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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author D4rkFoX

Laning Hybrid Shaco (no soft reading)

D4rkFoX Last updated on April 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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- For those who don't like to read give up now, otherwise this guide will be useless;
- I do not recommend this guide for any <25lvl Summoners;
- Sorry for or any gramatical error made in this guide.

Hey! My name's Bruno, and this will be my first guide ever made in LoL. I started playin LoL, with a friend of mine since day 1 Of the first season, since then, we've been in love with the game. Well, now we're both on our late 30's (lvl, of course, xD), and we actualy pwn everything that stands in our way. But to make this pwn happen, you'll need some advice, xp in lol, and patience. I hope you guys like it, =)

(Since I'm new at this, can some1 tell me how to put the abilities img and all of that stuff?)

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Why Shaco? And why Don't you make him as a jungler you noob!?

First of all.... Why Shaco?! A: Shaco is just awsome.

Shaco is somehow a complete champion, he has junking abilities, and fair CC's. As you might know, he's an assassin, and ONLY an assasin. I've seen many people trying him as a tank, or DPS or CC support (don't ask me why) and I've seen those same people reduced to walking 300g in LoL.

Shaco's roll is to burst down anyone below half-health (except tanks), and he excels at that. You just have to have the perfect timing and coordination to get in the teamfight, kill a couple of carries or casters and leave with minor wounds. Shaco is also good at supporting with escape routes, we'll be talking about that later on.

I bet you guys have been asking this whole why do I take a side lane instead of the jungle.. Well, one simple reason: I HATE junglers. To be a good jungler, you need a perfect timing of farming in jungle (I don't have it), and simply 90% of the people in Solo Queu just don't have it. Every time I have a jungler in my team, either he's underleved, either he feeds in the enemy jungle (due the wardling), or he's just getting pwn by the wild monsters.. Of course there are exception, but those are very rare in solo queu...
Another reason is the evolution.. You know, as all things in Nature tend to evolve, LoL gameplay style tends to evolve too. Shaco is one of the oldest chars in the game, and people automatically see him as "that stupid jungling easy blinker clown!". When people see a Shaco in the loading screen, they will think in adopting a defense style since the very beggining. Well... since then, they will be hugging the tower and they will be aware of that orange smoke on the grass, wich will void the jungling Shaco completly.

Therefore I build a laning Shaco, wich I think it's more efficient than the jungling one. We'll be talking about his game style later on.

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One think good about Shaco is that his abilities are unique, there are no cheap copys of them (except for the blink, xD)

Let's take a look, shall we?

BACKSTAB (passive) - It's not one of the best passives around, but it's decent.. I don't realy feel it on my kills. Maybe it's more useful to farm minions, and chasing enemies, but I forget it 99% of the time.

DECIEVE - In my opinion it's the second best blink in the game (beein Kassadin's the 1st one). Its range is somehow good, and it gives you 3.5 seconds of stealth.
1.Psycho: This ability has a strong Psychological effect, it makes your foes sweat like horses. Imagine you (Shaco) with a CC partner, let's say Sion or Taric. Your foes are under 500hp at lvl 7 let's say, and they see your orange smoke of decieve. Even tough you are 9 miles away, they will think you can reach them, slow them with your shivs, and then the CC'er comes stun and BAM! Because normaly your enemies don't realise how short the range of Decieve is, and this will make them do mistakes, like using a flash, ghost, or even a heal, when they could normaly go away, then you can make uses of those mistakes later on.
2.Escape: What many people do with this it's escaping... There's not much to tell about this.. Just be creative.. Do not decieve to obvious paths.. Decieve to their back... I don't know what else to teel you.. Just be creative..
3. Chase/Initiate: I've seen many people giving away their killing spree for using this to escape.. I just have one advice for you, NEVER EVER EVER EVER use this when more than 2 enemies are MIA. It has somehow a long CD and it will not be up and running every 5 sec. And your *** will be ganked so hard, that you'll have to waste a flash just to espape, you cannot aford to make that mistake in these high SumLvl.

JACK IN THE BOX (JiB) - This's a good, and a unique abilitie. It summons a stationary "Mini-Shaco" that stealths, and when an opponent comes nearby, it fears and atack anything within range, it has 5 seconds of activitym it lasts for 90 seconds when not activated. It has multiple uses.
1. Wardling: Not much no say here, it has a fairly low CD, so you wanna put one on the grasses when ever it's avaiable
2. Burst: One thing that people don't realise often, it that these little boxes can burst down a 700hp champ in those 5 seconds. This is why I build Shaco in a Side Lane. To do this, you can't be to obvious, or to discrete. Start by putting 1 on the side bushes, start stacking them, but do that in irregular times, for example: Put the 1st, 10 sec later put the 2nd, 17sec put the 3rd, 12 sec the 4th, and etc.. Then, try to take damage on purpose and lure them to boxes, they will get feared, and when they realise it's to late, they health is below 200hp.. Piece of cake from here, just use the Shiv throw to kill one, and then, decieve, ignite, and auto-attack will get you the toughest one. It will scale pretty well with our hybrid build.
3. Escaping Route: Just one little note here. When you start a team fight you'll have to define a path that all of your team mates can go through if you lose the battle. Before You start a teamfiggt, leave the JiBs along that path, and that should pin them for a while and will give the time to escape. If you have the time thou, you can try to stack these on a particular tricky spot, it can turn the sides of the table if done correctly.
4. Farming/TeamFight: Not much to say here. If you want to farm a massive wave of minions, just put one of there in the middle to avoid taking to much damage, and have fun. Same thing on the teamfight, put one in the middle of them, to give your team that key second to burst them to dust.

TWO-SHIV POISON - It's your bread and butter skill, standart nuke that scales up very well with our hybrid build. Passively it slows with AA, and it will reduce the minions hit chance (I think i never noticed this). When activated it throws a shiv at your foe's head, slowing him. It has only one use for me.
1. Delay/Nuke: Not much to say here to, just activate this to delay and rape like 1/5 of yout opponet's like. You can use it to slow if you are beeing chased, but I do not rely 100% in this, I leave that job to Decieve, since we cannot afford to waste mana with Shaco. This skill is also used to unleash the final move, just throw it at someone with <400hp (at lvl 18) and it will 99.99999999999% of the times kill him.

HALLUCINATE (ultimate) - Another Unique skill, it creates a clone of you, but it will take 150% increased damage, and it deals 75% of your damage. It lats up for 18 seconds, and it will unleash massive damage when killed. It has a ****load of uses.
1. Turrent Destroyer: Just pop this to kill the turrent faster.
2. Dodge Spells: Nothing much to say. Just, when you are with low health, and you see, like Ryze's overload breathing in your ***, pop this and it will void the spell. Samething with that nasty Karthus ultimate, activate this ulti, and it will deny his.
3. Junking: Just pop it when you are in nasty situation, like if they are ganking you like if there's no ***cing* tomorrow. Use this, use the CTRL+Mouse to control the pet. Try to use the unlikely paths, while your clone is using the most obvious, they will waste time killing your pet, while you escape. This requires a bit of coordination. One thing that happened to me once: I was running away from an Ashe and a Kata. I left my Hallucination on a bush, and I ran away, when kata got closer, ashe used the Cristal Arrow on the bush, and took both Hallucination and Kata. I lol'ed so hard. :D
4. 1on1 the foe: I almost never use the ultimate for this purpose. Because Shaco is not a DPS'er, he is an assassin who bursts down wounded carrys or tanks. But, you are confident, go ahead and try your luck. I dont recommend this 100%.
5. Farming: I've seen people doing this, this is the WORST MISTAKE EVER, seriously, don't waste it on minions. It's not worthed.

Well, I bet you are tired of the explanations, but I warned you from the very begging. Let's move on :b

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Runes & Masteries

I'll not lose much time here.


9xGreater Mark Of Strength(+0.95 atk. dmg)=8.5 Phys. Dmg - I don't buy Armor Pen, simply because I don't have the IP to do so. I bought these long time ago, and I'm confortable with it. If you have armor pen, leave them be, it will have the same result (perhaps a little bit better late game)

9xGreater Seal of Replenishment(+0.41mana reg/5sec)=3.96 mana regen/5sec - I greatly fell these early game, it gives you the so much needed mana regen in the beggining to spam the JiB. I don't realy know how people don't buy these. These seals are probably the most relevant ones in the game, not only in Shaco, but in every mana based champion in the League.

3xGreater Glyph of Replenishment(+0.31mana reg/5sec)=0.93 mana regen/5sec - Just to suppot the previous ideia.

6xGreater Glyph of Focus(-0.65% CD)= -3.9%CD - I don't realy feel the diference here, but I think there are no better Glyphs than these. It will help you a little bit with the JiB spammabiliy.

3xGreaterQuintessence of Potency(+4.95AP)=15AP - There are needed to boost our hybrid build, and to give the potency to our steacked JiB early on.

+4.6 Mana Regeneration/5seconds
+15 Ability Power
+8.5 Physical Damage
-3.93% CoolDowns

I think runes were only created to give players the boost in early game. If you take a look at final Statistics, the enhancement it's almost blended late game. Anyway, these will help you keeping your spammability circulating.


Nothing much to say here. Just take a look at my masteries board, I go 21/0/9

Offense Tree:

Make no changes in the Offense tree. Only if you wanna trade CRit Chance By Ap Scaling. But the rest is Primordial. MAke sure you take, Magic Pen, CDR, Amor Pen, IMPROVED INGINE is realy important, then make your way to havoc.

Utility Tree:

In the utility tree, you realy want the Magic And HP regen, to suplement your laning stage. You don't realy wanna take improved Good Gands, because the death timers have been greatly reduced. Awareness is crucial, you don't wanna delay your xp (since 80% of people take it), after that, take meditation. Some people take Greed, but I don't realy agree on that, I mean, it will only give you 180g in a 30min game.. Forget it.

Defensive Tree:

The simplee reason Why I dont take the defensive tree, it's because your roll, has I said before, is to get in and out of battle quickly, you won't be tanking damage, you only come in to ensure low hp champs are killed. . Shaco has the best escape mecanism in LoL (in my opinion), so the defensive tree is not worthed.

Ok, all explained here, let's move on. =)

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Summoner Spells

There are few viable choices for Shaco.

Mu current set is]: Ignite & Flash

Ignite - This spell just gives you the so much needed "Final Strike" for the First Blood. It's to terminate a foe. One thing to notice: I saw many people throwing down Improved Iginite just to have that +10AP, I don't think that's viable, you should wait until the moment is right. THe only exception it's do delay Dr. MUndo's ulti, that's it. And remember that spell shields block ignite, so use it wisely. The only trick about ignite: "Use it when the time is right".

Flash - Many people have questioned me about flash. Well it's just simple. First it's tower dive, like, when you see a <300hp champ sitting near a tower, just decieve in, rape him, and then flash out, to avoid getting killed.. Another reason, it's the double blink, when your normal abilities fail at the 5vs1, the combo decieve+flash=99,9999999% escape.

Viable Spells:

Exhaust - Yeah, it's viable, but it's not your role to 1vs1 DPS'ers or to disable them like that. And you have the shiv slow. I would leave that to phys carries. But if you're confortable with it, take it.

Ghost - Hum.. I think like this: Casters, ***issins, bursters have their spike of damage and flash is a spike ability too. Ghost is more like a constant spell, more linear, it's suited for DPS'ers (that have constante damage output). I wouldn't take this because our boots of Mobility get the travel job done. But again, if you feel confortable with it take it.

Just no:

Heal - I hate spells that are useless late game. It might provide you a solid lane early but it's realy ****ty late game. DOn't take it.

Revive - 9 min CD? No.

Smite - We are not jungling, and even if we were, as I said before, I hate spells that are useless late game.

Teleport - Shaco has great mobility, it's not worthed.

Cleanse - You'll only get CC'ed if you want, Shaco has great escaping mecanics.

Fortify - Leave it to tanks, or anyone who only depends of one Summoner Spell

Clarity - Read Heal and Smite.

Rally - We are to fast for this, this will be 9 miles away when you slay an enemy.

Clairvoyance - It's good to have one on the team, but it's the supports duty.

I think it's all explained here, let's go to the next one.

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Skill Sequence

THere's not much thinks to say here.

YOu realy want the JIB in first place, so you can rush to the lane bushes, and start stacking these to attempt a First Blood.

Put 1 rank on Decieve Early on and leave it be.

Then start ranking Shiv 'till lvl 9. The reason to do this, it's because it scales up with both AD and AP (hybrid), therefore you'll do insane damage output with this in rank 5.

You can get a couple of ranks on JiB if you're feeling the spell is getting weak.

Max Hallucinate whenever it's avaible (lvl6, 11, 16)

Max Decieve when there are no other choices. It just gives a lil CDR on the spell and some damage, but it's not worthed in my opinion.

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Our Shaco is build to be an Hybrid. That implies that he has to has both good AD and AP.

1. Boots of Mobility
2. Sowrd of the Occult
3. Mejai's Soulstealer
4. Trinity Force
5. Hextech Gunblade
6. Rylai's Scepter

Our initial set will be, Long Sword + Health Pot. It gives you the attack damage we're looking for.. I've seen people starting out with a Doran's blade, well... It's viable but it will delay your core build, same thing for Doran's ring. You should have at least one kill before you take the blue pill, then Buy boots of mobility and some health pots (I never buy more than 3Health Pots in a row), another thing to notice it's the wards, they are not needed, you have JiB. Then, after a couple of kills, make your way back to base, buy sheen and if you have enough money buy Sword of the Occult. (If you want to build Sword of the occult first I won't forbid you, but I will not recommend it). After getting some stacks, get back to base and get Mejai's Soulstealer. At this point you should be raping the carries and casters. Work your way to Trinity Force. At this point it's your call, if you feel you're squishy buy Phage, otherwise get that Zeal up. Next item is Hextech Gunblade, normaly when I get Hextch Revolver the game is already over. But it applies the same Filosofy for the next items: finish the GunBlade, and then buy Giant's Belt if you're dying or Blasting Wand if you are pwning.

Item DIscussion:

- Boots of Mobility - As an assasin you should travel to your prey. And these boots fits that role. While you travel between lanes you get that +5 enhancement. The price is good. Nothing else to say.

-Boots of Swiftness - More constant than the previous ones, but it's also viable

Other boots are useless. Laning Shaco realy needs that moblity. PERIOD

Sword of the Occult + Mejai's Soulstealer combo - This is somehow a pretty dangerous combo. It can be your best friend or your worst nemesis. That's why you need to play cautious, don't dive like a Zergling. This combo starts paying for itself after 5 stacks each. Don't be down if you start losing stacks on these, keep your head held high and you'll get them back. This combo will be you primary hybrid source. The max stack comboses are not reliable, do not expect to have 20 stacks every game. It happens to me but only when the other team completly fails. PRIMORDIAL

Trinity Force - It's a must on our Shaco, it's a completly hybrid item. It geven gives you health, and those little stats that Shaco needs to get IMBA. The passive is what makes you an assassin. It let's burst down any squishy. Nothing else to say.PRIMORDIAL

Hextch Gunblade - I rarely get this item on my matches, because our build is expensive. But however, with this you should have a pretty decent burst heal when you assassinate someone. At this stage of the game it will be important, because every has alrady noticed that you are so IMBA and they will focus you down. This item is a must to.

Rylai's Scepter - Nothing much to say here. Just gives you more durability, and adds a slow to your combo, pretty decent.

LichBane - I rarely buy this instead of Trinity, only when I have to change my build mid game to AP. It will not be so efficient, but if the enemy team is crawling with phys tanks it's your only choice.

Rabadon's DeathCape - Only if you want more AP and the enemy is stacking armor.

A: Why no survavability?
As I said before Shaco has the best escape macanics in the game. You will only get killed if you want.

Build Summary:
It's a dangerous build. Your effeciency will be shown by your capability of keeping the stacks. No stacks - no kills. Great Stacks - Complete Rape

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Minions & Monsters



This is what defines the summoner's efficiency. I Have seen so many player who didn't know how to farm, it makes me sick realy. It's like, the most important thing in the game.
As Shaco, you don't wanna push a Lane, never attack creeps wich are full HP, simply last hit minions. By the tower you should know that: A tower takes 3 shots to kill a melee creep. When the melee creep takes the second shot it will be like 50hp. Kill it. The caster minions are more tricky. They die in 2 shots, 1 shot take more than half-health, so you want to attack the creep first, then let the tower hit it, the creep should have 50hp and your auto-attack is avaible. Kill it. This will get like 1200g at lvl6-7. It's a huge diference.
The reason why don't wanna push a lane is because you are stacking those JiB in the bushes, and you want to lure them whenever possible.

Minion Aggro:
Another thing that often players dont give a **** about is the minion aggro. Minion aggro is when you make an auto-attack on an enenmy champ, and when you check, minions are raping you. This **** takes you more than half-heath if you are reckless. I often see like a Half-Healh Xin Zhao rushing like if there's no ***cing* tomorrow to a Ryze surrounded by his minions. Aftrmath: Ryze get's away with minor wounds. It just leech you so much hp, be careful with there things. Go to bushes to stop the mecanic.

Mid-Late jungling:
When everybody reaches level 6 the ganks start to born. Therefore players will play more defensive. THey will be cautious, they won't push the next tower, and everybody just **** their pants at this stage of the game. The simple solution is to jungle. Do this to continue your farming. Keep in mind, you've to farm everytime. Wait until the time comes to initiate onto some reckless enemy foe.

Special Monsters:
Lizard Elder: It's your primary buff. Get him whenever avaible. Just drop a JiB, and spam your skills.
BE AWARE: If you decieve and there's no JiB near the Lizard, it will reset Same thing aplies to any other wild monster,

Ancient Golem: Not realy needed, our magic regen runes do the job. But, if you have nothing else to do you can get it.

The Dragon: Do not try to solo him, unless you have The Gunblade.
BE AWARE: Do not do him if all the 5 opposite champs are mia, or nearby the area. It will start off a teamfight in a very nasty place.

Baron Nashor: It's a must, 1 time every match at least. Never try to solo him, even if you have Gunblade (of course lol).
BE AWARE: Do not do him if all the 5 opposite champs are mia, or nearby the area. It will start off a teamfight in a very nasty place.

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Shaco 's Filosofy

Early game(1-6):
Well, in the first place you want to rush to the side bushes and stack those JiB. If this get's the First Blood, fine, just smile :D This phase of the game is realy simple. Just put those JiBs on the bushes and lure them. You don't realy wanna spend time on the bushes. Farm, Farm, Farm, Farm. Don't forget to put a JiB on the riverside bushes to avoid getting ganked. If you are getting lucky with the mana reg you can harass them with the shiv throw. Never leave your lane, don't gank, not even if the mid champ is 1hp. Never use your health pot unless you are less than half-health. Normaly this is the phase of the game, when I get 30% of my kills. Read the abilities description.

Mid game(6-14):
This is the ganking and teamfight stage. In this you should have your Boots of Mobility up and Running. This stage is crucial to your development. You'll get your stacks in this phase. Take particular awarness to enemy ganks. Set up that escaping route, that I told you early on in the guide. And top of all. DOn't forget to keep farming. DOn't let that lane travel make you lose maney. I'll be talking about teamfights later on.

Late game(15-18):
There's nothing much to say about this. Your stacks should be like 17/15 or 14/12, something like that. The only thing I have to say is: NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER WALK ALONE. Take a fast CC'er with you.

THere's art in Shaco's teamfights. YOu have to have a perfect timing. 1st of all, you need to know when do a teamfight starts. Well.. It starts when you see everyone in the manimap showing their *****es to eachother.. A teamfight get's warmer when your testicles start to sing, and you have that feeling of the unknown. When you have that feeling, start setting up Escape ROutes (watch JiB description). When they are all set, ask your tank to initiate. When the teamfight starts the screen is full of **** (comon guy's, every DPS player here has to admit that they are clicking random, beacuse, there are so many spells and noises, you don't even know what are you doing, xD).. Well when every body is half health this is when you start to shine. Decieve in, take out the highest damage dealer (should be a carry or a caster), then pop Hallucinate, start bursting people down. And don't forget to use that JiB, that gives that key second to your team... Ok this was the good probability, Let's check the bad one.... The worst thing that can happen is getting yourself killed and your team, if your tank failed at the initiation, don't engage. Evebody is high-health and they will burst you down. When things
go wrong, you're your team's Messias. You should guide them to the escaping Route, and lead them into the safe tower. Then go heal your self and prepare for the tower pushing. Use Hallucinate to wound the pushing team them.

Tower Dive:
Not much things to say here. 1st of all do NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER dive a tank unless you are 100000000% sure you will kill him Ok? Only dive non-blinkers or non-tanks. It's quite simple, Decieve (activates Shenn/Trinity passive) ---> auto-attack in the back --> Shiv active --> Ignite --> Flash/Hallucination --> gj!
Couple of things to take note: Towers detect stealth; JiB is not actualy worthed here, since it takes a 0.5 second to summon, that ='s to another towershot; Never dive if the other 4 champs are mia; Never dive if you are under 900hp.

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The guide is still under Build, but thanks, and comment if u like it. =)