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Wukong Build Guide by spikeguy4

KONG is his real name WUJU is his style, Tanky is his build.

KONG is his real name WUJU is his style, Tanky is his build.

Updated on November 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author spikeguy4 Build Guide By spikeguy4 6,924 Views 4 Comments
6,924 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author spikeguy4 Wukong Build Guide By spikeguy4 Updated on November 16, 2011
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Hello everyone and welcome to my WuKong Build! This is my first attempt at a build ever so I don't know how to do all the fancy stuff and whatnot yet so please excuse that. Also it was quite late when I wrote this so please igonre spelling and grammar mistakes, I tried my best. DON'T YELL AT ME OR I'LL TELL ON YOU WAAAAA!

Now then I know your a busy person so i'll cut to the chase. This build is a tanky DPS build focusing on speed, crit, and survive-ability. BE FOR WARNED! YOU WILL NOT BE THAT GOOD EARLY GAME! This is a mid-late game build. Once you get warmogs you'll start to roll.

Monkey, troll as hell.

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Spells , bro.

Summoner Spells are honestly you choice with wukong, however, I chose exhaust and flash.

I chose these simply because I like having an offensive and defensive skill.
Exhaust allows you to get first blood, solo vs people, slow people in your ult and increase dmg by lowering armor/magic resist. However you could go with ignite, or surge whatever offensive skill you'd like.
As for flash you'll hear alot that "good wukong players don't need flash cuz you have decoy" Well I'd agree on that if this was a guide for tristana, kassidin, or Ezreal however there are too many cases you will get slowed and decoy is basically useless. Also I cannot tell you how many times i have been in a tight situation decoy'd then flashed over a wall. This very tricky maneuver will leave those aggressing you baffled and dumbfounded as they can't see you flash while stealthed so by the time they realize your crazy movement speed has already goten you out of there. This is also a geat ability to flash ult or decoy, flash, ult. Great for everything that is wukong imo.

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Masteries , skills for the true BroKong.

Even tho Wukong is being built tanky he still needs the dmg increase given to him through masteries. So I always go full AD damage in the offense tree grabbing improved exhaust. ALL ARMOR PEN IS REQUIRED. As this will make your Q, E, and R really powerful. The lifesteal and final talent are your choice. I like em, but the 1.5% increased dmg or tower dmg thing is pretty cool too, whatever you feel is better. I also then go to grab improved flash and recall. Then pick up the mana and movement speed bonus. The movement speed is really what were after here as this 2% will work out nicely later on and the early game mana is nice. SO 21/0/9 all the way!

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Runes, because why not?

I go straight for armor pen marks(all runes are tier 3 primary) to maximize damage from abilities and strikes allowing you to harass pretty well early game.

Now seals get interesting. Dodge seems to be getting phased out. Needles to say its very hard to get dodge so were going to limit it. You'll be amazed how useful 5% dodge can be. Having the crazy ability to completely avoid a physical ability or auto attack and avoiding all on hit effects is really nice. However its not worth it to get any higher than 5% since the benifit is not very great unless you intend to get quits as well then by all means. However i wouldn't recommend this. I threw in some scaling armor seals to fill the remaining spots to help his late game however you can choose to fill with dodge or instead of armor take health its up to you.
For glyphs I chose stacking magic resist since you won't be getting magic resist (unless heavy ap) so this will compensate late game pretty well
Quints are simply more ARMOR PEN AHAHAAHHAHAHA cuz its important damn it.

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Explanation of Armor PEN and Dodge . (Read if interested!)

Now you may ask yourself WHY does everyone go for armor pen instead of damage?? HAHAHAHA WELL, let me explain young one. Armor pen basically works by countering armor on your target (duh) but that means you need to know about armor ^^ Armor works as a percentage of damage reduction against physical source (physical abilities, turrets, and auto-attacks) The higher their armor the greater the percentage so the greater they are reducing your attacks. For 25 armor incoming physical damage is reduced by 20%.
That's alot for a little armor! That's why getting attack damage runes will only make what armor they have work even better as a percentage works better with higher numbers! Armor is abundant in items and increases per lvl too! Also reducing there armor below 0 (yes its possible but only from sources that effect armor directly like armor pen runes and not last whisper's percentage, however the percentage for last whisper is done first for max effect then the additive quantities such as runes next) will INCREASE the damage you do by the same percentage! So -25 armor and they will take 20% INCREASED damage! COOL, DAMN IT!. And there you have it GET THE PEN!

Dodge is one of those very rarely seen things in LOL (JAX aside) because of its OP ability. The chance to win the lottery!

No...? Not buying it huh? ok, ok, well its almost as good. You get to completely avoid a physical based ability, auto attack, or turret shot and all on hit effects that came with it including stuns, slows, madred's bs, ect! SEE NO ATTACK, HEAR NO ATTACK, FEEL NO ATTACK... --- the ****ing physics

There is only ninja tabi in items, no longer any masteries, and only dodge seals and quits. THEN on top of that every time you get a dodge source you don't get its total effect (except the first source). This is because the game is set up so everyone has a 100% chance to get hit. With 5% reduction you have a 95% chance as you would imagine however the next source, say ninja tabi (12% dodge) would reduce your chance to get hit from 95% not 100% so you would get aprox 11% dodge for tabi putting you at 84% chance to get hit, ect ect.

Oh also make sure with your crazy movement speed to dodge all skill shots manually and yell "DODGE" when you do its very satisfying. Or dodge it but let your decoy take damage cuz your a silly monkey and **** your decoy..... i don't trust that guy with a ten... foot... pole... (HAR HAR HAR, I MADE A FUNNY! NOW back to work...).

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[SO here i will explain his skills and order choice blah blah blah./color]

Crushing Blow: "It has the mad deeps, bro!"
This is wukongs main burst damage dealer as it scales with AD, has pretty nice base damage and is effected by ARMOR PEN BROTHER! Also it has this neat effet to drop the victims armor by another shirety percent (30%) for shree (3) seconds. Why not??
This skill is best used after nimbus striking a target and also can be used on squishier peeps to kill them super fast or tanks to make them damage-able and 30% will wack there armor since they will probs have quite a bit.

DECOY: "That was a decoy! You fool!" Statement after a decoy was exhausted, ignited, rooted, and ulti'd. Response "****!"
This is what everyone hates you for and thinks they knows whats up. WELL only orcales and some pink *** wards know whats up (be aware you can't fool a blind man either). Wukongs decoy is amazing is soooo many ways. Basically you stealth for 1.5 seconds and leave an uncontrollable, unmovable decoy of yourself behind and then it does some **** aoe magic damage, laughs at all the stupid people and poofs away. NOW, Lets get started!
1. You can get out of ganks or bad situations easily (use by bushes or before you leave bushes for max effect!
2. VERY USEFUL! You can block skill shots/ ulti's (ashe's ulti, cait's ulti, brands ulti, Urgots thing ect) with it
3. Get people to waste abilities/summoner spells on it
4. Gank with the stealth to better place yourself
5. decoy then flash over a wall for a dashing ESCAPE
6. harass really well with nimbus strike > crushing blow > decoy > laugh (for emotional harassment)
7. Decoy 1v1 for extra damage and false use of enemy abilities as well as loss of target for enemy
8. Decoy will take turret damage before you (except when you are already the target)
9. FAKE DECOY (advanced maneuver) while running quickly press "S" this will abruptly stop your character making people say "DATS A FAKE! ME NOT STUPID! I GO WHERE I PLEASE!" then you proceed to laugh and either run another direction OR actually decoy giving you greater distance between your burden. PROTIP: Always move in another direction than the direction you were facing. 95% of people will run that direction. Try to decoy into brush/out of brush for max winning.
10. Decoy in a group of minions for extra aoe farming.
11. Decoy and then laugh at it because, stupid decoy, thinks its people.
Anyway i'm sure there are even more uses however there are things to be careful of:
Your decoy will not have items/buffs/debuffs/or character animations aside from standard idle animation SO this can give you away if they ignited/exhausted you then suddenly its gone. Trails will still follow you (Talons anus bleed) and stealth revealing effects (oracles, wards, turrets, lee sin, traps) will find you.
That's pretty much decoy, now trick the **** out of people with your superior trolling ability!

Nimbus Strike also PINK **** YEAH: "Monkey's... monkey's everywhere"
This is your gap closer/ gap creator. You dash to a target enemy and deal physical damage! This ability will also hit up too three targets by splitting Wukong into three monkey's. This is not so tricky since you are always the middle monkey and the other two poof away as soon as they hit there target so its not tricky but great to hit runners and amazing with flash to get those escapees!

Cyclone: "SPIN TO WIN TILL THEY DIE" wait your not Gar... **** it same thing. This deals massive aoe physical damage scaling really well, applying on hit effects (I think, correct me if i'm wrong) and knocking people up into the air. This is a great initiation for team fights but will get you focused. SO watch your health bar and if you are getting to low STOP spinning (you can do this by pressing R again) and decoy out then leave it up to your team and enjoy an ace.
In general you want to max your Q and R while having 1 rank in decoy and nimbus strike. Leveling up nimbus strike when you can't Q or R and W last (decoy) Since the CDR isn't that great and your not dealing magic dmg so whatever on decoy. Thats skills ladies and gentlemonkies.

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Because only real Champions can wield 12 bastard swords at the same time an

1. the philo stone for extra monies and great lane presense with the good health/mana regen. Get as soon as you have the money.
2. Build boots (berserk/swift) cuz you need boots. This is debatable between swiftness or berserker. I chose berserker because later this will give you great attk speed, obviously. Swift faster and makes you trickier and harder to lose or catch but you won't benefit that greatly since you lose the attack speed bouns and speed bonuses are reduced by 20% AFTER 414 movement and by 50% AFTER 490 movement. WIth your phantom, boots, and trinity you will be over 500 move speed which beats most anyone. Except maybe pirate speed...? Hummm
3. WARMOGS this is the key to this build as it fills WuKongs main problem of low survive-ability by ading lots of health! YAY! At this point let your team kill stuff act as off tank and disrupt the enemy with your spinning and decoying.
4. NOW damage tiem! Get the phantom for crazy speed, crit, and attk speed!
5. Inf Edge crazy dmg, crazy crit, crazy passive what more can you want?
6. Last item is whatever really triforce will give you really nice stats but so will atmas impaler or frozen mallet.
7. Lastly upgrade your philo stone to an elisa's this will give you even better regen but more importantly +35 Tenacity which will make you very resistant to CC as well. VERY USEFUL INDEED GOOD CHAP!

Other choices: Wriggles lantern, atmogs + frozen mallet + sunfire + warmogs (tank build)
IF required get a thornmail to counter hard ad caries like tryund, ashe, sivir. Or a banshies veil or force of nature for hard AP carries like morgana or leblanc.

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At last!

So in general your going to be a heavy damage dealer with lots of tank qualities and tricks making you a force to be engaged. You will almost always get focused but thats okay with this build, in fact its welcomed! So get in gear support that team then show them whats what Monkey's!!


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