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League of Legends Build Guide Author xIchi

Le Blanc - Mejais? Nah..!

xIchi Last updated on December 27, 2010
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Wellcome to my Le Blanc guide!
While playing Le Blanc I hate it to use Mejais on her. It feels unnecessary, because LeBlanc does enough burst damage to kill the enemy squishies.

With this Build she's a Teamfight Monster, too. I didn't choose any CDR Runes on purpose. Deathfire Grasp and Frozen Heart will give you enough. Mana will never be a problem again after the Deathfire Grasp.

1.Laning Phase, Skillorder

2.Items, Order, Tipps, Why?

3.Teammates, Good/Bad Enemys

1.Laning Phase, Skillingorder

Le Blanc can solo very easily. It's no problem for her even against aggressive enemys.
But better master her before you try to solo.

R > Q > W = E or R > Q > W > E
It depends on your playstyle, weather you use ur E or not.


Stay Passive, don't spam your Q to harrass. Try to get as much last hit as possible.
Phreak said in his Spotlight, that LeBlanc can last hit very well thanks to her fast projectile. But for me it's extremely hard to last hit with her auto attacks.
After you got your combo (Lvl 2, Q+W) use it for a damage test.
If you do serious damage, continue. If not, ony use it to survive.
With lvl 3, you have a new combo: Q+W+E. Try it with your teammate, Q on, W for silence and Q proc, and E for slow. After that your Q will be ready after 1sec~ use it.


Now, its the ganking phase for you. Don't use Flash for initiate, use Ghost.!
Only use Flash to escape or for a 100% SURE kill!
At lvl 6++ your combo will be: Q + R + Q + W + E .. Q... After the first combo, Q will be ready again.

In lategame, you are a team monster, disable the damage dealer or the support. Silence will do it!
Even wihtout Mejais you'll do serious damage. And with the CDR from Deathfire Grasp (and optinal Frozen Heart) you can spam almost every skill.

2.Items, Order, Tipps, Why?

Well, my suggested Corebuild is:
Doran's Ring
Boots of Speed
Deathfire Grasp

Depending on your early, you may need 2 Doran's Ring's.
Then watch for your enemy team.
Try to buy items which conter their main damage.
So you maybe want to buy Abyssal Scepter first or Frozen Heart.

The Haunting Guise is optional,too. You can rush Rylais Crystalscepter first if you want.

3.Teammates, Good/Bad Enemys

Try to lane with a stunner, or a tank. Such as:
Pantheon - Good mate for you.
Kennen - When he's not mid, you 2 can burst the enemy's healthbar to 0.
Singed - He doesn't has any stun but a Slow, Fling, and DoT!
Sion - AP Imba, AD Imba aswell.. lol. And he can take damage well.
Amumu - Such a cutie at your side, what do you want more?
Annie - Okay if they got Mres .. it'll be hard.
Jax - Hope your enemies are Melee DPS's
Nunu - Slow, imba ult. Good can take dmg!
Poppy - They may don't even want to attack her but okay.. try it.
Veigar - Same as Annie, hard if they stack Mres.
Mordekaiser - Well, he's still a little bit OP. And can take damage for you.
Chogath - AoE Stun, Silence -- arrrgh LOVE (Okay, a beast with you.. haha :)
Galio - Well, i hate him but, there aren't many good Galio's out there...
Some suggestions here ^^

Enemys you WANT to lane against:
Yi - Well, you can burst him really fast.
Ashe - Just do it
> All Squishies!
Enemys you DONT WANT to lane against:
TANKS, your early is so hard with them.
> Actually, it depends on your enemy runes. Mres is just hard!

Well, that was it.
have fun and try it.
Please if you rate, comment too!