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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jo or Dan

Kog'maw, The Anti-Tank DPS Carry

Jo or Dan Last updated on December 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is NOT a build that allows you to be careless and rape everyone, it only allows you to play smart, and rape every one. One of the most important thing to have on any Cog'maw's team is a tank, so if you dont have a tank, this is not going to go as well as you would hope. basically, this build will give you the ability to kill all tanks with ease assuming you have some sort of way to avoid taking damage yourself (i.e. the having a tank on your team as i mentioned above). you will also shred through squishies and all other characters but most of all, tanks (which is what Cog'maw's main purpose in life is).
i might also mention that these runes are not exactly what i'm using and i dont think it matter's too much what you do as long as you have 9 mana regen set up. other than that set up the runes however you prefer.


-amazing anti-tank and all around killer
-slows enemies VERY well
-fast damage/very long range= excellent harasser
-unlike almost every other build for cog'maw you see, NO MANA SHORTAGE
-fits well with almost any team
-this build has a unique passive ability of making the user feel like a TOTAL BAD *** and grants an aura of appreciation and all around awesomeness.

-squishy early game
-requires a tank (but then again what kind of team doesnt)
-slow movement speed until boots are purchased. still bad at escapes though.


Early Game:
Starting out in the beginning i advise laning on your own (i know lots of builds say not to) because kogmaw's ultimate is extremely useful for any situation and he can hold a lane or push it through the tower very well on his own, as long as you're careful of mia's. at this point you have great harassing abilities but you cant quite dominate the tanks. i always buy the meki pendant right off the start because far too often you see cog'maw's running out to center with just a dagger and they are forced to retreat when they run out of mana to harass with. as long as you dont waste all your mana as fast as you can you should almost never find yourself at a shortage with this build because after completing the chalice of harmony (i usually go back at lvl 6 or 7 to buy this and what else i can) you end up regenerating more mana based on the percentage that you are missing. the reason i grab Bio-Arcane Barrage first is so that i can have that extra bit of harassment going on as much as possible. with the meki pendant you will gain back the 50 mana in the amount of time it takes to cool down so its something that should be going almost constantly till lvl 2 where u want to balance it all with your void ooze to keep the enemy out of lane (sometimes you will not be able to harass people out of xp, for example, any decent akali can totally rape you early game with her dash move so just play according to your opponents character and skill). at lvl 6 imediately start harassing with your ultimate because its so amazing at forcing people out of lane and experience. as soon as your opponent retreats its a good idea to finish off that creap wave and then go buy all the itmes you can (in the order above). at this point cogmaw will be good at ganking squishies and maybe an early tank, but is not at his prime. continue to play according to what is required to keep your team with an advantage, keep enemies underleveled with your harassment and be sure to use your ult often to keep their health low (another tip along with keeping a tank on your team is having a warwick, who gets increased Atack Speed and other stuff when the enemy is at half health, and you can easily get people down to half with your ult if you can aim it well. the great thing is people never think their health is too low when you harass them with your ult until they have about 1/4th max health. and by then a warwick can and should take full advantage of increased movement and attack speed).

Mid Game:
after completing the madreds bloodrazor, your tank killing abilities are very formidable. tanks will run when they see you (in most cases if they're smart). complete the malady for a small price next, this will make your ult more powerful, and its passive will improve your tank killing abilities even more. at this point you have lots of options, i almost always go with the Frozen mallet because the one thing i hate most as cog'maw is when an enemy escapes with 1hp and they're just barely out of my ult range. frozen mallet will slow enemies with any of your attacks now, including your ult, so people will run very slowly out of your range, if they can, but by this time you can move faster than them no problem and they never escape the slow because your attack speed is far too high. frozen mallet will also help with making you a little less squishy. the last weapon is ALWAYS based on how the game is going. i only put Starks Ferver up because i find it to be a useful item in most cases, but in all honesty there are tons of items you can grab to finish strong. often times grabbing a banshee's veil or some form of armour (maybe force of nature?)is good, if the enemy team is heavy on stuns OR has a Karthus, then i always try to build the banshee's veil right after malady or madred's depending on what the enemy team looks like. if they dont have a tank and i'm finding Karthus's ult way to annoying then i will get it even before i'm done with Madred's. but if defence is not an issue, then i will also buy wit's end, Executioner's calling (good to buy earlier than this if facing a heavy regen opponent such as mundo, because you can rape him hardcore with this weapon's active that cuts regen in half), bloodthirster, infinity edge, The Black Cleaver, or especially last whisper if i'm really want to cut up the armor on those tanks.

I must confess i have not played this build yet, its great in my head, and i have played an almost identical build up until this most recent update where the malady's stats got changed, in fact, malady was just added in and thats the only change, but this is subject to change after i play around with it a bit. do feel free to mix the weapon order up if you find it necessary (except for the chalice of harmony, its just too darn important). if you mark down my build be sure to let me know why in the comments and maybe even comment and mark me down later if you still want to so i can take in your suggestion and decide if i think its worth the change. I hope this works well for everyone, if you find it to fail completely, then you just need to work on how you play cog'maw. just remember to stay behind your own tank in team battles or really any situation, and have fun dishing out the rape :) oh yea, the other change i made from my usual build is the boots of swiftness, because in all my experience, i find that little extra chasing/escaping power could come in real handy, and berserker greaves isnt necessary if you're grabbing a malady shortly after. so be sure to let me know what you think and if/why you would change this :) and if you are successful with this build be sure to post results :D i also have to give some credit to the champion spotlight video, although i arranged the build on my own, i first got some ideas from the video.