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League of Legends Build Guide Author Turtality

League Untold: A Loss

Turtality Last updated on August 19, 2012
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Table of Contents
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Prologue: A Loss

Whether it's hateful comments filling up your chat bar or a disconnecting teammate, losing is the one thing it will all have in common. League of Legends can be a game of competition, awesome moments, and fun, but unfortunately all summoners have faced the headaches and pain of losing a game that they had little to no control over. After losing time and time again from truthfully some of the stupidest things I have ever seen I came up with the idea to document all my misfortunes into one well organized post for everyone's enjoyment! This will follow me game by game as I talk about how I lost and how I felt when it happened (as well as probably some raging on my part). My name is Turtality and this is my League of Legends experience!


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Loss #1

Typing Skills OP

After a nice strong streak of games with Malphite top, I decided to wrap it up with one more game. Entering the selection screen I was unaware of the evil that awaited on the other end. Selecting champions was surprisingly quiet which made me assume that this would become an enjoyable game, was I ever wrong. Apparently the one second I looked away from the screen everyone decided to use Promote and Revive as their summoner spells which was when I finally clued in that this wouldn't be an ordinary game on League. When the game started everybody rushed down mid, dived underneath the enemy tower and gave the enemy Karthus the first four kills of the game. Slowly I could feel my brain cells dying as I watched this gently wrapped bag of stupidity unfold, but it wasn't over. While feeding the enemy team to no end they figured it would be nice to harass me and make it seem like it was all my fault. Me, a harmless Malphite top was getting attacked with more racial slangs then I ever knew existed and all I could do was take the hits like a punching bag... Well luckily the game ended after 35 minutes of painful verbal abuse and equally painful feeding. I was so confused that I forgot to report them after the game so they left without being penalized and will probably continue to make other people equally as miserable. But at least I left the game 50 IP richer.


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