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Kassadin Build Guide by ImaFawkyouu

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ImaFawkyouu

Klassy Kassy - work in progress

ImaFawkyouu Last updated on May 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I'm quite new to Kassadin, In all honesty, I don't play him very much, but watching others play and so forth, and reading up on Kassadin I've been finding myself, always stuck, always getting ganked and usually within a few hits just dieing. So I've decided in upon playing what is best is this build that I've taken the time to show you guys. Call me a noob, or what ever, but I almost guarantee if you're a good ninja, you're a good Kass with this build!

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Marks - I like to rep the Magic Pen runes, just because you want that heavy damage when you later on start spamming your spells.

Seals - If you play Kassadin you know that his mana NEEDS to be regen'd real fast, his ult and other abilities consume a **** load of mana. I'll get into this more depth later on.

Glyphs - That extra ability power works wonders with Kassadin! Who doesn't like extra nuke sauce?

Quintessence - My favourite part of the runes, more mana regen! if your feeling confident, Extra AP is also very useful.

So with these 3, mana regen, ability power and magic penetration, you now have a **** load of sustainability when ulting in on enemies and bursting your heavy AP damage on all your enemies!

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This was fairly easy for me to figure out. I believe if built right, and I'll get into why I build the way I do, well here's why. My masteries give me everything else I need in order to survive a really greasy battle.

Executioner gives Kass an extra 6% of damage to all champions below 40% health! I'm not sure but math says that's a really good thing.

Expanded Mind gives me quite a lot of mana, which will effectively work well with my mana regen that I've used my Runes on, followed by Meditation and Greed for more survivability, and that gold your missing out on with those minions being killed, ( seriously though, try not let those minions get a way ). Other than that, I believe straight ability power in my runes Really helps more than critical or attack damage could.

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So, I know how lovely it is to get that extra movement speed right off the bat, but ehhh, AP!! The Kages Lucky Pick helps get that gold for you! it allows you to build your items just as fast as the other team even if your not getting those minion kills, or so you'd hope. And when your spamming your items its always nice to grab mana potions. But its preference really.

I really like to rush Nashers tooth next really, but Boots of Mobility, is AWESOME! its great going to gank, teaming up, escaping, why? Because you rock a rank ult, that allows you to teleport into ganks, team fights, for lures, or to escape, and sometimes, your just not going to get a way, why? Because things like, stuns, exhausts, slows exists, there for i rock a lot of cooldown, mana regen, and i can freely continue ulting away and back again and then running away.

Nashers gives me that cooldown, and that attack speed I can take advantage of in the jungle collecting blue, red, or simply trying to collect gold while you can. Shurelyas is also a great help with this giving you more survivability, and sustaining yourself all over the map. But sometimes I really would recommend a Guardians Angel for the same reason I would get Zhonyas. It all depends on the team your fighting!

Morellos Evil Tome gives extra mana regen, cooldown and ability power. It also gives Grievous Wound which knocks the enemies healing by 50%, allowing for a fun chase with your boots of mobility and teleport, easy kill.

As Zhonyas and Lich Bane I simply get for the greater good of damage. Zhonyas will allow for you to freeze yourself, absorbing all damage for just a few seconds, giving you very VERY little time, but just enough time for you to place the perfect ult get away. And Lich Bane with its 100% of AP added onto your next basic attack in damage, the mana, AP and 7 movement speed multiplier, adds for a more effective Kassadin