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Tryndamere Build Guide by The Fat King

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Fat King

League of Tryndamere (diamond tryn main since beta)

The Fat King Last updated on April 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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These are hands-down the best runes on Tryndamere:

You want to capitalize on your damage early game. Flat AD reds allow you to do this. Spinning slash has a nice AD ratio. These marks also help you CS/push your lane/level up faster. Think about it. You get E first. Flat AD increases DMG on E and on AA's. E the enemy minions and AA to finish them off? Profit! You can clear waves faster than your opponent! You can level up first! You can kill him! U can because you leveled up first and because you got a big DMG boost from your marks! It is even better when you walk behind him, then E through him, and all of his minions, to the safety of your own minions. That **** is whack.

You must take these OP runes because of how well they scale. By level six, they give you almost as much armor as flat armor yellows do. By level seven, they surpass flat armor yellows. You do not want your lane opponent to scale higher than you. You will lose if that happens. This may be an early game kind of game, but there is a such thing as playing passive and farming. If your enemy took flat armor yellows and can duel you early, have your jungler gank him. It will tip the scales into a balance, allowing you time to level/scale higher.

The enemy AP will rip you if you do not build MR from runes.

These are meant to give you lane dominance. FACT: Flat HP purples are the most efficient runes in the game.

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Double-Edged Sword: Deal more damage, doe!
Fury: Attack speed is good.
Brute Force: An obvious must-have. You need AD to scale.
Martial Mastery: Helps a lot early.
Executioner: Deals a lot of damage.
Dangerous Game: This mastery can save your life and easily make the difference between dying and not dying.
Warlord: Great mastery for boosting AD.
Devastating Strikes: Great penetration.
Frenzy: Tryndamere loves this one. Ramps up his attack speed as he gets critical strikes off.
Havoc: More damages!
Enchanted Armor: Increases your defensive stats by a fair amount.
Block: Extremely good mastery against AD champions.
Unyielding: Like Block, very good against AD champions.
Veteran's Scars: Helps a lot combined with your flat HP purples.
Juggernaut: This mastery is really OP. It gives you a pretty big HP boost *early* game.

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Summoner Spells

I roll Ignite and Flash. Flash is core.
Ignite can be substituted for any of these:
Exhaust, ghost, heal, smite, teleport, barrier

This summoner capitalizes on your ability to kill people.
If you wish to deter the enemy jungler from camping you, this would be smart.
Has utility in a team fight. The MS buff and the healing reduction cancellation are pretty cool. Keep in mind that Heal's healing is halved if used while ignited. Do not use Heal while ignited. If you are forced to, you made a mistake. Every summoner spell requires appropriate timing.
If you jungle, take Smite. You need it to secure Dragon and Baron.
Godly utility. You can teleport down to bot lane and take dragon with your team, and the enemy team won't be able to stop you.
This one is good for when you know you are about to take a large amount of damage in a short amount of time (burst damage) and feel you will come out on top if you negate it with Barrier. Barrier is a good baiting summoner.
Respect the power of going from point A to point B instantaneously. This summoner is extremely powerful whether it be used offensively or defensively. It is so powerful, that the game is literally balanced AROUND it.

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Randuin's Omen

Randuin's Omen is the BEST anti AD item in the game. Instead of using 2 item slots to combat AD (warmog and atma) I just take Randuin's because it provides everything I need all in one item. Massive HP, massive armor, and a strong anti AD passive and a very useful/disruptive active. Hard counter those auto attacking nubs.

Guardian Angel

Then you have GA. GA is a strong item because it makes people hesitate to focus you. The defensive stats are all-purpose. If the enemy team is less on the AD side and more on the AP side I would take GA over randuin's.

Blade of the Ruined King

Everything you want wrapped up in one. Life-steal, attack speed, damage, and an active that makes for easy chasing.

Last Whisper

The last whisper is the best anti armor item in the game. Hands down. For 2300 gold you can simply ignore 35 percent of someone's armor. Guess what? Everyone stacks armor against Tryndamere. Guess what else? The engage is all that matters. Thus, Black cleaver is not as good. And believe me when I said everyone. They will be rushing Thornmails if they are smart.

Infinity Edge

I don't seriously need to explain IE do I? Ok mayB I do here it goes:

Statikk Shiv

This is Tryndamere's signature item. It counters armor. It is 107.6% gold efficient without its passive. It provides mobility, a broken amount of extra damage, attack speed and critical strike. Real lane winner for Trynd. The game changes once he has this.

Mercury's Treads


Ninja Tabi

Now with boots... You need to consider some things. One is 1) how much CC do enemy have 2) how many auto attackers do they have 3) do they have mostly one type of damage

If they have enough CC to break you, get merc. It could just be one stun. But that one stun could ruin everything couldn't it? If they are an AD team comp get Ninja Tabi regardless of their CC.

You should never ever come face to face with a team that A) has no CC and B) is all magic
But if you do, just get merc for the MR. Some people may disagree with me and say in that case get Zerker's however I highly doubt the argument even deserves discussion as I don't believe you'll encounter a team that is totally magic and has no CC.

The following final items would replace ga/randuins against AP compositions

Banshee's Veil

Well it counters Nid spears :) it is just generally good against champions who have abilities, that if they land on you, you are like OH MY GAWD NOO

Spirit Visage

Great item vs AP teams that do magic damage over time (like ryze swain rumble xerath)

Mercurial Scimitar

The ultimate anti CC item. If they have too much CC for merc alone to deal with take this.

Maw of Malmortius

This is the opposite of Scimitar. Good for damage over time champions.
So yeah if they are all AP you can either get tanked out with Bveil or Visage or go for more damage with Scimitar or Malmortious. But lmao no good team is gonna go all AP. ADC's exist.

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Skill Order

I think E first is a mandatory thing no matter what. Whether you get W or Q second really depends. W is useful if you think you can kill enemy but need slow to do so or think damage reduction will allow you to win a level 2 fight. If neither of these apply, of course, get Q second. Your third ability could be E, Q, or W, it all depends. Will the extra damage on E might result in a kill? If so, go with E. Are you taking a lot of heat? Get Q. Is the lane somewhat neutral at the moment? Get whatever ability you don't yet have. So yep.

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Aatrox EASY

Notice: Any champions not listed here should be deemed unworthy opponents and therefore easier than easy to VS. That is why I did not bother listing them.

Aatrox is pretty easy to destroy. Everything that Aatrox can do, Trynd can do better. His main problem is that he is so squishy. Even after his passive gives out, you can still duel him and kill him.


Ahri is a safe opponent. Her skill shots are hard to get hit by, and she will melt if you attack her the right way. This lane is free-farm.

Akali HARD

Akali counters you hard. Don't lane against her ever.


The thing that makes Anivia annoying is her passive. You won't kill a good Anivia. So, the lane is stalemate. She will level her targeted ability because you won't get hit by Q if you're good. So you'll need to not be in range when you can't spin into her and remember to engage when she does hit you so that you won't get worn down over time.


Annie is a problem because of her defense boosting shield. A good Annie will stalemate a good Trynd. Make sure you avoid getting stunned, and get MR, lifesteal, and potions to keep yourself in lane to farm. When her shield is out, you should try and squeeze in a death threat (spinning into her with the intent to kill her).

Brand EASY

Brand is easy coz he is squishy and has no escapes. Get your fury up, and spin to win. Between ignite and flash he is dead. Just avoid getting stunned, and avoid his AoE skill shot.

Caitlyn MEDIUM

Caitlyn has some good counterplay on you. Her traps limit where you can go, and when you get close to her via spin she will just use her escape. But her Caliber Net has a cooldown of 18 seconds at level 1. You can spin into her a second time before she can use it again as long as you keep track of those seconds after she uses it once. Take into consideration any CDR she has, as you should look at her lolking after seeing her name in champ loading screen. Also, your slow is important to use properly and land successfully. You have to time it the right time. Remember you can't slow her when she uses Caliber Net (she is facing forward). You have to land it after she turns to run away. You are sure to burn her flash doing this.

Cassiopeia EASY

As long as you can avoid skill shots, and know when to engage, Cass will be food for you. She is squishy and has no escapes. Just don't get skill shotted, and spin to win with full fury.


Cho is tanky. He has good sustain. He deals damage and at 6, true damage. A good cho won't die to you, so it is in your best interest to avoid getting skill shotted and try to farm as much as you can.


Darius is not an easy opponent. If he gets more gold than you, you will lose. So try to capitalize on any early game vulnerabilities he might have, get your jungler to gank, out CS him. The best you can do is roam once you are farmed. But if you get ahead of him, just free farm the lane.


Diana is one of those dirty armor stacking AP's. She is hard to kill. And it is easy for her to kill you if you make a mistake. Just farm the lane while trying to avoid skill shots. Also, kill her before she gets a ton of armor.

Dr. Mundo EASY

Mundo has nothing on Tryndamere. Absolutely nothing. As long as you can A) avoid cleavers and B) ignite his ultimate and C) kill him before he buys a ton of armor and D) free farm the lane, you cannot be stopped by a Mundo.

Elise EASY

Elise has a cool kit but the thing is, she is squishy. You won't kill a good Elise as her skill cap is pretty high, but you are sure to out CS her. Just don't get snared, and avoid the exploding spiders she sends out. As always, spin to win with fury!


A good Fiora will stand a chance at beating you. If she gets ahead because of something you did (IE: give her a kill because you made a mistake) you'll lose. Get cloth armor and just farm. If she wants to trade with you, she will eventually lose because of your sustain, despite her having an upper hand in damage.


This lane can go both ways. Feed a fish, lose. Kill a fish, free farm. Don't get too eager to kill the fish. He has healing reduction and a really stupid escape. Farm, trade, sustain, and kill him when the time is right. A good fish won't die to you, but you'll win the lane in CS. Now keep in mind most of the time your opponents will make mistakes that leave them wide open for a spin-to-win before level 4. You have to be prepared to face good opponents every game even though more often you face bad opponents.

Galio EASY

Eh he is squishy with no real escapes. Avoid his skill shots, and spin to win. Don't AA him when his shied is popped.

Gangplank EASY

GP will try to tear you down with his Q. If he goes damage, you have to beat damage with damage by aggressively spinning to winning with enough HP and fury to secure the kill. If he goes tank, you will heal more than his damage, and you will slowly kill him, and out CS him.


Garen's kit doesn't work against Tryndamere. But a good Garen won't die to you very often. Just play smart, avoid dueling when you know he has an edge. Your best bet is to trade with him until he is too worn down to duel you. Dat W will negate all his damages. Don't let his passive come up, ever.


Gragas used to be a hard-counter to Tryndamere. But not anymore. He doesn't have the attack speed reduction that made Trynd so sad. So yeah, the only reason I put this on medium is because the only people playing Gragas now are the Gragas mains that were masters with the old Gragas. The fggts who were abusing his brokenness are all gone to abusing something else coz they suck with balanced champions. What is left is a small group of really good Gragas players. Beware. Reason why Gragas is easy? You out damage him by a mile and he is a melee with a skill shot that you can avoid.

Hecarim EASY

Hec is tanky so it isn't usually worth it to go balls deep on him. Just trade, and farm, and kill him if you can. His damage is a joke.

Heimerdinger MEDIUM

Heimer is sooo annoying. You have to kill his turrets as fast as possible. You also have to dodge so many skill shots. And finally you have to kill him when he is wide open. Don't let this little fker get ahead of you.


Don't let her get ahead of you. She can use a gold advantage to force you out of lane easily. Your best bet is to take cloth and farm all day. She is likely to play a farm game as well. And if she tries to trade, you'll win because of your sustain. So, forcing trades with her ain't a bad idea, even if she doesn't want to trade. Just be careful about going balls deep.

Jarvan IV EASY

Avoid skill shots. Run away when he pops shield. Even if he plays his cards right, he should be free food because of your damage reduction on him. He can't win a trade with reduced damage. And he can't farm a lane vs a good Tryndamere that knows when to trade/spin-to-win.


This lane goes both ways. It truly is a $hitfight. Jax can go Q, W, or E. You have to go E.
Jax Q lane:
Take cloth. Trade with him. Wear him down. You MUST hit 2 before he does, so you can get W for damage reduction (and slow if necessary) and kill him.
Jax W lane:
He will try to trade with you a lot since W has a short CD. Just make sure you trade back, run potions, and hit 2 first for damage reduction (and slow if necessary) and kill him.
Jax E lane:
He can't trade with you since he got E. So focus on sneaking in hits on him while clearing the wave to hit 2 first. Once you hit 2, bait his stun, try to avoid getting stunned, but stay in a position to duel him so he can't get away, then slow him and kill him.


Annoying motherfker. He will poke you and harass you a lot. Just try to survive it without getting denied too much farm or experience. You may need a gank from your jungler to keep you in lane. Once you have enough damage from items, go balls deep and wipe him out. If your jungler can't gank, consider lane swapping. But keep in mind that if Jayce goes balls deep you should be able to kill him as you have damage reduction and a slow. Avoiding getting hit by skill shots. And know when to spin into him. He'll knock you back but you can at least get in the damage from E and maybe an AA. Timing W correctly will keep in lane, as he won't be dealing the damage to keep you out.

Karma EASY

Well. HMMM.
1. squishy
2. zero good escapes
auto win as long as you don't screw up really hard.

Karthus EASY

Karthus is fun because he makes you dance around the lane. He is one of the easiest people to kill, also. Spin to win, with fury.

Kassadin EASY

The new Kassadin ain't too difficult. Definitely not as difficult as the old Kass. Just as long as you know when to trade, when to spin to win, and when to back off, you'll be fine. Try to win lane before he hits 6.

Katarina MEDIUM

Healing reduction is gross. Aside from that, easy opponent. Just punish her for what she does wrong (IE: blinking to you when you have the HP/fury to duel her). A good kat will play safe and avoiding getting romped but you are sure to out CS her. She does not have the damage to beat you with. And make sure you heal yourself when the healing reduction gives out.

Kayle EASY

A good Kayle will push the lane all day, giving you free farm. A bad Kayle will die to you several times. Why is this? Kayle's problem is that she is melee. And her ranged AA ability is not always up. If she tries to deny you, you'll go in to kill her, prompting her to use her ranged AA ability and kite you. But you are smart and will back off instead of being kited. Then her ranged AA goes down and it is your turn to deny her. So instead of playing an epic failure of a deny game, Kayle will push lane since she has AoE damage. In short, she is squishy and sucks vs Tryndamere's spin to win style of play.


Ken is an annoying mofo. You will get denied some CS but eventually kill him if you play your cards right. If he knows about your death threats, he will play safe, hence a stalemate. But most ken's are extremely aggressive which is the reason why you have to kill them.

Kha'Zix HARD

Don't lane vs Kha. Ever.

LeBlanc HARD

Don't lane against LeBroken.


Pretty even match-up, although it is harder for Trynd. Lee is one tough titty. There is a lot to go over. Your lane depends on what he got first.
Lee get Q first:
He is obviously a greedy fker who thinks he can kill you early by landing a Q on you. Just don't get Q'd and hit 2 before he does. Remember to trade blows, and kill him if he tries to fight you while your creeps shield you from his Q.
Lee gets W first:
The old Lee would get this first. But not the new Lee. He will be easy to rape if he gets W first. He might get it to self-cast it but it simply won't work as well as his other abilities would.
Lee gets E first:
I think most good Lee's will want this one at 1. It prevents you from being able to trade with him. And the magic damage is quite annoying. You don't get any level 2 cheese with Lee. You just have to farm, trade, and farm some more. Eventually you can just kill him with DPS when you have the items for it.

Lissandra EASY

Another squishy. She has good ways of escaping you but very lackluster damage. And her escapes won't help her when you start critting her for 1/4 to 2/4 of her HP. Just avoid her skill shot. That's all I'll say.


He is a similar hassle to Caitlyn. Blow his dash. It has 18 second CD just like Caitlyn's does. Then you go for the kill when E comes back up. Since Trynd spin is 13 seconds you have a 5 second window, or realistically about 6. Make sure you don't get hit by his skill shots. And make sure to check if he has CDR via lolking :D (smaller window=more carefulness)

Lucian has high mana costs / is squishy / no self healing
You play your cards right and you are sure to win this lane.


Yeah coz Lulu. Totally.
WHO picks Lulu against Trynd?
Level 2 cheese. That is all I have to say.


Lux is annoyingly hard to kill if she is smart. So, assume she is smart and farm the lane passively without getting hit by skill shots. When the time comes, kill her via spin and slow and crits and epic skill shot dodging abilities. For instance if you can get close to her via spinning, she will try to snare you, so flash in front of her as she tries to snare you, she will flash in front of you, then pop W and kill her.

Malphite EASY

It is all about preventing him from getting his shield. This means constant trades. Other than that, farm as much as you can. It is unlikely that either of you will die. He is tanky and you are sustainy. No one is gonna die if you are both good.

Malzahar EASY

Squishy? check. uses mana? check. no escapes? check.

how could you possibly lose to this guy?
no real cc until 6? check.
I mean, come on.
Spin to win.

Master Yi EASY

Writing this made me realize something. It is un-needed to write INFO on easy-mode match ups. So the rest of them:
Twisted Fate

I won't bother with. They are EASY MODE MATCH UPS. You WILL beat them if you are decent. You shouldn't need me to figure out how to beat them. Coz easy-mode.
Here look:
Master Yi free kill free farm
Mordekaiser free kill
Morgana free farm
Nasus free kill and free farm
Nidalee free farm and free kill
Nocturne free farm easy kill
Rammus free farm easy kill
Rengar free kill free farm
Rumble free farm easy kill
Ryze free kill free farm
Sejuani free farm
Shen free farm easy kill
Shyvana free farm
Singed free farm
Swain free kill easy farm
Syndra easy kill easy farm
Talon easy kill easy farm
Twisted Fate free kill free farm
Vi easy kill free farm
Viktor free kill free farm
Vladimir free kill free farm
Volibear easy kill easy farm
Yasuo free kill free farm
Zed easy kill free farm
Ziggs free farm easy kill

Mordekaiser EASY

Morgana EASY

Nasus EASY

Nautilus MEDIUM

He is tanky and deals damage. His shield is the main problem. (he is like Jarman times TWO)

make him run out of mana!
E costs 60 and he starts with 200

Easy mana win win!

Nidalee EASY

Nocturne EASY


this one wants to play the sustain game.
Just E into him whenever possible and once you have a lot of damage he is free food.
However, he can deal damage and sustain at the same time, he is like a less OP version of Warwick. So don't feed. Any advantage he gets he can use to force you out of lane.
Trading with him when his ice shot ability is on CD is a great idea.


Olaf will get beefy and maintain a good damage output at the same time. You can't use W on his true damage. Still, Trynd out classes him by a mile. Just farm patiently, and if he wants to E you at the wrong time, punish him for it (spin to win). Good olaf and good trynd results in stalemate as with any medium mode champion match up.

Orianna MEDIUM

She is annoying. die to her once and it is over. So play a careful game. Don't spin to win unless you are really focused. Your best bet is to farm, and trade. Nothing more. Of course, once you have the right items, she is free food on wheels ^_^

Pantheon HARD

Never lane against Pantheon. Ever.

Poppy HARD

Don't. Ever. No.

Quinn HARD

Quinn counters you with her kit. The only thing you have on her is that she is squishy. If she plays right you are sure to lose.

Rammus EASY


Renekton MEDIUM

Renek is like a copy cat -.-
too bad for him, Trynd does more damages and heals more HP's.

As longg as you use W the right way you are going to have a slight edge in trades. Yes I said slight. That is why renek can be difficult. Didn't use W before trade? MAJOR OOPS.

Rengar EASY


Riven is a kill-or-be-killed kind of lane. So, it is gonna go one way or the other. Best of luck to ya. My advice? Play aggressive.

Get cloth armor, and just go absolute ham on her. never stop trading and healing. you will out heal her even if she bought cloth armor as well coz of your sustain. Make one mistake and you are dead. Same for her. It is up to you whether to play safe and use W before trading or wait until she is on the run to use it. IMO play it safe since dying once is game-over.

Rumble EASY


Sejuani EASY


Shyvana EASY

Singed EASY


Between the shield and the stun you better be a masochist coz THIS ONE is painful.


Don't die to her. Don't get out-csed either. Same old spiel. None of her damage is really avoidable but you can spin to win before she gets a whole $hitload of armor which SHE WILL. Or play it safe and passively farm and trade. Tis up to you. But I would look at who their jungler is, for one thing (a dangerous jungler might encourage you to play it safe). Another thing I'd look at is what did she buy? If she got any kind of extra mana from items she is going to play an aggressive lane so you might want to consider going balls deep on her even before 2. When you do hit 2 get Q not W.

Swain EASY

Syndra EASY

Talon EASY


Tristana MEDIUM

Healing reduction :(
you no mana
you self heal when healing reduction ain't on ya
she has a VERY high CD on her escape. 22 seconds.
and that means she is easier to fight than Cait or Lucian.
(if ur wondering why i didn't include ez, like the rest of the champions I did not include, ez falls under the category of "not competent" which means even easier than easy.

Trundle MEDIUM

He hits like a truck. What do you have over him? No mana. Self heals. Play the trade game! :D Hitting 2 before he does is what you should strive for, so you can heal with Q and trade again, coz you gotta stay above water or he will start denying you.

Twisted Fate EASY


Helo mr. udyr.

gawd i am tired...
anyways. Udyr will out trade you whether you use W or not. Sucks don't it?
So how to win? Farm. You have no chance of beating him early. He does use mana but a good Udyr won't waste any mana.
Once you get Shiv, you can win trades with this guy. Therefore winning the lane. And he can't build against it coz it does magic damage.
so, in short, GET SHIV ASAP.


Viktor EASY

Vladimir EASY

Volibear EASY

Warwick HARD

AFKing would be smarter than laning VS Warwick.
Q negates damage.
passive does bonus damage while negating yours.
attack speed boosts the passive.
some armor/mana (frozen heart/iceborn) on the side amplifies all of the above.

Wukong EASY


Helo mr. WIN NOW.
1. uses mana
2. is ad
3. does not have undying rage

But his mana costs are small, and he can sustain pretty easy with his passive or whatever it is. So how to win?
Use W the right way like your life depends on it. If he gap closes into you you better W the very nanosecond he dashed! Then FIGHT HIM! If he starts to win the fight you can just E away and heal back up for round 2. You will inevitably win the lane doing this.
Also, once you get level six xin is free food.

Yasuo EASY


This guy might win the award for most harassment. The only nice thing about his ghouls is that you can life-steal off of them. So IMO build armor and life-steal. It is like the only way with this guy. Inevitably you will win the lane coz he is naturally pretty squishy and melts when you start ringing off those fantastically furious critically critical hits.
But you need some good damage items to do that. Like, Shiv, Cutlass, Pickaxe, w/e.

Also, if Yorick gets cocky and goes too balls deep on you, give it right back to him, it should result in his death. Otherwise, standard trading/farming procedures would be in order. W and E are very nice for trading with Yorick. You don't out sustain him. He is one of the only champions that sustains more than Tryndamere. too bad for him he is an epic fail at dealing damage. I dare-say yorick is under-powered.


I like playing around with big globs of big goo blobs, don't you? Not repeat the last line, 10 times as fast as you can! CAN'T DO IT! LOL!

ok lets get down to bsns srs srs bsnz.

tahnk fawking god i don't have to write another one of these match ups i just wrote like 1,000. all accurate.

Zac is manaless. And he has self sustain.
And he deals magic damage. And he has an annoying recovery passive. And he is a tanky mofo. How to win? Well, you don't have to let him hit you with his skill shots. Avoiding those will be good. At least try to avoid them. You have A) more damage B) more healing C) a bigger dck.

So, since he is waaay tankier than you, you just have to wear him down with your advantage in damage and sustain. Once you get Shiv you'll have him running for the hills. But before that, try to build some MR and life-steal. zz and before that? You get E first of course. Spin into him with full fury and do some damage, then back off before he hurts you too much. OR if that is too risky, walk up to him, do some damage, E away from him. The E should damage him too. Make sure you remember to farm, and punish him for being to ballsy if he does get ballsy (bigger trade-wins possible kill)
(and hit 2 first, no reason why you can't do that since u got lots more dmg)


Ziggs EASY

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My own sections!

Yay I get to make my own sections now. Custom sections FTW!
Go on this ride with me!
Your first task is to read this post I wrote:

Alright. now don't continue in the guide until you have read that entire heaping wall of text.

Now lemme clear up some information about the "match-ups"
Not listed:
you win the lane with ur eyes closed ok
you have super big advantage and lane should swing in your favor
lane can swing both ways equally. May the more-skilled player win! :3
The definition of HARD-COUNTER:
You cannot get a kill. You cannot farm. You cannot even stay in the lane. Complete 100 percent shut-down.
red bar means you don't lane against the mofo EVER EVAR EVER.
If they get cute and put 1 red bar champ top and 1 mid, you will be forced to jungle. (IE: panth top and lb mid)

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Here are pictures I liek u to see...
So in the beginning I'm just walking you through ONE way that you can begin your lane phase. Next, you will see examples of Trynd's mobility in the jungle via E (spin). Some of them are direct examples on how to leash for your jungler. Try to stay with me here, the pictures where you can see a ward, are examples of where you are supposed to ward, or just good places to ward, whilst in enemy jungle.

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Starting items

Tricky tricky...
What item to start with?
Well in general, against AD, I get cloth armor.
Doran blade
Doran is generally better against opponents who are not as tanky. Most AP match-ups call for Doran's blade too.

Boots and long sword
boots and long sword are also options as far as starting items go. I would take boots against, say, Morgana. Long sword lets you get 3 potions, so an extra 2 compared to Doran's blade is 300 more HP. Also the 2 extra AD is nice.
I would get long sword against, say, Nasus.
doran blade examples: Yasuo, Aatrox
cloth armor examples: Shyvana, Riven, Fiora

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Your first recall

Vamp scepter, avarice blade, ninja tabi, zeal, giant's belt, chain vest

Not set in stone... but in general your first recall should be one of these items. Against a Nasus you could probably finish Shiv on your first recall. But then some other champs might make you recall early and you can only get, say, one basic item. VS AP? don't recall and buy MR. build the damages (zeal is probs best against AP).

I like recalling and buying avarice blade the moment i got the gold. that way i ensure to beat my opponent in gold.
armor in combo with life-steal makes any AD opponent cry.
you might wanna build an early cutlass, ya never know, ya know, kids these days.

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All About Tryndamere

Alright, so mechanics. Trynd is one of the hardest champions in the game to play. His skill cap is one of the highest. So, don't get too cozy. A lot of you will fail. We don't need that many Trynd mains, we already got plenty.

Mocking Shout:

Functions as a damage reducer. You can use it one of two ways as a damage reducer. You can activate it before contact, make contact, and back off. Or you can wait until you are in contact, then activate it. The latter gives you a maximum benefit whereas the former would be good for quick trades.

Functions as a slow. When somebody has their back turned, yes, got that much. But they might try to swiftly turn around when you use it, avoiding the slow. So you have to out-smart them somehow. Let them turn around and don't use it. Expect them to turn around. Then they are like omg and they turn back around to run away again THEN BOOM SLOWED (and you got a kill).

Functions as a ward. As long as mocking shout is not on CD it will always tell you if an enemy is nearby. It doesn't matter if they are hiding in a brush, stealthed, or just plain out of sight. Mocking shout will light the way! You don't have to ever worry about being surprised.

Spinning Slash:

Tryndamere's cheese ability. We call it cheese because it most often results in a kill. And cheese is another word for $ MONEY $ :D This is a great tool for escaping, engaging, or closing a gap to, say, get in range of Mocking Shout. You can chain it with Flash also, so, for more damage use flash first and spin into them, or for a bigger surprise use spin first and flash on them. This ability can be used to hurt someone under their own tower without getting hurt, also. Walk up to them, AA them, spin away. Tower shouldn't hit you. And they will take spin damage as long as you were touching them when you used it. This technique makes it real hard for opponents to trade with you. This is also Tryndamere's main farming ability, for jungle and for lane waves.

If you really are confident about killing someone at level 2, level this second. It increases your damage a lot when you are low, and at the end heals you. If you spam this ability in lane you can out-sustain almost anyone. You can use it to bait people, or use it to avoid having to use your ultimate. Now I gotta talk about fury! Building up fury before fighting is super important. One way to preserve fury is to attack something with a critical hit, but before the hit lands you consume fury, so when it lands you got more fury already building up for the next heal. This technique requires practice and timing. Time fight about to happen? Spin into the wraiths, kill em, spin back to your team with your big full bar of fury! Sometimes you have to decide whether to consume your fury to heal or keep it around to fight. Trynd requires good judgement and decision making skills.

Undying Rage:
Tryndamere's signature ability. Being good at using this ability is extremely crucial. And you won't get good over-night I guarantee that. It can be used defensively as a worst case scenario emergency situation type of thing. Or more often it is used with the intention of killing someone, whether it be tower diving them or simply dueling them. Speaking of dueling, this ability is the reason why Tryndamere is the best duelist in League of Legends. You have to be really stupid to try and duel him. Tryndamere's style of play is pretty ram-boney thanks to Undying Rage. So you have to be good at being Rambo while at the same time being smart. Takes a lot of practice. As with any high cooldown thing, do not waste it. Don't use it if you know you will die either way (IE: you got caught by 5 people and are CC'd and there is no chance of escape).

At this point I liek you to watch this video:

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How To Beat Tryndamere

How do you beat Tryndamere?
Well let's see....

Quinn, Warwick, Poppy, Sion, Akali, Kha'Zix, Pantheon, LeBroken

Chain vest, ninja tabi, randuins omen, sunfire cape, thornmail, iceborn gauntlet, frozen heart, zhonya's hourglass

When I have to play against Tryndamere, I pick Jax. I used to main Jax. As a skilled Jax player I trust my ability to beat or at least stalemate a Tryndamere. I am literally able to predict when Tryndamere will ring off a critical hit. That is why I win the match-up. I have never lost to any Tryndamere with my Jax. Not even once. But then again, no one plays Tryndamere like I do. So when that time comes, my perfect score might get tarnished :P

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Team Fights

It is your job to catch high priority targets. Even if you have to sacrifice yourself to do so. Tryndamere is like a sacrificial lamb in team fights. 5 seconds of godly power then he dies and his team mates clean up whatever he didn't kill in those 5 seconds. But in a perfect world you went in got what needed to be done done then got out alive. Trynd has one of the best engages in the game. Mocking shout is what I'm talking about :D ! If you can catch someone off guard with mocking shout (like by spinning into range of W, popping W) then your team mates will have a window of opportunity to CC them. It's even better when you land the slow on multiple people. Trynd is one of the best champions against AD in team fights because his damage reduction applies to everyone in range. He is just so good at punishing people for making mistakes and over extending.

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I will take USEFUL comments, quote them here, and respond to them as best I can, to further help out anyone who is confuzzled.
This is the end of the guide and I bid you all good luck, and happy Tryndamere Day (the day this explosively amazing guide was published :o )

Originally Posted by Niku Cobalt
Good winrate but why do you average a negative KD?

(Legitimate question-- do you value deaths for objectives that much? Risky playstyle? Or?)

I care about winning, not about my average KDA. I'm not a stats *****. Yes when I have a bad game I feed non-stop. When I have a good game, I'm still likely to die at least once. And sometimes I just don't give AF and do stupid things and get caught. None of this takes away from my peak abilities, which don't ever seem to have a limit, haha. Dying is never a good thing, but sometimes it is worth it to die for your team. I play an extremely ballsy game, yes. But don't mistake ballsy for careless. Tryndamere is a ballsy champion by nature. His E is so useful and on a short CD, allowing him superior map control. Play it right and you make your enemies rage quit, play it wrong and you get caught and die. Objectives will always be more valuable than kills. One time, I went in and stole drag, and died, which was hella worth it. Dying to take out an inhibitor? Worth it. For a tower? not really. For baron? Of course. There will always be a risk involved when you cheese with your E. Judgement... Judgement skills will either make you or break you as a Tryndamere player, so, get good bro.

Originally Posted by Durzaka
I dont understand the poppy counter, could you actually explain it?

Poppy's laning is garbage, and with his crit chance, Tryndamere can destroy her early. And without someone to ult, she doesnt become invulnerable to him, so he is going to win the all in duels later in the game as well.

What is there to not understand? :P No no no no no.......... Poppy has 56.3 (+3.375) AD. And, 22 (+4) armor, which is frickin high. Whenever Poppy would otherwise suffer damage greater than 10% of her current health all damage exceeding that threshold is halved; Poppy receives the first 10% normally. Valiant Fighter has no internal cooldown and is not affected by structures. Because of the Poppy passive, cheesing doesn't work. Cheesing is of course Tryndamere's spin to win crit wombo combo. His "crit nuke" gets reduced waay too much. Trying to DPS poppy doesn't work because of her W stacks. They increase her tankiness by a stupid amount. Then of course you have the E Q poppy combo, which screws Trynd no matter how well he plays. Poppy is a stupid champion to lane against. And Trynd is none the wiser. In short, ROCK-HARD-COUNTER.