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Fizz Build Guide by hanss0n

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hanss0n

Killer assasin build.

hanss0n Last updated on November 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Inportant That You read the text.. !!!

This information is inportant so read it!
sorry for my bad spelling and lousy grammar.
but im not the king in spelling.
but do try this build ive tryed it in game a cupple of times and each time a marvelous result.

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This is a High burst harrasing build
with perfect timing and good kiting.
this build is sure to get you godlike in your next game.

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How to engage.

This is a pritty weak build in the survive. So untill you'r ''guardion angel''
You will save your ''playful/trickster'' to escape if nessecary because it has souch a long couldown. You dont want to waist it for a slow and then realise its a trap so unless u are sertain you wont die och save your ''playful/trickster'' for the escape.

and for the spell combo for the engage.
Its ''W'' ''Q'' and then if they are still alive / and they are going out of range you use your ulty for a sertain kill.

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Why this build work's.

This build is actually a bit risky and that is why i am warning you. Only advanced players should be playing this build, Or if you just want to do tons of damage and then just run away it is pritty good for that to.

Now this is a perfect build for assasin Fizz. this build can withstand alot of harrasing because of his ''playful/trickster'' to easely harras and take out enemys fast and simple with about 80% succses rate.
you engage and because Fizz'es ''Urchin Strike'' includes an auto hit its ideal to have your ''Lichbane'' For using first ''Seastone Trident'' and later ''Urchin Strike'' you will do a high burst of damage to your enemy and saving your ''Playful/Trickster'' for the escape.
unless u think you can kill the target then you use the ulty and keep auto attacking the target for a powerful and fast kill. with this build none will apose you if you play it correctly so i Hope you actually read this infromation for it is quite usefull to the build itself.

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You will just have to stay on your lane last hitting minions, it should be easy with this build because it maxes ''Seastone Trident''. When you get to level 6 you go mid for a gank, unless you have an oppertunity in lvl 4 it will work fine aswell.

If ganked at level 4 return to your lane directly after the gank, so your laning partner doesnt get overwhelmed by the 2 versus 1.

If ganked at level 6 : grab red and blue if you dont have a jungler and go to your lane there should be a couple of easy kills there because your laning partner has been alone for quite a while.

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Ranked Play

you will have to play quite more defensive with this build in ranked, and you will use your ulty with your engage for safety, but only if you have a teamate backing you up then you will just do the normal ruotine it will work just as fine in ranked play.
aslong you know to save the ''Playful/Trickster'' for the escape.

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Pros / Cons

pros :
* High burst damage.

* Easy escape.

* If you fail with the espace first time you always have a second chance because
of your ''Guardion angel''.

* almost inposseble to die.
* almost inpossible to escape you.
* almost inpossible to survive your damage.


* you are squishy so do NOT try to go up against many if not you are sure they will die fast.

* if you get exhausted or blinded your damage will basicly dissapear so if you get blinded
wait for it to wear of and then turn around for the engage.

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Creeping / Jungling

this is an half laning half jungleing build you lane until lvl 6 and go for blue and red if you donot have a jungler you your party. if you do try to steal your opponent's buffs this early the wont have thought about warding the buffs.
although this is a risky way to play and i would recomend untill you are comftreble with the build and playstyle you should stay at your lane and only go gank mid at lvl 6 if he/she needs the help.

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Team Work

with this build you should wait for som one else to engage unless you dont have a tank on your team then you should engage with your ulty for a nice area effect knock up and this should help your team win the fight.
aslong you time it when your teamates are ready for an engage.