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Shaco Build Guide by Khelm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Khelm

Khelms In-depth guide to a jungling shaco

Khelm Last updated on August 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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In this guide i'm literally showing you pretty much the only REAL viable shaco guide. nevertheless Shaco is not, and probably never will never be OP like he was before, thanks to the 500000 nerfs riot deemed necessary to him. You will not only need a good player to be able to use shaco, you need to BE shaco.

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For runes you want to utilize 3 things. Survivability in jungle, High damage output against squishies, and utility for your deceive. And fyi, your glyphs can either be p/lvl or flat CD, i like flat CD because combined with blue buff early game it makes jungling and ganking a breeze.

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Just friggin look at my masteries please. Nothing to hard about that.

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Summoner Spells

OK so heres the thing, you NEED to take smite, hence this being a jungle guide. and you second summoner spell really depends... i like ignite. does good damage and stops healing, BUUUUT you can also take Exhaust. it helps you catch up to ur opponent, or stop them from 1 shotting you. another summoner spell i deem viable is flash, gives you a second jump that is really tricky and can really confuse your opponents. but if your a good shaco. you should have red buff for the slow so you don't need exhaust. and if you're an even better shaco you won't need the flash.

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Ok, let's get started with items. you first start out with cloth armor and 5 pots. blah blah blah. your first blue pill should b right after you finish small golems wraiths and wolfs. go back and you should have enough for boots and a ward. after your B, go get blue. USE BOXES! and then go get red. USE MOAR BOXES! atfer you obtain red you're ready to gank. you should have close to full health because of your potions and you should have enough mana thanks to your recently obtained blue buff. usually you will gank top which is the solo lane. but REMEMBER! tell your allies when u start red so they can JUST LAST HIT. and let minions and the enemy champions to push allowing you to gank properly.

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First Gank

Whether it be mid top or bottom. hopefully it's a solo laner top. your first gank should go something like this. Deceive from the bushes into attack range. auto attack BEHIND your target. Toss your shiv, gives a nice slow, and if they do decide to turn around to fight they have a high miss chance.drop ur box RIGHT AFTER u shiv in the direction they are most likely going to escape. if u timed it right the box with fear them, you will achieve a kill, and you do NOT need to blow ur ignite. REMEMBER THIS! Ignite is usually used to pickup kills or use on a carry to deal dmg, and stop supports from healing them. in early games. Shaco usually DOES NOT need to blow it on the first gank. IF they flash out of box range, don't worry. ur decieve should be back up in time to get right back on their tail with red buff slow and another shiv to the F$%#ING face, but if u do need to, use ignite. thats why you have it.

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Back in the jungle

The jungle will be extremely easy for shaco after you finish your Wriggles lantern. gives lifesteal armor and dmg. Also never forget to use the ward from it on dragon, or a teammates river if they keep on getting ganked. PS: if they also have a jungler. grab an EXTRA ward and place a ward at red buff and wriggles ward at blue. since red is more essential. after u help pick up a kill you should've had enough gold to finish your wriggles and also buy a ward. if not just get the vampiric scepter and madreds razor.

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Rush to the edge

After your wriggles and berserker's greaves you need your Infinity Edge. aka IE.
Not only does it give you a good crit chance and damage. it gives you CRIT DAMAGE! combining very well with your decieve. not only do i recommend this as a third item. i see nothing going ahead of it considering Shaco in the jungle farms extremely well with Wriggles.

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End Game

POSTIONING! always come in LAST, Decieve in and CHARGE THAT CARRY! auto attack, shiv and box near their carry 24/7. don't forget about that ultimate though. pop that RIGHT AFTER ur first auto attack from deceive, because since u take down carries. you become the new Queer in an everlasting game of Smeer the Queer.

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Late game Item Choices

As shaco you need to be alive to do damage and take out that damned carry. so ask yourself 2 things. #1 am i doing enough damage?#2 was i even there for more then a half second before i got 1 shotted in the last teamfight? Well if you get annihilated after a split second in a teamfight You either are going to get 1 of 3 items. Sunfire Cape, Banshees veil, Or Gaurdian Angel. If they are AD heavy, get a sunfire, if they are AP heavy get a banshees, if they are a smart team and are balanced Grab a Gaurdian angel making you a really annoying target. If you are surviving and have been fed early game. Get a phantom dancer followed By madreds. Madreds not ONLY shreds tanks. it gives you defense. combined with Phantom Dancer. you should be critting VERY hard against squishies. or if u need to focus a tank after all the carries are dead. you should have enough attack speed to take down the ******** tank with your madreds within 7 seconds.

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Thankyou Mobafire for allowing me to post this guide. Please send me Messages. comment. and Request for more Guides.