ChoGath and Kayle. Playing a Yorick right takes more skill as how you play in the beginning stages of the game will determine the winner.

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The runes are typical AD carry runes. Flat AD marks. Flat armour pen. Flat and varying magic resistance glyphs. Quints are flat AD marks. Its unreasonable to expect players to buy a whole new rune page just for Yorick.

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Flat AD helps as Yorick's abilities scale with AD.
Yorick must also be built tanky otherwise he dies before he can do much damage.
The utility masteries are essential to Yorick. Mana, movement speed and mana regeneration are good for his early game whilst the gold per 10 masteries give Yorick a steady stream of income. You will see more of this money management side of Yorick later.

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We start off the game with a ruby crystal. This immediately gives you more health than any other champion and allows you to harass more easily. As soon as you have the necessary resources, build it into Heart of Gold and soon after buy a Philosopher's Stone. These two items will be your gold generating assets.

Then build your boots. Do not be fooled into buying Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabi. Boots of Lucidity are the way to go. These will lower your cooldowns and allow you to start spamming your abilities a bit more aggressively. Follow up the boots with a Tear of the Goddess.

Next, build your Tear into a Manamune. This thing is awesome as it provides heaps of AD and heaps of mana. This is the standard item that Yorick players get every single game no matter what as it is crucial for the key mashing Yorick that dominates late-game.

Your next item will be the Phage. This gives you more health and more AD and that unique passive. Build Phage into Frozen Mallet whenever possible. This makes its unique passive more reliable and makes Yorick OP. In team fights, it is this unique passive which makes Yorick so scary.

To finish your build, sell off one of your gold generating items and buy a Soul Shroud. This provides further mana regenration, health, and cooldown reduction. Follow this up with a Kindlegem. All your cooldown reduction items now provide you with roughly the maximum amount of cooldown allowed.

Your final items should provide more health and build the kindlegem into something useful. For health, Sunfire Cape or Warmogs will be ideal whilst the kindegem can be build into Shurelya's or Zekes. You should build Shurelyas last after Soul Shroud as usually your support will buy it anyway.

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Skill Sequence

We max E first. This is for the sustain that is vital early-game.
We max W next. This is for the deadly slow that means no one escapes from Yorick.
We max Q last. This is because it only becomes deadly when you commit to a team fight or gank. The speed your Q provides is only useful when you hit something first. Take a point in it early but max it last.

Also max your R whenever possible.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Flash. There are no alternatives.

Exhaust slows your enemies down and basically renders them incapable of dealing damage.
Flash provides mobility.

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The early-game farming is the most important part. It is essential that you do not lose concentration. Your objective is to farm up as much gold as possible. Yes you have that utility mastery that gives you gold. Yes you have those gold generating items. But farming is important as you need more gold than your enemies. The more gold you have, the faster you can get your items, and the more OP you shall be.

Always last hit whenever possible. However, for those minions just out of reach, use your E to last hit them. Your ghoul will harass your opponent after kill the minion. Your W is also useful for killing a group of minions low on hp. You should never hit anything with your Q unless you want to chase your enemy or run away.

Finally, it is crucial to hang on no matter what. This Yorick build focuses on becoming the OP late-game owning champion that he is whilst relying on his hardcore laning ability that made him famous. Do not lose hope if you die a few times early. Having 1 or 2 deaths early game is fine as long as you focus on farming and extend your lead in gold.

PS You won't have a sight ward in the very beginning, but make sure you buy one next time and be very careful.

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Team Work

Yorick provides an awesome role to the team: his ult. Because this ult is so OP, Yorick must call all the shots in major team fights. If you don't use your ult properly, your team basically loses.

What your ult basically does is it makes a copy of an ally champion for 10 seconds. That means for 10 whole seconds it is basically a 6 v 5. You must have easy access to your team's ADC. The damage output potential on Yorick hinges on the correct utilisation of his ult. You must tell your team where to fight and when to fight because of the OPness of your ult.

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Unique Skills

Your W slows champions down.
Your Q speeds you up.
Your ult makes a copy of someone.

Read Yorick's passive. Basically what it is saying is: The more you spam your abilities, the more damage you end up dealing. The more you spam your abilities, and the less damage you end up taking as well.

This is why the guide focuses on a key mashing Yorick. This Yorick will be able to tank team fights like no other tank because he will take 20% less damage due to his passive. This Yorick will also be dealing 20% more damage at the same time. This is not including his ghouls. His ghouls deal 33% of Yoricks ADC each and 3 ghouls basically double the amount of damage Yorick deals. Finally his ult doubles the damage your ADC deals as it produces another copy.

No other champion in LoL can deal 3 times the amount of damage of a champion. Except for Yorick.

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Final Remarks

I hope you all adapt the guide to your own tastes. I've been from extremes such as ADC Yorick to complete CDR Yorick with no tankiness. This build is the best of both worlds. It makes Yorick a tank with rougly 4k hp. It gives him at least 2k mana. It reduces his cooldowns to 3 seconds, 4 seconds and 7 seconds. The gold advantage that is so crucial to any champion becomes one of the key factors of success in this build. The sacrifices you make early game by purchasing gold generating assets will be repaid surely late-game where you will have more gold than both ADCs.

Good luck.