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Jax Build Guide by bellymustache

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bellymustache

Knocking their lights out with a lamppost (jax jungle)

bellymustache Last updated on January 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Since Jax got reworked, he has now very strong jungling power. This guide will tell you how to jungle with Jax -it's very easy now-. So, grabe your smite and your lamppost and go kill ****. Remember that this is not a tanky build, you will need the lifesteal and spellvamp from your ult to stay alive in fights. -Yes, i am not english so if something is spelled wrong, you know why.-
Feel free to give tips in the comment sections, if they are good , i'll use them. If you liked it, please give it a vote, so even more people can use this guide.

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The stats of a champ

Damage 56.3 (+3.375 / per level)
Health 463 (+88 / per level)
Mana 230 (+35 / per level)
Move Speed 325
Armor 18 (+3.5 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+1.25 / per level)
Health Regen 1.49 (+0.11 / per level)
Mana Regen 1.28 (+0.09 / per level)

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badass / crybaby

Why he can beat Chuck Norris in a fight to the death

Fast jungling.
Nice escape mechanisme.
Good CC with AoE stun.
One of the best 1v1's in the game.
Badass voice.
Dodges like a ninja.
Good ganks.
According to the lore he had to
switch he's weapon to a lamppost
cuz' he was to powerfull.

Why he still needs Sona to sing him a lullaby
Kinda squishy with this build.
Knockbacks and flashes and such ruin your stun.
Vulnerable to magic damage, especially burst.
You can screw up ganks pretty bad.
No wards = no escape.
Focussed = insta death.
an expensive build

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these masteries give you the most offensive Jax you can get. it's best to putt all your points in physical damage, wich will make you a strong fighter and a fast jungler. i put the remaining points in defense, so jungling is less painfull and you can own the AD carry (;

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Those little stones you put in a book

I choose damage marks because it increases your jungling speed, helps with the lifesteal you get from the vampiric scepter and since your first skill -counter strike- scales of your AD it's very wise to have these.

You can also take AS , but since your passive also gives you AS you don't really need these.

The armor runes will make you lose less health during jungling so ganking is saver, and it will help you against AD champs.

With these runes you can give blue buff more to the AP carry, but further it's not really helping you, so , i'd prefer armor.

The AS runes will make the jungle easier and faster , so that you can do more ganking. it also helps you out in 1v1 fights and you can trigger the passive of your ultimate more (f*ck yeah).

If you don't have the AS runes, you could always take these. But this is NOT a tanky Jax build, you should take AS runes if you have them.

My preffered choice, a good addition to your AD marks i think.

Also quite good , but i just prefer AD because it's better for jungle. But it's a good altarnative from the AD runes.

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The stuff in you need in your backpack

When you start you buy a vampiric scepter because you need the lifesteal to stay alive in the jungle. Try to get your wriggle's and boots as soon as possible. If you have any gold left you can buy potions and wards. try not to go back before you can buy pickaxe or blasting wand, the next time you go back buy guinsoo's rageblade and build towards a a hextech gunblade. It's best to start with the hextech revolver, because the spellvamp prox's on your ultimate's passive.
When you have your hextech and you haven't won the game yet (; , you get trinity force and frozen mallet or a rylai's

Normal build order
It's always nice to start with Vampiric Scepter, the lifesteal keeps you alive and you get Wriggle's pretty fast. Especially with jax because he has pretty high attack speed because of his passive.

Wriggle's is a great jungle item, the effect from Madred's razors is awesome when you jungle, and because jax can jump with leap strike to a friendly unit, you can just put a ward over the wall and jump to it when needed.

Ninja Tabi are my prefered boots, because the armor and the damage reduction is nice in the jungle and in fights. -And they're cheaper than a fat wh*re-

Guinsoo's is a great item on hybrid's like Jax and the stacking AP and especially the stacking AS is great with his passive. The stacking effect is also quite usefull in 1v1 fights.

Hextech Gunblade is quite powerfull on Jax , the lifesteal and the spellvamp makes him even more powerfull in 1v1 fights. The active is not really big deal, but it´s always nice to get a extra 300 damage.

Trinity is just a good all-around item. It's not a must have, but it always nice to have one. Sheen works very well on his skills, because it's gives even more burst, the slow from Phage is also nice, and the movement speed from Zeal means you can catch opponents who run away from you ;)

Because you have the slowing effect of Phage , this means you wil slow your enemy's with your abilities and your basic attacks, which makes running away from you is almost impossible. I also choose this item because the HP means you'll die a little bit slower. And I'm not going to talk about the AP , because that's always nice to have.

mercury's is usefull if the enemy team is AP heavy, but i normally take ninja tabi because the damage reduction, and because it's cheaper.

berseker's greaves is possible, but not the best thing to buy. you get enough attack speed from your passive.

if you think you're just to squishy , you can buy this instead of trinity force or phantom dancer. but still , THIS IS NOT A TANK BUILD

Frozen Mallet is a good substitude for Rylai's. the only problem is you already have a Phage because of Trinity Force, so ..

if you want a silly build, you can try this. it's goes kinda well with his ults passive. only use this if you're with friends who want a fun game and not with guys you don't know because they ain't gonna like it(;

you need to go AP heavy if you buy this one, but if you go AP heavy , it's quite handy to have.

if you go down the AD route, this is a good one, but, there are better choices.

only buy this if you're specialty is dieing xd. just kidding, it is nice to have , but not my preffered item -i don't like it anyway-

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going to the zoo

In this jungle guide we start at blue. It's always helpfull when a teammate pulls, but be careful not to let the creeps reset. Use your counter strike when the jungle creeps attack you, because that will increase you damage. After you get blue you can gank if you have the chance -you will need to change your skillorder a bit, but i will explain that in the skill sequence part- , if this is not the case, kill the wolves and wraths and your smite should be up during the fight with the lizard, so you can use it to finish him off. After that you can choose between jungling -golems, wraths and wolves- or gank. If the opposite team doesn't have a jungler you can grab there blue and red, only do this when you don't have the blue or red buff, because you can always get yourself killed because they warded. As soon as you got your Wriggle's you can do dragon. always try to get some health potions during the fight and ask the AD carry to help you out. After that the laning fase is coming to an end and then the real jungling is over.

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things you learn in life

Leap strike is a great ganking ability. You normally grab it on lvl 3 , but if you can gank top after blue grab it at lvl 2. Note that you can use it in Counter Strike-mode , so that's always helpfull. It's scales off both AP and AD so that is very helpfull.

Empower buffs your weapon for one basic attack, giving it bonus damage based on your AP. you grab this normally at lvl 2 , but when you do your lvl 2 gank, grab it at lvl 3. You can use it in between normal attacks, but that's quite hard to master and not all that helpfull, just a nice addition to your jungling. You can combine empower with leap strike so you do even more burst. You can also use empower in condition with your ult's passive so you get a massive burst and a sh*tload of spellvamp from your Hextech.

Counter Strike is a great ability, it doesn't do a sh*tload of damage but you dodge all basic attacks for 1.5 sec, Which can screw the enemy AD carry pretty hard, and stuns for 1 sec. You grab this ability at lvl 1 for jungling, because it means you don't get any damage from the creeps -yeey- and stuns them for 1 sec -YEEY- , which means you don't get any damage for 2.5 sec. Make sure you time it right so you dodge as much attacks as possible because you'll do more damage with your stun. when ganking , you can use it before using Leap Strike so you make sure they can't escape the stun.

Relentless assault is a great ultimate. The passive is very powerfull, because it gives every third a b*ttload of extra damage, wich scales of your AP. It means that on lvl 6 you do without using any ability, no items,no masteries and no runes, you do 330 damage in 3 hits. with runes, items and masteries this is -assuming you have wriggle's, and ninja tabi(you should have this on lvl 6, otherwise, i'm kinda disappointed in you)- 484 damage in 3 hits. You'll get 69(omg, 69, it's so sexual) lifesteal. Your ultimate has also a active, that gives you extra 25 (+ 0,2 per bonus AD) attack damage and 25 (+ 20% per AP) ability power. Your active ultimate has a pretty low cooldown, which means you can use it almost every fight.

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summoner spells

Your a jungler, can't go without it. it's not impossible to do, but it makes a lot harder. bad idea to chose something else. -Also taking smite means that it's much harder for the enemy to steal your buff-

Flash will make escaping easier, enganging easier, chasing easier. It's just an amazing spell.
Sometimes people will Flash when you use your Counter Strike. Quite annoying, but , if they Flash, you flash and you will still land your stun.

Always nice to slow people down, good for chasing and escaping. It also reduces their damage , but since you have Counter Strike, it's not really beneficial. still a good substitute for Flash though.

It's not great, but still usefull, since it increases your AS and your AP. But you don't really need it, but, if you like it, you can always use it.

Well, chasing and escaping, that's all i can say.

Why not these
You ain't a support, let the support CV there buffs.

It's a good summoner spell, don't get me wrong, but it's not all that helpfull because creeps usually don't stun ..

all other spells like teleport -u must be crazy if you use this if you're jungling- and rally-nobody uses that hahaha- i'm just not gonna talk about.

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tips and tricks (also concludes the tips from the other sections)

1. Use your leap Strike to escape using wards.
2. Empower + Leap Strike = even more damage
3. Empower can be used between attacks
4. Try to time your counter strike so you recieve as much hits as possible, you will deal more damage this way.
5. Never be the first to engage in teamfights, since you're not tanky with this build. when ganking, always engage first.
6. You can solo dragon (with potions) quite early , try to do that.
7. If you get chased, run into Baron , attack him, Counter Strike, use a ward to jump over the wall and leave your chaser with an angry baron.
8. Activate counter strike , wait a second and jump on to him , your stun will almost certainly hit.

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Changes i made in the guide

I removed the phantom dancer, it was a bad move on my part.
I've tried to fix the capital letters.
The grammar and spelling part is kinda hard, send me a message if you wanna help me with that.
I'll put gameplay and more pictures in in the near future.
Switched the frozen mallet with rylai's , read in the item section to see why i did that.
Some minor changes and additions made , video content should be included on monday/tuesday.

Guide Top

The end

I hope this guide was usefull for you guys. Succes playing Jax as a jungler.
I will update the guide if Jax gets changed - He'll problably get nerfed in the near future because he's quite powerfull right now-.
please give me some feedback in the comments, and if you guys liked this guide, tell me and i'll make a new guide. Also, feel free to add me in LoL if you'd like to play a game with me , my summoner name is buiksnor. Again , please vote up if you liked the guide and make sure to come back because i'll try to put as much stuff in as possible.