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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by Krat

Krat's Evelynn AP Jungle build.

Krat's Evelynn AP Jungle build.

Updated on August 24, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Krat Build Guide By Krat 10,565 Views 4 Comments
10,565 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Krat Evelynn Build Guide By Krat Updated on August 24, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Why should I follow this guide and what makes you think it's good?

You should have fun and enjoy the character you choose to play. This guide is just to help you out if you're having a hard time with Eve and show those of you on the fence just how amazing Evelynn is with an AP build.

I think it's a good build because it generally works and is enjoyable to play Evelynn with this build.
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My second guide so i'll keep it simple and bare bones. If people like it i'll spruce it up a bit and keep it alive.

Ever since the rework Evelynn has been received with mixed views. Many old Evelynn players have abandoned her and many players still see her as a "troll pick". Unfortunately popular opinion is that Evelynn is only semi-viable as an AD jungler when taken seriously. This simply is not the case.

In this guide i'll walk you through a typical round as a jungler as Evelynn and give my opinion as to why you should choose an AP Evelynn over an AD Evelynn. I'll keep it short in the runes and masteries section and go into greater detail in the Item Notes, Skill Sequence, Jungling, Team Work and the Summary.

Hope this helps!
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"Evelynn, the troll pick."

You're wrong. This is the one thing I will be adamant about when it comes to Evelynn: She does not suck, she is not a poor jungler and she is sustainable from start to finish being able to assist her team early, mid and late game and put up a fight in team battles. She is not a troll pick.

You need to be smart, you need to know when to engage, when and which champion to run from, and you need to know your jungle before you can be taken seriously in order to actually be good with her.
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First off is the runes.

Flat out AP for Quintessences, Glyphs and Seals with Magic Penetration Marks. This is good early on for Evelynn as you'll start off with 59AP coupled with Amplifying Tome giving you a considerable boost to damage early on in both the jungle and in ganking(Especially important).
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The usual 21/9/0 jungle masteries for maximum damage and decent survival in the jungle and against enemy champions.

As Evelynn you don't need points in mana regeneration. Her passive regens 1% of her maximum mana every second which is more than enough mana regen once you purchase Sheen.
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Item Notes.

Amplifying Tome is great for early damage and leads straight into Sheen.

Boots of Mobility significantly increases your ability to get to and from lanes and jump into the action which is why you want these as soon as possible while jungling. It's always best to have a decent combination of ganking and jungling until you reach 1000g to purchase these boots in one go but don't sacrifice your Health Potion gold to save up for anything. You'll need them!

Once you've got your Boots of Mobility go straight for Sheen. This is a nice item as it's a lead in to Lichbane, a key item late game, procs with your Q for added damage and indirectly gives bonus mana regeneration(Thanks to your passive) solving any mana problems you might have(I seldomly have mana issues early game which requires me to wait a second or two before engaging mobs -- Always make sure you have 150mana while initiating against jungle creeps).

Next up Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Excellent item for Evelynn. You've got a significant boost to AP, health boost and a passive slowing effect to spam with your Q making ganks that much easier. Very important you build up towards this item after you have Sheen. Don't rush for Giant's Belt!! Keep that for last, you really want to focus on AP early game so you can get the most damage when you gank.

Rabadon's Hat is self explanatory. It gives a huge amount of AP. It's a must.

Lichbane is a nasty piece of work and by the time you have it you'll nuke any squishy(Carry, support, mage) in less than two seconds because of this. The great thing about it is no one expects Evelynn to deal so much damage in such a short amount of time. ;)

The rest is obvious. Banshee's Veil last because it's very late game when you'll most likely need that extra bit of survivability and engage enemies in group fights full on. It's basically to make you tankier and survive some of the nastier abilities some enemies throw your way(Specifically Veigar's Primordial Blast).

NB: Every time you go back(B) to base make sure you buy five(5) Health Potions and when you've used them all go back again for more. You shouldn't need to go back often but when you run out of potions you'll find that you'll be able to purchase an item anyway. Evelynn takes a lot of damage from creeps compared to other junglers, especially against Red and Blue creeps and will need the potions so don't skimp out on them. Just make sure you buy whatever item it is you need first then get five potions, if you don't have enough to buy five potions don't worry about it just carry on jungling as when time goes by the potions are more for filling in small chunks of health when taking Red and Blue or while ganking.
There shouldn't be need to buy potions after you have Giant's Belt even when clearing out an entire jungle.

Also, if the enemy team gets Vision Wards(Which any decent team will) to counter your stealth don't be afraid to spend money on Oracle Elixers. It's worth the money just be smart and don't suicide. Don't buy more than two Oracles or you'll really feel the hole form in your pocket! After that you should instruct your team mates to buy Vision Wards and take out any wards the enemy may have placed.
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Skill Sequence

Max Hate Spike(Q) first only breaking the trend of upgrading it for your Ultimate(Agony's Embrace((R)) ) at L6, Ravage(E) at L2(And L8) and Dark Frenzy(W) at L4.

Once you max Hate Spike max out your E, Ravage. This will scale to late game giving you a huge and needed nuke when you engage an enemy. Not only this but it also serves as shock value to the enemy when they suddenly see an Evelynn taking a huge chunk of their health in one go and further taking significant damage from them every second or so from her Q.

Max W, Dark Frenzy, last. You have no need for the added run speed or burst of speed early game as the enemy won't be able to outrun you once you have a single point in W.

Max Agony's Embrace(R) as it appears.

Spam Q, it deals a lot of damage and is consistent, ranged and works well in general with an AP Evelynn.

When ganking, use W when the enemy notices you and tries to run away. Just run them down unless you know they're going to throw a slow at you. In team fights save your W for when you need to quickly exit the fight. This ability is probably the best ability you could use after using Flash.

Use E when you engage a fight and keep using it when it appears.

Use your R at your leisure. Don't be afraid to use it on a single enemy to pick up the kill or when engaging them or running them down. Evelynn's W is an excellent escape tool and has a relatively short CD that resets on enemy kill or assist making her ultimate exclusive for engagement and not to be used as an escape tool.
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Summoner Spells

Flash and Smite is all I use. You can use Exhaust but it's not needed in my opinion. Generally if there's a champion that's a complete counter to Evelynn you just have to deal with it and run away from them if you have no backup. Mid game you'll have a spammable slow with Rylai's Crystal Scepter and you should be able to take out most if not all carries and any other damage dealer fast enough to make Exhaust unimportant past that point.

Flash is just the perfect ability for escaping coupled with your Dark Frenzy ability.
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BE WARNED: Starting a jungle with just one pot will have you in critical health for the first two levels/first rotation so try this approach in a custom match to get used to how low your health is going to be at this time.

I'll keep it simple as i've rambled too much up until this point as it is:

1. Start off at Blue buff with Amplifying Tome and a Health Potion(1). There's no need for a hard pull but a pull is preferable anyway(Otherwise you'll be waiting around for valuable seconds shortly after). As soon as you get the pull use Smite, spam Q and position yourself around the Golem so your Q hits either one or two of the smaller lizards(It can't be helped). Use your potion when you first take damage.

2. Move onto the wolves. Initiate with E on the main wolf and spam Q. There's not much else to be said.

3. Move on to the Wraiths. You should have just enough health at this point to take them on without a potion. Make sure you have around 200 health and 150 mana. If you don't(Most likely due to not having a pull on Blue) wait a few seconds untill you have 200 health and 150 mana.

4. Recall to base, heal up and buy five Health Potions. By this time your Smite should be off it's cooldown and ready to use on Red buff. Run to red, position yourself in the brush by the Red monster and try hit both lizards guarding the Red buff if you can. If not don't worry about it and make sure you hit atleast one lizard. Initiate with E and spam Q.

5. At this point you'll be level 3 and be able to deal enough damage. Move to a lane you want to gank but try get behind the enemy champion if at all possible. Sometimes you will have to make sure the enemy is distracted by your team mate in order to get the jump on them.

6. Hopefully you've either gotten the kill or given it to your team mate. It's best to roam from here and focus on ganking if the opportunity is presented. If not go to the nearest creep and continue your jungle.

Alternatively if you get a hard pull and clear blue buff you should have a significant amount of health left. If this is the case you can wander to the enemy jungle at level 2 and wait in the brush by the wraiths for the enemy(If they start at Blue buff).

Always ping an area before you move there to gank. This gives your team a heads up so they know to expect you shortly and usually saves you the hassle of waiting around for your team mate(s) to be ready.
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Team Work

There is no "I" in "Team" unless you're dyslexic and spell "Team" "Tiam"(???) in which case this is the perfect guide for you! :D

No, seriously... Be greedy for the first few kills. This build is expensive and the more of a headstart you have over the enemy the better. Evelynn is a mean ganker and if she has the items she'll be in a better position to hand her team mates kills. After early game try give kills to team mates if possible otherwise make 'em scream~
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If you get used to her new stealth mechanic(Which I think is excellent) you can outflank an enemy and gank them easily. She's still naturally squishy but atleast you can escape when need be, just make sure you know you can take the enemy champion when you pop your W to engage. If you're unsure about it save your W as an exit plan.

She's fun, she's more than viable as AP and her AP build scales well from early to late game. In late game you've the potential to be unstoppable if the game lasts until Lichbane and you're smart with Evelynn.

Be careful with her while jungling as she's exposed while taking on Blue or Red well into mid to late game. If the enemy invades your Blue it will cripple you for the first two levels so make sure you and your team have it covered and make sure no one is waiting in the brush by your wraiths as they will most likely kill you as you'll have no health to run away with(All the more reason to sit by their wraiths!!).
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I went on a bit so i'll give a tl;dr version here.

Runes: AP Quints/Glyphs/Seals. Magic Pen. Marks.

Masteries: 21/9/0.

Item Notes: Amplifying Tome + Health Potion -> Boots of Mobility -> Sheen -> Rylai's Crystal Scepter -> Rabadon's Deathcap -> Lichbane -> Void Staff -> Banshee's Veil. Make sure you buy 5 pots every time you run out of potions or go back to base.

Skill Sequence: Max Q then E and last W. Max R when you can.

Summoner Spells: Flash and Smite. No need for Exhaust or Ignite.

Jungling: Golems -> Wolves -> Wraiths -> Base -> Red -> Gank -> Roam or Jungle.

Team Work: Take as many kills as you can early on but towards mid game give them to your team mates.
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