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League of Legends Build Guide Author linkgrr


linkgrr Last updated on November 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hey there this is my first my first build...but is worth trying it out!!!LeBlanc is my favourite char so if you wanna try her out use this and you will be the ultimate killing machine...i dont know why the dont have leblanc as a nuke...cause she is...also for the mastery tree this is the right one...just try it out and you wont loose a thing...for the runes i will upgrade them soon for the perfect build ;) btw i just saw that theres a problem...if i edit my build my AP is 448.91 but when i post it it goes 393 whats the prob?

first of all Leblanc is a little squishe but with her skills she can chase,kill,escape,take one on one everyone and anything and the most precious decieve as her name is told...
she needs a lot of skill and practice to make her the ultimate hero...but its worth it every sigle sec you play with the items shes unstopabble...
with schism(her passive)you can deceive everyone and of course escape from anything...
i prefer flash cause if you flash in that half sec(needs some practice)when schism is triggered you are safe and sound and you let your image make the work...
ignite is a very powerfull thing for her cause is perfect for first kill and also with the small cd on her skills you might some time need it to finish something off that runs away...her skills are perfect for a lot of dmg and escape methods and also for scout inside the bushes and tele b with her second skill...also her third skill is good for blinkers or stealth(cause if you catch them with it you know where they are and you can use your second skill to hit them with aoe)or runners to cut them out as they run away...

Lets begin...Let the massacre begin!!!
LeBlanc has small cd's except her second skill blink wich has medium cd for a take a meki pendant for mana and 2 health potions...and pick a lane if your lane is solo is better cause you lvl up quick and you have all your skills with much power and if you are mid you're going up and down taking care for the others with huge magic dmg burst cause you are all lvld up...with ignite first blood is in your hand cause lvl2 you got all you need for something like that...use sigil of silence then distortion now you got him silenced and hes got some great hp loss so use ignite hit him as long as hes dead cause when hes all sure that you'll die your shcism is opened you are faded he looses target and you got your image complicate the opponent...BAM hes dead and if he's almost dead chase and use sigil of silence again cause the cd is so small...stay at your lane you got the health potions until you get some money...grab your boots for movement...and then kages lucky pick to have the gold meter go on without do anything to make sure that you'll buy fast the deathfire grasp...when you are lvl 6 you got the grasp you got your ulti and blink...squishes are dead before they notice with combo grasp q/r/w/ and again q
but not only the squishes the tanks 2 cause with grasp you have made them loose 30%(i prefer have all the hp full for more dmg)of the current hp...
if the targets are 2 and with half life use q on one r in the other w beneath them kill the one and chase if you got him with e the other...BAM they are both down...
you are in the middle of a battle and all alone surrounded by bad boys?w/r and you are safe and sound...wanna make sure?use flash and you are blinked one third of the map away or do the same just to catch a mage dont be in the center of the battle cause you are first target for sure...

Mid game...more kills please to serve...Get a life man...!!!
now you are in the middle of a game lets say 25:00min game you should have until now deathfire grasp you upgrade your boots into sorcerress shoes and you got also rylai's scepter with sigil of silence you got them slow and with that cd you are sure to brake them down easily and with no escape and also you got the extra life she needs with rylais to make sure you are not the squishe you were before...this is a mid game until 25:00 you must be sure got these 3 items...i usually got zhonya's ring 2...but lets just say you got only these 3...
you are king of the game...

Late game...And you are first target but no worries..
so the game is at the start of the end you got zhonyas ring to keep you in the middle blink inside everyone use it be the untargetabble target and your team mates make the work when zhonyas ring is out kill everything that stands in your way you got endless mana small cd and archangel staff for all that...with lich bane your AP is so much that with 2or 3 skills top you got 1-2 heros down and with grasp and the other skills with no cd you got everyone...if you make some reatreats for you skills cd's you can kill them all...or finish of anything that moves with small hp with your sigil of silince...if your opponents are weak you can also use an alternative item instead of lich can use hextech gunblade for the 12% spell vamp extra abillity power and some more physical dmg for last shots but the big gift of that item is also the 300instand dmg for low life beings that needs one good shot of it to own all the others with the rest of the spells...


so LeBlanc needs a lot of skills and practice to learn her out...if you do you are at full force to stop,kill,slow,confuse,scout,decieve,farm and escape anyone and anything...
have a good game and use asap you skills to nuke anything...and dont forget practice brings us closer to perfection...and shes perfect...ill come up with the runes she needs in a while...tnx for the time you spent seeing ;)