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Gangplank Build Guide by blacksparrow

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blacksparrow


blacksparrow Last updated on November 19, 2011
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Gangplank is personally one of my favorite champs in League of Legends. In the guide, I will explain what items to buy for him, which runes to use, and what masteries to enable.

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For my runes, I use critical chance and critical damage ones. Gangplank's Parrley does a lot of critical damage which is why these runes are vital. Also, just with basic attacks, you can wreck with these runes. It is also a good idea to use ability cooldown runes like a glyph of focus so your spells with be readily available when needed.

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When it comes to masteries for Gangplank, you MUST HAVE AT LEAST 21 PIONTS IN OFFENSE TO BE SUCCESSFUL! The other 9 mastery points can be used for things like good hands and haste in utility.

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Correct items are an important part of being a good Gangplank. First, I start out with a cloak of agility to give me some critical chance early game because if a critical is hit with parrley, it will deal massive damage. Boots of ludicity are very helpful also because you get even more of spell cooldown reduction. INFINITY EDGE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM FOR THIS BUILD! Without it, you will probably suck unless unless you have some ideas about replacements for it. Phantom dancer is also a good item to have on hand because it gives you some critical stike chance as well as attack speed for basic attacks. Sanguine blade is good for a boost on attack damage when you dont land those critical hits. Last, is you have excess gold you should begin to build on trinity force which will basically give you a little bit of everything.

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Skill Sequence

When upgrading skills, I ALWAYS UPGRADE PARRLEY TWICE AND THEN REMOVE SCURVY ONCE. Moral isn't that important to me in early game. USE PARRLEY EXCESSIVELY AND JUST RAPE PEOPLE WITH IT IN EARLY GAME. For the rest of your skills, just upgrade them in your preferred order or whatever works best for you.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and exhaust are two very effective spells when it comes to playing Gangplank. Ghos gives you and advantage at getting to a capture point before someone else. Also, it helps in catching people while they are trying to escape. Exhaust can be used to slow down people from their escape. While they are slowed, just land parrley on them a couple of times and smash them with basic attacks.