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LeBlanc Build Guide by Kangdat

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kangdat

LeBlanc: Nuke Fast and Hard

Kangdat Last updated on September 27, 2011
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Alright, this is my first guide... and I decided to make it on my favorite character, LeBlanc. So yeah.. read the whole thing b4 u decide this is good or bad. Tell me if I might need to improve anything and whatnot. Okay let's get started..

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    Great ganker
    Great at escaping and chasing
    To me, best burst damage for any AP user

    Easy to be focused in team fights
    Pretty squishy
    Bad Farmer

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Pretty Self explanatory.. Magic penetration, mana regen, and a bunch of AP. Sweet care package.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: I personally like this. You can escape ganks, chase somebody and then use Ignite, lots of stuff. But if you don't like flash, I would recommend Teleport.

Ignite: Perfect for finishing off someone with that tiny bar of health. Nuff' said.

Teleport: Good spell, can be used to control lanes better.

Exhaust: Great to slow down enemies that are running away. Easy first blood as well.

Ghost: Eh.. not really but if you need to then..

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Mirror Image: Perfect for deceiving people, getting away. Even if they know it's a fake, it still takes about a second for them to determine which Leblanc to attack. That second can save your life.

Sigil of Silence: LeBlanc's basic nuke ability. Tons of damage. Try to connect with chains as well to activate the silence and additional damage affect. Pretty low cooldown too.

Distortion: Pretty good damage output, teleport away or forward, ganks. Kinda like Katarina's Shunpo.

Ethereal Chains: Decent damage, if you connect you can slow the enemy and ultimately root him for a second or so. Great to use after Sigil of Silence to activate the silence effect.

Mimic: Oh my gosh. This and Sigil is what makes LeBlanc the best nuker. Usually, at level 6, you should be able to kill any champion (besides some tough tanks) with a mere distortion, sigil, mimic, and then chains combo. If still alive, use Ignite.

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My build starts off with the tome. This tome adds a little extra damage to your attacks, and the health potion helps you lane a little longer. Next, go for the Mejai's. BUT ONLY take this if you're sure you are able to get kills. If you're not confident, leave the tome, buy the shoes and deathcap then upgrade the tome into a Morello's Evil Tome. Anyways, after the Mejai's, grab your Sorcerer's Shoes. Make sure you get your Deathcap. These two items are the main MUST HAVES for LeBlanc. After the Deathcap you can buy the Void Staff. Nice amount of AP, and even has a magic penetration. Great. Next comes the Abyssal Staff. Good AP amount and also some Magic Resist to make your character just a little bit less squishy. Lastly, it's the Rylai's! This item is great in three ways: Good AP, you can slow your opponents, and some extra HP to make your character a little less squishy.

On the other hand, you can actually substitute some of these items if you want. Instead of the Void Staff, Abyssal Staff, and Rylai's, you can choose a couple of these choices.

Deathfire Grasp: Good overall with great stats and passive. But the main reason I like this is because of the great ACTIVE. This is like another mini nuke added to your arsenal.

Will of the Ancients: Great AP putout with a good aura. This can probably replace your Abyssal Staff.

Haunting Guise: This is a cheap item with a little bit of survivability and decent AP. If you want, you can replace your Rylai's with it, but it's not really recommended.

Zhonya's Hourglass: If your game gets really long, I would sell maybe the Abyssal Staff and get this. It has important armor for survivability, and has a lot of AP for nuking. The active is great, because if you use your distortion to tower dive and your opponent is committed to the kill, just activate it and let the tower shoot them and your teammates catch up.

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For farming, later on just use Distortion to kill some minions.

When you fight enemy champions, and you are hidden, first use Distortion. Hit the opponent with a sigil followed by mimic and chains and ignite. Done Deal.

If not hidden, you can start with chains, then sigil, mimic, distortion, and ignite.

You can mostly figure out these yourself, just remember. Sigil is always followed by mimic. When you are running away, try distortion, and if you need, mimic that, and if still need another one, flash away. 3 Flashes= I think we left the mirror image behind..

You can always harass with Sigil as well.

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So yeah. That's all. Leave comments and stuff below. K bye