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League of Legends Build Guide Author GeneralMat

Lady Lux - The Rainbow Cannon

GeneralMat Last updated on October 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Firstly, this is an insight on how i play Lux. You don't agree? feel free to leave a comment stating what you would do, or play her different.

Edit 26/10/10: Take a Doran's Ring if you go middle. I usually didnt go middle with this champion but ive found getting your ulti early is extremely useful - aswell as the gold. And also the haar***-style of play i reccomend with Lux makes her a fairly strong middle champion!
Summoner Spells

Ghost/Teleport and Flash = these in my opinion are the only combo's i would ever use for Lux. Feel free to take that 4th point in your support tree and put it in either improved ghost or improved teleport to compliment which one you use. These are vital to either get to your lane or move to one that needs help (teleport) or to run/chase or general faster mobility (ghost) use to your preferance. And Flash as you have no escape mechanism.

Pretty standard caster runes.
Marks MagicPen - to do more damage (duh)
Seals - Mana Regen to keep you going for longer
Glyphs - Cooldown reduction, so you can fire RAINBOWfaster

Quints - HP or if your feeling crazy grab some AP. although you'll feel it Health wise! (i sometimes use 1 AP quint just to pack a little extra)

A quick view on her spells

Her passive: When you hit a target with a spell, they get a little glow on them, if you auto attack a target this will detonate the charge, causing additional damage. Use it well to help maximise your damage

Q - Her double snare. The damage output is very low, with a fairly bad AP scaling (as with all of her spells :( ) Use this as its intended - to snare. not as a harass!

W - Her Utility spell, a shield. Now this spell (again, in my opinion) is complete and utter pants. By the time you've seen a sitution, hit W, moved your cursor into play and flung your skill shot shield. its usually too late. It has a traveling time (thats needlessly long!) and applies a shield to you (on cast) and any target it hits, and then again on its return. It shields for a barely noticable amount, but basically applies it twice. Use this in team fights and to try and absorb small pockets of damage. But i generally dont use it often.

E - Her shiny! This is by far, her best skill. its a skillshot that fires an orb to the location where it remains for a few seconds,or until manual detonation (hitting E again). i use this ALL the time. If you throw it in a bush, it shows units in the bush, and you can use it to peek around corners or to spy on Nashor/Dragon/Buffs. its generally useful. and also your highest damaging ability. Which also inflicts damage to multiple targets - aswell as delivering a rather handy slow! just an amazing skill in general. I use it to keep people away from minions, and hitting tower huggers.

R - now R. R is for. RAINBOW. The most fun ability. ever created. EVER! This is what makes Lux the amazing champion she is! It has a rather formidable range, and can pack a punch if used correctly. Use it to hit people recalling at towers, runnings from combat with low health, or during a team fight to pummel people down. Hell, use it to snag buffs or clear large minions waves. go crazy. and Rank 3 - with 40% CDR (not hard to get) its on a 24 second cooldown. so go nuts!

Learn To Play?

Most people see Lux, and say she's a worthless champion - and that she can't do any damage. I personally see this as an AMAZING thing! Why? you ask. Ahh well i shall reveal this, as its one of the best things about Lux. People will generally believe you to be no threat at all - so tend to go for your laning partner first. How wrong they are...

A major weapon in your.. diverse... arsenal is general ignorance. sure Lux doesnt plow out the damage as other individuals say.. Annie or Veigar. But thats not your job as the cute little blondie, you are. oh boy no! someone will tear at your laning partner (or be foolishly agressive if your solo lane) giving you free reign, to Snare, Slow and generally niggle away at them. People say you are a support champion - but i dont believe this to be so. i tend to send out E ability to keep people away from minions - most people will ignore your shiny and keep attacking minions anyway - then you move a bit closer, detonate and send an auto attack their way. the detonation (depending on level) does between 45 and 100 damage (standing for the rough Laning levels) then your auto attack lands doing another 40 or so, and igniting your passive for another 30ish. overall they've taken nearly 200 damage. but hitting them sparsly, doesnt bring their attention to the amount of damage they actually took. Once your rolling with some good AP, and your Deathfire Grasp (DFG) your spell rotation should be like this:

DFG or Snare (either order)
Throw your orb to them, preferably anticipating where they will run
Auto attack to ignite to Snare charge
Detonate Orb slowing and reapplying a charge
Auto Attack to ignite the orb charge
if nearly dead RAINBOW their face off.
If not dead: Kite them as they'll still be slowed (your long cooldowns set you back a bit here)
Then rinse and repeat. 1on1 your very weak due to cooldowns, but your slow and shield give you a good chance of kiting.

So generally play safe, and smart.and you'll rock the socks of people.

To Start:
Generally up to you, i start off with Meki pendant/Blue crystal then build it into Tears of the goddess. To build its charges up early, and also it pretty much solves your mana issues - along with your seals. After that grab Amp Tome, and try and build your Mejai's if its going well - build your DFG with it. After that grab things as you can afford it! Dont be shy about the Blue potions aswell - get the AP and CDR wherever you can get it! Build items as you need them, but i tend to rotate towards the DFG early as although its damage is pretty nice it also gives nice CDR and AP also.

Item Build

Typical Caster set up;

Archangels -(mana regen and AP)

Zhonya's -(AP and a nice cast ability that can save your bacon)

DeathFire Grasp - a good tank buster and generally a nice damage addition.

Sorcerer's Shoes - gives you much needed speed and some Magic Pen

Mejai's - Tonnes of AP if its going well, or s*** it out for a Lich Bane (the incrased damage on next attack after a spell has nice Synergy with your passive)

Lich Bane/Void Staff - Lich Bane gives you nice stuff in general. AP,Magic Res, Movement speed and the increased auto attack damage after spell cast is very useful with your PAssive. Alternatively if your used your Lich Bane instead of Mejai's or are against a high Magic Res team - grab a Void staff for AP/Magic Pen.

Hope you enjoyed this guide, feel free to leave some constructive criticism, and please don't down rate without leaving a comment. it is a community site for a reason! help me, to help you.

and i hope i didn't ramble a bit too much!

Shh.. Im Chargin Mah LAzor!