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Talon Build Guide by Lelo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lelo

Killer in the Jungle

Lelo Last updated on August 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first build and it is a bursty jungle build for talon. In this build you will find out the routes, runes choices, items and tips on how to play talon. I play talon as a tanky burst, since by end game you will be at 3k health with elixers and will have around 300 ad. With my jungle route, i hit lvl 6 at around 8:20 with cloth armor, vamp sep, long sword and boots.

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-Very high burst
-Great at killing carrys/squishies
-High health end game with this build
-Somewhat hard to kill
-Very fun and rewarding champion
-Fast jungle
-Very good ganks

-Hard to kill tanks
-Not the most sustained jungle
-Ult can be easily countered with an oracles
-Requires some good postioning

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Well, for runes i take basic jungle runes -

9 marks or desolation

9 seals of resilience

9 glyphs of shielding

3 quintessences of desolation

i picked this set-up for talon because all your spells and attacks are physical, the more armor pen the better. The seals are very nice since talon does not start out with the highest amount of armor. I perfer glyphs of shielding since talon is NOT a tank and needs some defense.

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For masteries, I went 21 into offense becuase talon is a dps character with alot of burst., so the more damage the better. I then went 9 into utility taking the extra exp gain and buff duration. i would not recommend taking 9 into defense since the 2% dodge is not worth giving up on the exp gain.

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I start off with a cloth armor and 5 health pots (havent tried much variation yet but i will try.) On my first trip back I get a vampiric septer for sustainability. I then build that into a wriggles lantern since it is a great, cheap item. From their it is optional on the boots, Merc treads for the magic resist and tenacity, ninja tab for the dodge and armor against high ad teams. After boots I start building my offense items. Brutalizer is a great item, with it and your runes you will have 46 armor pen plus the cd reduction is very nice. The next item is perference, I then go for a phage then straight into a Trinity force, picking up zeal before sheen for movement speed. After Trinity force i get a Bloodthrister, since it is very easy to farm creeps when you get lvl 5 rake. I then go for an infinity edge, since crit will play a big factor end game. My last item is to finish off my ghostblade.

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Optional Items

There are many items that are great for talon, here are a few...

-Phantom Damcer-this is agreat item for talon since it gives a high amount of attack speed, crit and movement speed.
-Black Cleaver- Great item if the enemy team is stacking armor.
-Frozen mallet- This is an amazing item for talon, it gives a high amount of health, some damage and a passive that makes talons attacks and crits hit alot more.

-Banshee's veil- This item is amazing, it gives health, mana and magic resist. Plus the passive will save you many times from ganks, giving you enough time to escape with your ult.
-Atma's impaler- This item is a great item for talon since it gives a balence between armor and crit, with the passive that allows you to build defensive.

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Skill Sequence

For skill sequence, W is an amazing spell. It does a high amount of damage quickly in an aoe, so it is an obvious pick for the jungle. I get Q next since it does an extra amount of damage and resets your auto-attack. I then max out w first for slow and damage then q for more damage, getting a point in e at lvl 4 for ganks. In all it should look like this...


Talons ult is one of my favourites in the game, it has saved my life so many times while still dealing a massive amount of damage. It NEEDS to be max out as soon as possible!

In battle, the order of spells is...


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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells, I take Exhaust and Smite. Smite for obvious reasons, since it it needed for most junglers (not all but most). Exhaust is one that is perferental, I love it since, like my ult, can be used both offensely and defensely. It can shut down a carrys damage output and render then somewhat useless during the duration, or it can be used while being chased to slow down an enemy while you run. Some other spells that are great for him are...

-Flash (a very good spell for talon)
-Ignite (though you have alot of damage already)

Some spells that are not so great but are viable...


Spells not to take are...

-Clarity (you will be perfectly fine with blue buff)
-Fortify (you are not a tank)
-Heal (you will have enough lifesteal)
-Rally(..just no)
-Revive(again....just no)

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The path that i take for talon is a common one that will also ruin other jungle paths. I first get a cloth armor and 5 health pots and go to enemy wratihs, i smite the big one and rake the smaller ones. Make sure to pop a health pot whenever you need to. I then go to my wolf camp and spam rake and kill the big one first. Once the big one dies, i put a point into Q. I then go to my wratih camp and smite the big one again. Afterwards, i move on to twin golems, then b. The items you get next are up to you, I get a vamp septer + one health pot and get blue plus kill wolves again to get lvl 4 and gank. Talon is a very good ganker, with his burst combo. All you need to do to gank is to wait in a nearby bush, when your ready, pop out of the brush E to your target, use W in the direction they are going, auto atatck then Q quickly after. Depending on if your target is low health or high health, use your exhaust accordinly.

Jungle order...

enemy wraiths>wolves>wraiths>twin golems>b>blue buff> wolves>wraiths>twin golems>b>red buff>wolves.

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-After using E, auto attack first before using Q for maximum damage output
-Try to keep R off cooldown until team fight are almost over to pick up kills or to escape
-Remember to interuppt casts with your e, it might save your life.
-W is a great farming tool, dont be afraid to use it.
-If your facing a enemy with stealth, it will be more benefical to use Q as soon as you can before unleashing, so you know where to aim.

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In all, talon is a great jungler with ganks that are to be feared. He may not be the most sustained but he makes up for it in damage. Thank you for reading my guide.