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LeBlanc Build Guide by ceriodamus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ceriodamus

Leblanc In Dominion

ceriodamus Last updated on September 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Every city has its dark side, even one whose reputation is already of a questionable hue. Noxus - though its name is already invoked with a mixture of reverence and revulsion - is no exception to this simple truth. Deep within the winding dungeons that honeycomb the earth beneath its dark, meandering streets lies the real underbelly of this sprawling metropolis, a haven for all manner of malevolence. Amongst the cults, covens, and secret societies that call this labyrinth their home, LeBlanc, the Deceiver, presides over the Black Rose, a remnant from a lost, yet similarly unscrupulous time in Noxian history. Ruthless and seemingly ageless, LeBlanc and her ilk were a mainstay in Noxian political affairs during the era before the militarization of the Noxian government. In those days, this guild of powerful magicians met in secret to further their hidden agenda, and to hone a craft more subtle than that preferred by those currently in power.
While their exact motives have always remained mysterious, it was widely believed that the Black Rose was the true power behind the throne while the aristocracy still reigned in Noxus. When raw martial prowess became the ultimate determination of whose will held sway in the Empire, the Black Rose seemed to vanish overnight. Many believed that perhaps their time had simply passed, and that its members had put aside their quests for social and political dominance. When LeBlanc reemerged at the gates of the Institute of War, however, it became clear that these masters of shadow and flame had simply been biding their time, waiting for a new global authority to emerge: the League of Legends.

"The world is very different for those who cannot see beyond what is placed before their very eyes."
LeBlanc, the Deceiver

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Hi guys, this is my very first guide ever created on Mobafire. So, please bear with me!

This guide will give you an insight on how to handle Leblanc in dominion. Not just about how to build her, what runes and masteries but giving you some tips on how to go about with her in dominion. As we all know, Dominion is totally diffrent from what normal is.

It is well known that Tanky dps and Assassins excels over squishy carries in this gametype. Leblanc is a assassin and a damn good one as that!

Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen cause here we go!

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I believe explaining Dominion and how and why it is so diffrent from Normal gameplay would be smart before going in-depth with Leblanc.

Dominion is a old school "Domination" gameplay. If you've ever played Unreal Tournament or Quake, you know what I mean.
For you who do not know. You capture Cap points which are positioned around the map, trying to protect them and to make sure to capture the enemies Cap points.
The more cap points you hold, the faster the enemies nexus will fall. The one with the most cap points will start damaging the enemy Nexus.
For an example, you have 2 cap points, they have 3. You will then start losing health on your Nexus.

There you have an overview how the map looks like and what the diffrent Cap points are called. Also, as you can see on the picture, there are these Health points. If you walk into these, they will give an small amount of HP and mana, these can be the diffrence between a kill or a death. Make sure to fight close to one, that way you can run off to get one and get back into the fight.

Dominion is fast-paced. Really, fast paced. You start with extra gold and your level 3 at the beginning and also, your death timer is lowered. You want to be able to take out an enemy as fast as possible and lose as little hp as possible.
But remember!

If the enemy is too hard to kill at a capture point, leave it and get another one. That way you either will make their team to split up so your teammates can cap the previously one or you cap the other one.

I suggest your read Zemiazas guide on Dominion. I take zero credit for the work he has done and I'm just redirecting you to his/her awesome guide!
Dominion Guide: Roles and Teamwork. By Zemiazas

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Let's take a look at the runes. As I said before, dominion is fast paced. You want to kill champs asap and survive with as much HP you can.
That is why I always go Full ap at the beginning. It'll get you the kills in early game so you can start off with Rabaddons asap

These runes will make it possible to fight off the enemy early game or even get some kills. More ap means less time to kill someone and less time for them to hurt you!

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Masteries & Skill sequence

Masteries are the same ol'ap masteries. 9-0-21 will give you sustainability, movement and damage. I believe I don't need to go much into these. They are kinda self describing.

*Only diffrence from the normal one is that you go 3 in % less death time. Very important in Dominion!

It is the same with Skill sequence. Not much to say, you level your most damaging ability first. Which is in leveling order: R, Q, W. The E is quite important but not for damaging. Therefore it only need level 1 until the end.

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Now the juicy stuff!

Starter Items
The Blasting Wand is a nice boost on your damage early on. +40 AP to be exact. It is also one of the components of Rabaddon's deathcap which will be your most important item!
The Boots Of Speed is nice for early speed, you'll see that alot of players will even build their boots done at the beginning, Rammus usually go Boots Of Mobility at the beginning for an example.
You can upgrade to these, , or . It is all about what you like. But I do like the constant speed from Swiftness. Helps me keep away from other assassins and pestering tanks :P

Core Items
This is the most important item in your build. Giving you a solid +140 Ability power directly is an insane boost. But that is not the best thing about this item, it's the UNIQUE passive. It gives you +30% of your ability power.
Archangel's are the second core item that you should get. Reason is simple, alot of mana = More spells = More damage but it also gives a static amount of AP AND the greatest, 3% of your amount of mana will go to AP.

Luxury Items / Situational Items
If the enemy start getting some Magic Resistance to counter your insane burst damage, this is a very nice item to get! It gives you 40% Magic Penetration AND 70+ AP. Still adding to your insane burst damage!
This is a survivability item. Naturally, Assassins are squishy but damaging and when I say damaging I mean REALLY damaging. So if you're having problems staying alive you can get this. It gives you Health for survivability but it also gives you mana for your archangel. It also gives static amount of ap!
This item is nice, it gives you Cooldown Reduction and AP. Cooldown reduction = More spells = more damage = more kills. So if you feel you need some CD, then go ahead and get this item!

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Summoner Spells

I usually never go Ghost when playing normal. But in Dominion it is the greatest thing ever! Getting from Point A to Point B asap to be able to protect a Cap Point or capture one.

This will help against the annoying lifesteal champs such as Warwick and Udyr who are quite famous in Dominion. It also can get you a kill on a champ that gets away from you.

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Leblanc Abilities

Mirror Image This is not much of a help to be honest. Some rare occasions the enemy will nuke down your Mirror Image instead. But be aware, this does not happend very often!

Sigil of Silence This is your main ability. The main damaging ability except Ultimate, we'll come to that. This ability will EAT away on the enemies health. But what to remember is that after landing Sigil of Silence, make sure to hit the opponent with a spell. Read the ability describtion and you'll understand. It also works for your Ultimate but does even more damage when the Ultimate mimics it!
Ratio: 30% of current ability power

Great combo with Sigil if you want to silence enemeies. It is also Leblanc's main escape mechanism. It let's you "teleport" to the location of your choice and do damage on impact, you can also choose to go back to the original point if you'll like,
Ratio: 60% of current ability power

Skill shot that snares. Not especially hard to hit. Usually in Dominion I use this as a poke, if I get it in the rest of my team usually jumps in and me directly after resulting in 1 or more kills.
Ratio: 50% of current ability power

This is your butter, this is your money maker. Combining this with Sigil will do devastating damage. This is where all your burst damage comes from. Sigil followed up with a mimic and a distortion will probably get you a kill or at least get them to less than 10% HP. It can also be combined with Distortion to get even further away from enemies or go in for a kill! I suggest not to use this with Ethereal Chains!

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Remember that Leblanc is squishy. She is an Assassin and their job is to take out the less bulky enemies. Your damage is literally insane. Super burst damage. Make sure to start with your Q ability first!

#1 Ability combo:
Q -> R -> W -> E

Of course diffrent situation brings diffrent combos. But make sure to ALWAYS use an ability after your Q or Q->R. Cause you do more Damage!

[This is a work in progress! More will probably be added!]