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Tryndamere Build Guide by Turtality

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Turtality

New Twisted Treeline Map Sucks... (Outdated)

Turtality Last updated on November 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Chapter 1: Introduction

Hello and welcome to my second MOBAFIRE guide. My name is Turtality and I am an average League of Legends player that likes winning and having fun. I have played my fair share of The Twisted Treeline matches and I have crafted a guide that explains how I carry as Tryndamere. My first guide is still up and since then I have learned a lot about the game and I have gotten much better at it. This guide will cover how to control the jungle AND top lane as Tryndamere. Although playing a "hybrid" doesn't work as well in ranked 3v3, it does work extremely well in normals. This will allow you to carry even if your team isn't doing amazingly.

Without further adieu, this is Hybridamere.

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Chapter 2: Twisted Treeline

The Twisted Treeline is a map that is unseen by many players because of the monopoly that is Summoners Rift. It is played very differently than Summoners Rift and it's as if you are reading a completely new book with the same cover. In The Twisted Treeline you are playing a map that is much smaller and more compressed. You play with a team of three (3) and the most common team compositions are one (1) player in the top lane and two (2) players on the bottom, or one (1) player on top, one (1) player on the bottom, and one (1) in the jungle. This guide will follow the meta of two (2) players bottom and you playing in the top lane.

Twisted Treeline Map


Champions that will often be banned in ranked and dominate in Twisted Treeline:

Champions that are not often played and are considered bad:

Camp Respawn Times

Major Camps:

3 minutes - Rabid Wolf (Green Buff)
3 minutes - Ghast (Grey Buff)
5 minutes - Ebonmaw, the Terror of Zaun (Yellow Buff)
4 minutes - Grez, The Lizard Lord (Red Buff)

(All minor camps respawn in 75 seconds)


Now that we have learned about the map and how it works I would like to talk about why Tryndamere is a strong pick for this map. Spinning Slash is his E ability and allows him to have quick mobility which can make a huge difference. Tryndamere is a naturally tanky champion so he can takes the hits from other bruisers as well as dish out large amounts of damage. Buff control is easy with the help of Smite, Wriggle's Lantern, and high critical strike damage and can allow you to kill even dragon within seconds at higher levels. Clearly he has a strong presence but what strongly counters him is most CC's. The most difficult teams that I have faced are the ones with a Morgana, Blitzcrank, or other champions like them. My suggestion to those having to face these champions is to take it slow and come into the fight after their abilities have been used.

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Chapter 3: R/M/S


Stacking damage will help with the very early laning phase.
You aren't going to be building many armor items so having the extra armor will help all through the game.
Some extra magic resist couldn't hurt anyone. Switching them off with more damage runes or armor runes could be a good idea.
Because at the end of the day who doesn't want more damage on their Tryndamere.


The reason for building in the offensive tree is because as Tryndamere the extra damage, life steal, and armor penetration all benefit you a lot. If you want to play safer I would suggest building the Defensive tree but only if you know 100% that you will need it. I would never build in the utility tree as Tryndamere because this guide is teaching you how to carry.

Summoner Spells

Although I do not think that summoner spells need their own section, I do believe that talking about them briefly will help save people from the meta. The idea that all people should run Flash is taking away from a potentially overpowered setups because at the end of the day is blinking 2 footsteps ahead really that useful? Choosing the common summoner spells is fine but hopefully the information I give you here will give you second thoughts about other summoner spells. These are spells that you should use instead of Flash. You should always be using Smite if you want the guide to be most effective.

Often Used:

Slows enemies for easy kills. This is my prefered summoner spell to replace Flash because it can almost guarantee you early kills.

Adds a DoT onto the enemy. This can be extremely useful if the enemy champion is really low on health and you can't get the last hits.

Often Overlooked:

Gives you the chance for a second chance. If their team is taking dragon then Revive and Smite that bastard while also getting a very nice health boost.

Gives vision on the unvisable. Can be great to see if enemies are stealing your jungle or if you think the enemy team is taking dragon.

Gives you another player that doesn't complain about everything. You want to go jungle but the lane is pushed to your tower. Promote a minion and never have to worry about getting pushed again. It also gives you gold for its kills!

Makes you attack faster... LIKE A BOSS! Having a tough time killing things fast? Surge increases your attack speed so you can have your Wriggle's Lantern and critical hits, proc more often.

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Chapter 4: Abilities

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > < <

Getting your Spinning Slash second allows you to have extra mobility at level two (2) because you aren't always going to be getting boots and you need the extra movement incase you get ganked early on. Also because you are getting the minor camp at the beginning, you should level up to two (2) extremely quickly.

Maxing out Spinning Slash second instead of Mocking Shout is because you will be farming most of the early game on jungle creeps and in your lane and having extra damage from Spinning Slash makes a pretty big difference.

What they do:

(PASSIVE) Battle Fury: You gain fury for striking an enemy as well as killing an enemy. Your fury is used to fuel your Q ability and also increases your critical strike depending on how much fury you have. Your fury decreases when you are not attacking enemies so always farming is very important.

(Q ABILITY) Bloodlust: Passively increases attack damage depending on how much health is missing. If used, heals your champion depending on how much fury you have. This also consumes the fury.

(W ABILITY) Mocking Shout: Decreases the damage of surrounding enemies as well as slows the movement of enemies running away from you. This is your chasing ability and should be used whenever an enemy is running away or to start a fight.

(E ABILITY) Spinning Slash: Spins through enemies and terrain dealing damage. The cooldown is also shortened by two (2) seconds whenever you critical strike. This is your main ability for mobility. Use it to get to buffs, gank, and get back to lane.

(R ABILITY) Undying Rage: Becomes completely immune to death for five (5) seconds as well as increasing your rage. This is the ability that makes Tryndamere who he is. Use it properly to save your life but make sure you use it when you know you are going to die. also be aware of other champions that could heal you or save you such as Shen.

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Chapter 5: Play Style

How you play Tryndamere will ultimately determine whether you will carry or if you will just be another reason you lost. Your goal as the top laner is to take control of the jungle as well as have your lane on lockdown which if done correctly could cause you to be two or three levels ahead of who you are laning against.

Step 1:

Start at the minor camp in the top part of jungle and use Smite to kill the monsters once they spawn. Continue to your lane afterwards and begin last hitting. Getting the minor camp at the beginning will give you a strong lead in experience and should help you early on to secure a lead in lane. Continue back to the minor camp anytime Smite is off cooldown to further your lead in lane. It is important to note that if the double golems spawn at the camp then you will instantly gain a level but if the wolves spawn then you will be 3/4 to a level.

Step 2:

Once you have the gold, go back and buy your Madred's Razors and Boots of Speed. You will now be able to start controlling the major buffs and should kill them as soon as you can. It will still be hard to kill them but with the help of Smite you should be able to handle it with a decent amount of health remaining. If you are feeling sneaky it is also possible to get the dragon at this time but be careful because it will leave you extremely low and you could lose dragon and your life if an opponent comes by. Wait till your opponent backs if you are going to attempt dragon. Once you have cleared the jungle the lane should have pushed to your tower and you can get back to farming their.

Step 3:

If the top jungle is cleared then it is time to go back and buy your Berserker's Greaves and Wriggle's Lantern. At this time the top buffs should have respawned and you can retake them for yourself. Getting dragon is a lot easier now but you should still be careful getting it. Also you can ask your team to help you with red buff because it can be a dangerous area to go. Ganking bottom lane should also be on your mind by now because you should be ahead of your opponents.

Step 4:

Purchase a Zeal and B. F. Sword so you can continue to dominate the game and start building towards your other big ticket items. Push lane, jungle, gank and repeat until you are able to start taking towers or until the enemy team surrenders. You could be up to six levels ahead if you had a perfect run and there will be no way for the enemy team to keep up.


Your passive will constantly decrease when you are not fighting anything. Use your Spinning Slash so you can always be farming. If you ever hit below 50% of your bar then you are going to slow.

Make sure you alway:

- Use Spinning Slash to always have movement.
- Use the speed buff (Grey Buff) and don't back when you have it.
- Use Bloodlust to get your health back. The cooldown is short enough that you should only be going back to buy. It's as if you have Heal!
- Use Smite whenever it it off cooldown unless you know that dragon or other large camps will respawn soon.
- Use Spinning Slash to go over the wall in your base to save you time instead of going around. Also do this to backdoor if you are going to kill the enemies nexus.

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Chapter 6: Ward Placement

Ward placement is one of the most important parts of League of Legends and this is no exception for The Twisted Treeline. These little guys will secure you dragon, kills, and even save you from ganks. Although they are very important there aren't very many ward placements that you need to know about. This section will cover all the most important ward placements as well as what they cover and how they can help you. Since you are buying Wriggle's Lantern your team will depend on you to ward these locations so pay attention!

Ward Locations

This is one of the two most important ward locations in The Twisted Treeline and can win you the game. This location will allow you to see enemies coming and going from buffs as well as tell you if enemies are fighting one of the most important objectives. Since you are right over the wall from dragon, this ward will allow you to Smite dragon very easily.

This location ties for the most important and some may say it is more important than the previous location. This ward will allow you to see almost all ganks coming for bot or for top and will save your life in so many occasions. Having vision on red buff will help you know if the enemy team is trying to take it. Red buff is the second most important buff in The Twisted Treeline and this location will allow you to Smite it without any problem

This spot gives you vision on the two (2) different minor buffs depending on where you place it. Again, you will be able to Smite the buffs out from under the enemy champions extremely easily which will save you the hastle of having to fight over it. This location isn't the best place to put a ward but can help a lot if you don't want to face check the buffs.

Another less common place to put wards but it is a common place for enemies to go so having vision at this location can save your life. This is another position where you would only put it here if you have extra wards left over or the major buffs haven't spawned yet.

This is a surprisingly common place for people to be and there is often a player camping this bush waiting for the other team to walk by. This is a nice place to put a ward when you are pushing top tower because it will give you vision on people trying to sneak up on you.

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Chapter 7: Tips and Tricks

The key to becoming a great Tryndamere is learning the little secrets both in the map and in the champion. These are just some tips and tricks that I hope will further your ability to dominate in Twisted Treeline.

All you need to know

- Always buy Sight ward and ward off places such as red buff. Since you are controlling most of the farm on the map, helping your team out could save you from feeders.

- Put a Sight ward behind dragon where you have vision on it so you can use Smite if you see the other team trying to take it.

- You can spin through almost all walls on The Twisted Treeline. Use this to get back to lane, getting dragon and other buffs, and escaping.

-Pull buffs into bushes so you have vision of the other side. This will allow you to know if other champions are coming to get you.

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Chapter 8: Summary

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. I wish you the best of luck with dominating The Twisted Treeline and I hope to see more Hybridamere players! If you have any questions or any tips on how to make my guide better PLEASE leave it in the description below. If you are having trouble making it work tell me what the issue is and I will try to answer your question as well as add it into the guide.

Once again thank you!