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Sona Build Guide by Kangdat

Sona - Just Dance

Sona - Just Dance

Updated on July 25, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kangdat Build Guide By Kangdat 8 1 28,582 Views 29 Comments
8 1 28,582 Views 29 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kangdat Sona Build Guide By Kangdat Updated on July 25, 2013
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1. Introduction
2. Pros and Cons
3. Summoner Spells
4. Masteries
5. Runes
6. Items
7. Skills
8. Gameplay
9. Sona and her ADCs

Hello, I'm Kangdat and this is my Sona guide! Sona is an awesome champ, one of the very first released. She has everything you want in a support: AOE stun, heal, harass, movement speed bonus, and auras! When timed correctly, her ultimate will really turn around a teamfight in your favor.Her Hymn of Valor has quite alot of damage throughout the game, especially in early game combined with her passive Power Chord.

+ Ranged
+ Massive poke
+ AOE stun
+ Heals
+ O.G.
- Very squishy
- No hard cc til 6
- Mana problems
- No escapes
- Positioning

Flash is used on almost every single champion. It is Sona's only escape from ganks and it great for getting in range to use her Crescendo.

Exhaust is great for slowing enemies so your ADC can kill them or slowing down threats and sucking down their attack damage.

Heal is a very efficient spell to help save your ADC, survive tower dives, and heal your team during a teamfight. However, Sona's Aria of Perseverance is her personal heal spell. It helps with sustain and healing up damage from the enemy poke. Although the heal is minor, the cooldown is quite short and you can use it over and over.

The support masteries I use is very efficient for Sona. The utility branch provides a small source of gold with Greed , Pickpocket , and even Wealth . Artificer is a must, as this build has so many actives. I take one point in Summoner's Wrath to upgrade exhaust. The rest of the defensive masteries are basics to better survive laning.

The Greater Quintessence of Gold helps with getting money, since your ADC will be taking all the creeps. The armor helps with your poor base defense stats. The ability power rune helps you deal more damage with your pokes.

START= Faerie Charm, Vision Ward x1, sight ward x2, Health Potion x2. Faerie Charm is for you to have a bit more mana regeneration so you can spam more sklls. As soon as you go back to base, build this into a philosopher's stone. Try to use your Vision Ward after the enemy support places a ward so you can kill the ward.MID GAME
These are the standard boots for Soon. They help reduce cooldowns even more! Get Boots first if you cannot afford these.

philosopher's stone This is your standard gold item. Builds into your core Shurelya's Battlesong

kage's lucky pick Get this item after philosopher's stone for the extra money! This will also come in handy late game.

This is a core item for support Sona. This item will save your ADC when they have low hp or cleanse them from long slows and stuns, such as Nasus's Wither and that @#$% Nautilus (If he looks at you, consider yourself stunned)!! Also gives great stats that match Sona. Also, do not be afraid to use this on other teammates that are in trouble! Prioritize your ADC, but you don't HAVE to use it on him.

This is a great overall defense item, can be build by either you or the jungler. This is great for heavy AP teams, or if you want to get into teamfights.

This is a great item for Sona. It allows you to place up to 3 wards at once, and it replenishes every time you go back to base! If you feel like this doesn't give enough wards, you can always buy extra wards. Don't forget to buy Vision Wards as well, so you can clear the enemy's ward at baron, dragon, etc.


This is another core item for support Sona, and practically all supports. The stats are again, great on Sona, and give you that tiny bit of HP that you need to not look extremely squishy! (but you still are. lol.)

This is an awesome overall item for Sona. This gives her more tankiness, but that aura is what it's all about! Magic resist, armor, and health regeneration for all your allies! However, you can probably skip this item if the enemy team has very little ability power champions. For example, they have an AD mid such as Zed or Talon, an AD top, and an AD jungler.

This is what you will build your kage's lucky pick into. Unfortunately, it will not reveal stealthed champions such as Twitch or Rengar. Aww =[. But it's still a great item, it provides you with a mini slow so you and your team can catch up to an enemy that is retreating. It also helps prevent getting ambushed. For example, if there are no wards at baron and you don't know where the enemy team is, you can use the active to scout out whether the enemy team is doing baron or waiting in the bush for you!


I don't personally recommend this item, but you can buy it if you feel like you aren't getting enough gold. The passive that provides gold is useful throughout the whole game however. And it comes with decent stats and an active that you can use on someone to slow others.

zeke's herald This is another good item that I would get mainly for the aura so I can boost my ADC's attack and life steal. You should always ask them if they want it. If not, you could buy another support item instead. I would say if you have at least 3 champions on your team that are AD and need a small source of life steal ( Irelia, Fiora, Lee Sin, especially Tryndamere except nobody plays him in high elo).

This is a great item that you can build your philosopher's stone into. However, I would take Shurelya's Battlesong over this item anyway. It comes in handy for tower dives, team fights, and just about anything where your team will take damage.

Yes, this is an item that bruisers such as the gentlemanly Cho' Gath take. You should take this item if no other champion on your team has it or is going to get it. It will come especially in handy when the enemy team has heavy AD and has a lot of attack speed. This beats champions such as attack speed Teemo, Kayle, and all ADC really. If they have no AD, then this item is kind of pointless. (But Sona has a warm heart!)

This item is another sick armor item that is commonly purchased by most bruisers and tanks. However, if they, for some reason, don't get it and the enemy team is filled with auto attackers and heavy AD... well you know what to do. The difference between this item and Frozen Heart? They both give almost the same amount of tankiness. To me, the main difference is the active. The active in Randuin's Omen is excellent to stop retreating enemies or pursuers. It also provides a little more cc with the passive. However, this passive only works if the enemy team is attacking you. If they attack someone else, the passive won't work well. So, buy this if you are getting focused and frozen heart if you are not. Don't get both items unless the enemy team has 4+ AD champs that are hurting!

This is Sona's passive. It is what makes her poke so strong. It deals a lot of damage early game, both as support and as mid. You want to poke with this after using Hymn of Valor so you can do more damage. It is also good to use it with Song of Celerity for the slow.

This is Sona's main skill, her q. It does crazy damage early game, and has good range too. Because of the crazy poke damage from this skill, you always want to max this skill first. You have to be good, however, to make sure that your skill hits the champions and not the minion. The skill will hit champions in a 550 range, which is the same range as your autoattacks. However, it can hit up to a range of 700, the only difference is that it won't prioritize champions anymore.

This is Sona's secondary skill. It's a semi-good heal, the heal is not very high but you can use it quite frequently. You don't want to use this with your passive because the other two skills bring more to the table. However, it could come in handy if all your other skills are on cooldown and your ADC is fighting with the enemy ADC. You could use this to decrease their damage by a bit. We max this skill second for the awesome heals.

Sona's third skill is another aura, this time a movement speed boost. It's great for catching up, but Shurelya's Battlesong gives a better boost. Basically, the passive combined with this skill is the slow that Sona needs to slow down other enemies. The active makes you slightly faster and the aura has a persistent speed gain.

In my opinion, one of the best ultimates in the game. If used well, you could stun the whole team. This awesome stun can be used to stop enemies from chasing down your team, initiating a teamfight, chaining stuns with other champions, and to secure those single kills. This is the type of ult that wins games! You just need to learn how to use it well, because the range is quite short and not really wide. You can also Flash to position your ult better.

As support Sona, you want to be controlled. Don't be too aggressive because Sona has the lowest base HP in the game. If you get the bad luck to be against a strong ranged support such as Thresh that has cc at level 1, you should probably stay away. Other supports that can knock you around like Alistar are also dangerous, you should keep your distance from his Flash-> Pulverize-> Headbutt combo. But other low danger supports are basically the ones that aren't agressive and can't deal too much damage, such as Soraka and Janna. In lane against these easier opponents, you want to pop out, throw out Hymn of Valor, auto attack, run away. Remember to ward! Heal when necessary, but don't waste too much mana. In early game, feel free to blow your ult on one or two people, for example engaging in bot to fight. But in late game, when there are teamfights every now and then, you want to save Crescendo for those times. Learning how to aim your ult is most important part of playing Sona. You need to try to get the entire team in that little line, or even hitting the enemy carries will be good enough. After you use your ult, you should stick near the center of your team so you can provide auras to everyone. If needed, stay by your carry so you can help him with your actives and what not.

- 8/10 Ashe has an awesome ranged initiation in form of her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow. She also has a good poke with her Volley, and her Hawkshot can reveal champions in bushes so Sona can hit them with her Hymn of Valor. At level 6, they can chain ults, resulting in quite the devastating combo.

- 6/10 She has the longest auto-attack range, making her quite a good laner. However, Caitlyn works well with supports that have cc. For example, Alistar. Once he knocks the enemy up, she can put a trap directly on the enemy, making sure there is a 100% chance of snaring them. Sona, having no hard cc until level 6, cannot do anything to be aggressive. They cannot catch other enemies unless they step on Caitlyn's trap. However, if Caitlyn is passive, they can lane for quite a long time, and they do have decent poke combinations.

- 7/10 Corki is pretty awesome with Sona. He has a big jump and that Gatling Gun will shred anyone that dares to come close. He has a lot of poke that coordinates quite well with Sona. The only problem is that he doesn't really have a lot of aggression. His Gatling Gun is great but it requires you to be in range. And if you are in range, that means you will get attacked, and Sona can't do anything about that unless she has her ult.

- 9/10 WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE OF DRAVEN... And Sona. This guy is a true beast with Sona. Draven's Stand Aside makes up for the cc and peel that Sona doesn't exactly have. That same skill can also be used to initiate a fight at bot. For example, Draven uses Stand Aside on Ashe. Sona follows up with Crescendo and Draven uses Whirling Death, resulting in massive damage!

- 9/10 Ezreal + Sona = MASSIVE POKE. Imagine a team with Jayce, Nidalee, Sona, and Ezreal. Sooooo much poke! In lane, Ezreal's Mystic Shot combined with Sona's Hymn of Valor results in about 30%-50% of a squishy champion's hp, such as Vayne and Ashe. Ezreal can also use Trueshot Barrage after Sona initiates with Crescendo. Just pure awesomeness.

- 8/10 (Look for the quite obvious pun) These pair are quite the dynamic duo once they both hit level 6. Even before that, they have great laning potential. Graves can get aggressive too, and Sona can heal him up. But once they hit level 6... Crescendo followed up by Grave's usual combo... Results in collateral damage. ;]

- 7/10 DURDURDURDURDUUUURDURDURDURDERP. This monstrous, putrid, ooze-sputtering, spit-spewing, trash-covered, stink-smelling, motherf.... Ahem. Still, this void beast does just fine with Sona. He has good range and a decent burst and has decent poke when he hits level 6. He can also follow up on Sona's Crescendo fairly well.

- 8/10 Miss Fortune is g-moneh with Sona! Her Bullet Time combined with Sona's Crescendo creates GODLY damage. It will shred just about everyone. However, make sure that you don't kill steal while Miss Fortune is channeling! She also has good poke if she's good with her Double Up and quite aggressive when she tries.

- 6/10 Sivir is not the best with Sona. She has okay poke with her skills, but that's about it. She has got no escape skill aside her ult, which is basically just a small upgrade of Sona's Song of Celerity and Hymn of Valor. Besides Sona's ult, there is really no cc between the two. Sivir would be much better with Taric or Alistar with more cc.

- 7/10 Tristana is decent with Sona. She has more range as she gets higher level and can usually outsustain the enemy because of her reduce healing and Sona's heals. Trist also has very decent burst damage, but many Tristana players mess up on her ult, which eventually ends up in disaster.

- 8/10 Twitch is actually really good with Sona because of his burst. Because of Twitch's invisibility, they can easily poke together. When Twitch ults, Sona's Crescendo should follow as well, the damage should be enough to kill. The main thing you need to be worried about is kill stealing. Because Twitch's passive does DoT true damage, you might not be able to tell if he can secure the kill.

- 8/10 Varus is good with chaining ults with Sona. He also has a blind poke like Ezreal, and he can ult to start a fight with Sona following up. He also has good burst and can be aggressive when needed.

- 8/10 Vayne, the best late game ADC! With Sona, all she needs to do is walk around, wait for Crescendo, and steamroll anyone in her way. Although she is bad early game, Sona can give her the sustain that she needs. It would probably be bad to harass if the enemy is far away, due to Vayne's low range.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kangdat
Kangdat Sona Guide
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