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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by th3fragile

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League of Legends Build Guide Author th3fragile

Lanesticks. Fiddle in the Middle

th3fragile Last updated on September 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Let me start off by saying that Fiddlesticks has been my main since day 1 of playing League of Legends. Rarely do I lose with Fiddlesticks, and while I don't think he's OP, I do think he is a powerhouse if played right, and will carry any halfway decent team. That being said, this build is purely for those who do not have the runes/masteries necessary to jungle. In my opinion Fiddlesticks only truly shines when he jungles and the opponent is somewhat oblivious to where he is most of the time. That being said I myself don't have the runes so I play this build in which I usually take mid. It does surprisingly well even against the likes of Ashe, Brand, Annie, or any other annoying middle with ridiculous range.

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I always go with armor pen reds, because early magic resist is probably the best way to shut down fiddle. There is really no substitute for reds.

For seals I currently use scaling mana regen. The reason is that you'll need the mana since you won't be jungling blue buff, and if you're using drain a lot Fiddle gets really mana starved. You can only dish out about 3 drains before you're out. If you don't want to take mana regen, you'd be fine with either flat ap or scaling ap.

Glyphs are probably what change the most on me. Right now I'm using scaling ap, but I constantly am switching between those and cooldown per level. The cooldown with the mana regen give fiddle a little more sustain in lane, but I feel that by end game the scaling ap just is too good to ignore.

Quints are flat AP. Cause you need that AP and it's devastating early game. Especially if the person you're laneing against is stupid enough to get caught by a fear/drain.

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Pretty standard caster build. I go ahead and take the point in smite even though I'm not jungling because sometimes I like to bring smite instead of teleport just so I can grab blue/red later or have easier baron/dragon kills.

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Summoner Spells

Flash. Must have on Fiddlesticks. If someone tells you different, than they don't play Fiddlesticks. Got caught out of position? flash out. Wiff your ult? Flash in. In middle side brush and they're too far to ult? Ult than flash for double the length. Ult and then they run away? Flash to them, fear/drain. It's amazing and there is no substitute.

Now the second summoner spell can be one of a few things. I like to pick teleport because if I'm draining a lot and running out of mana, I can feel good going back to maybe buy tier one boots or maybe a few mana/health pots, and then get right back in lane. Also if I go to gank bot/top I can teleport right back to my lane so I don't lose much and I clean up whatever lane I ganked.

You can also take Ignite if you want to secure your kills. I don't use this much but I'm sure it's worth getting.

Smite is also a viable pick, like I said for late baron's and dragon's. As well as picking u blue/red whenever you need to.

Clarity is a less viable option, but it has its usefullness.

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Skill Sequence

I quickly get a point in everything, starting with dw for that laneing action. Than I max drain because of the sustainability it gives you in lane, than I max fear. The reason I don't put more into dark wind is because even though it is good for laneing, it'll bounce 4 times everytime, and the damage just doesn't seem worth it to me when it's a random target, but sometimes I'll put an early two points in and keep it at that until it's the last thing to max.

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Doran's ring first. I tried amplifying tomb and a health pot but doran's is better.

Sorcerer's Shoes. I usually don't get any other tier 2 boot. Fiddle only really benefits from these.

HExtec revolver. I recently started getting this and it works wonders. Also it goes into Will of the Ancients which is a pretty great item.

Abyssal Scepter. I try to get this early because of the magic pen and magic resist. Fiddlesticks is pretty squishy and you'll be going mid most likely against a magic based champion.

I'll usually after scpeter turn revolver into will of the ancients. it's good.

If the game hasn't ended yet I'll go for Rabadon's cause that's some tasty AP right there.

Now it''s only once in a blue moon the build will come this far. But every so often you'll get fed enough to warrant buying Zhonya's. Great item on fiddle, but I don't see the need buying it early. If their team isn't as magic based, replace Abyssal scepter with this and get it early.

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Team Work

Fiddle is all about positioning. If you and your team aren't communicating, than your Fiddle is not going to be effective no matter what you do. Coordinate ganks, move their team in team fights, make sure someone disables whoever can disable you when you come cawcawcawing right in from a brush.

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So that's my guide to fiddlesticks if you can't jungle. Remember if you can jungle, than do that. But if you have to play Fiddle and you can't jungle, this guide should prove to be pretty consistent. And before you know it, everyone will be screaming FIDDLE OP!!!! Because everyone's a nub. And you are not.