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League of Legends Build Guide Author NewYen

League of Legends - Gathered Information Guide for Climbing

NewYen Last updated on November 17, 2015
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The Introduction

Mental Fortitude
is your ability to overcome difficulties and maintain your emotional and mental strength during the game, and even before such as in champion select. Examples of difficulties are afks, trolls, feeders, and troll picks (during champion select.) Especially in low elo, if your teammate is 0/10 your mentality should not be "Omg, feeder holy we're gonna lose this game single handedly because this mother loser ****per." Always have confidence in your mind, don't let these things "tilt" you - and don't try to punish your teammates for messing up ("Why did you take my buff, well I'm gonna go feed now gg, afk farm jungle good bye team"), don't tell your teammates how to play because it actually affect their play at all because you don't know if their mental fortitude is well either, they may perceive it as different. Just stick to saying things like "Summoners burnt?", "Ward here please", "May you sweep drag." Avoid saying things that you wouldn't want to be said to you, and don't be passive aggressive.

will separate you from - lets say bronze to silver, gold to plat, plat to diamond and low diamond to high diamond. You will be able to say you won against a diamond, but will you be able to do that every game - it does not mean you are diamond. If you are able to consistently play well, then you will achieve the rank you deserve - especially if you are maintaining a positive win rate. Always quality over quantity, don't play 10 games that are **** - it's better to play three games which are focused on improving and winning rather then trying to cramp games in just because you can or you feel that you will be lucky.

is just like what I previously mentioned about beating the diamond - you can beat a diamond in lane but in reality do you have better understanding of the game? If it was a 5v5 if you didn't understand how to punish and push your lead the diamond would come back and maybe if the champion has a power spike you will be punished for it. If you were stuck in bronze to gold and can't climb even if you say you have decent mechanics and understanding but it's just your team that is **** then no. If you did have decent mechanics and understanding of the game, you should be at least platinum. But if you aren't platinum you either have bad mechanics or don't understand the game.

Here are some pointers which indicate you understand the game:

- You play consistently.
- You know how to play while behind.
- You know how to itemize and play to your strengths.
- Have foresight and hindsight.
- You will get kills over your opponents.
- You will get the tower faster than your opponent.
- You will get baron/dragon over your opponent, and earlier than your opponent.
- You will push your advantage and play to your strengths, you know how to snowball it.
- You know how to deny your opponent, you will out level them, and out farm them.

Here are some pointers which indicate you do not understand the game - if your team is winning:

- You don't ward in their jungle, regardless of your role.
- You don't buy sweepers, they are essential to denying vision which will allow you to move freely around the map and catch them off guard.
- You don't Push the creep waves to tower.
- Keep farming your own jungle, farm their jungle if you're winning - then that way you will deny them.
- AFK farm top, don't be a silly Nasus.
- You don't pressure a lane by pushing. Champions like Singed and Tryndamere have the ability to stall for their team to come back .
- You aren't warding your own jungle.
- You aren't preparing for dragon and baron.
- You make too many mistakes and die.
- You die way too much and do not know how to close a game.
- You aren't catching enemies out of position.
- You aren't' try to get open towers when enemies are grouping.
- You are too afraid to make plays or fights because enemies are too far ahead.

What can you do to achieve the D?

- Consistently achieve 70 CS or higher at 10 minutes.
- Make less mistakes.
- Have a main champion, usually 3-5 KDA with a %50+ win rate.
- Know how to judge a team comp, and ask yourself if a team fight is needed
- Focus on yourself, don't go around blaming people. (Mental Fortitude)
- If you have an advantage, you need to snowball it.
- Understand different champions, strength, weaknesses, and what you are allowed to do and not allowed to do.
- When you see a champion, ask yourself if they have summoners, can you guys win a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 1v2, 2v3, and so on.
- Learn how to jungle so you can predict jungle movements and reasons you may get ganked.
- Note that you will not be always winning 1v1 lanes all the time, this will be true as you go up in ranks. Learn how to play from behind.
- Learn how to manipulate the creep waves.
- Build a proficient support as well as learn warding spots, a good support can get a free ticket to Platinum, to Diamond and so on.
- Learn animation canceling, or tricks with the champions.
- Build foresight and hindsight, as well as your mechanics when it comes to fights.
- Learn the CD of the champion you are laning against, this will build windows of opportunities.
- Mental fortitude comes into play, have the confidence to do a play. You will learn from your mistakes - even if you lose ELO you will gain more in the long run.
- Learn to analyze the situations you are in, calculate the build up of creep waves, as well as what you can do in a match up.
- Learn how to carry and punish enemy mistakes, as well as exploit them such as vision and killing the enemy jungle(r).


If you have been playing consistent and can tell you've been playing well - maybe you're MMR is really bad right now and you keep losing more than you gain even with a positive win rate. You just have to be patient, if you have the ability to become a diamond player you will become one. But even for diamond players, we will still need luck. Maybe on his main account it will take 300 games, and on his smurf 200. Maybe the next season it's 200, and the next 400. Could be bad MMR, or lose streaks - even trolls. This all comes down to mental fortitude. Be encouraged that there are diamond players with over 3000 ranked games and made it to diamond.

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Breakdown of Each League


Nobody really knows how to CS in this league, probably 40 CS will be the average for this league at 10 minutes.
Bronze players mostly consist of new players, AI bots and people who just love to kill - they probably have better focus than Gold players.
How to get out of this league?
Just push a lane, push and push. No one knows what a mini map is, and also everyone thinks this game is call of duty, just win lane and kill the person over and over. Make sure you are playing a DPS champion, have good escape, and ward. Be a leader and direct your team when you're ahead. Back off when there are too much players coming for your booty.


CSing is a little better in this league but still very minimal. About 60 CS at 10 minutes, and it stops at about 100. This means CSing regardless of how you're doing in lane. A lot of players do stupid things just for a kill, and say "worth." A lot of players in this elo have no mental fortitude, both sides are bad. It's just an illusion that your team is bad.
How to get out of this league?
Do the same thing as bronze, but also build better mental fortitude. The whole division is an illusion.



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