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LeBlanc Build Guide by HBPK xpeke

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HBPK xpeke

Leblanc guide. Mid terror

HBPK xpeke Last updated on May 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi. I'm a plat player and mid main. My favorite champions are Leblanc and Ziggs. In this guide I wanna teach you how to dominate mid lane.

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Laning phase

When you play Leblanc mid and start with W, don't matter pulling the blue/red buff. It is more important to get lvl 2 before the enemy mid laner. As soon as you get lvl 2, pull of the q-w-combo and the lane is almost won already. If you manage to do this the opponent would probably be around half hp, or even lower **** if you harrased with basic attacks. Always try to sone him out, and of course getting the cs. The killing potential is huge at all levels as LB, if played correctly. When facing melee's mid like yasou or riven, a good tips could be to use your ult with your chain. It deals just as much damage as the other combos, but it also allowes you to kite the enemy hard. When bursting fast, the use of your ult with Q is most normal. It depends a lot of the situation when you wanna use the different kinds of ults. This is something you learn when you get an experienced Leblanc player.

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Mid game

Even if you're winning the lane, or losing the lane, it is ALWAYS important to roam. Leblanc is an excellent roamer. She can move around the map fast with use of her W, and her ganks deals tons of damage, plus brings CC with your chain. Buy a sweeper and set up bush surprises. Clear out the wards and wait in the bush to one shot the champion who arrives. Always look for picks and fast kills.

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Late game/team fights

This is where Leblanc is dangerous to play and dangerous to face. She can either one shot, or get one shotted. In the late game, a simple stun from the enemy team could lead to a death, and maybe the game lost. In team fights it is smartest to wait untill the fight has engaged, and clean up. If you go in early, you might get cc'ed or just simply killed. Wait in the background for your opportunity and remember that your damage potential is huge. With your DFG, you can one shot almost all champions, even the tanks. You still wanna look for picks in the late game. A single pick could lead to a baron for your team, or even the game. A standard way to kill squsihi opponents is to W in, use DFG Q-R-E, then back to your W. If you for example jump over a wall and do the combo, it is impossible for the enemy team to get revenge as you go back to your W.

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Match ups

Leblanc is a good pick against nearly all mid laners. Generally you wanna try to play agressive in lane, and make the life of your opponent a living hell. The only "counter" to Leblanc is Kayle. But if you play this match up correctly you can still win the lane.
When you trade with Kayle, she would always try to trade back with her basic attacks with her E. In my experience the trading is pretty even before 6. When you turn 6, you can kill her if played correctly. This is where the mind game begins. Before you can kill her you have to bait out her ult. Remember that ult for ult is always worth for Leblanc vs Kayle. Your ult CD is lower than Kayle's. As soon as her ult is down, you can burst her down.

To other match ups i would say the laning phase is pretty standard.