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League of Legends Build Guide Author SheLuvzMe

LeBlanc, The Annoying Orange.

SheLuvzMe Last updated on November 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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LeBlanc is a strong champion but again she's a deceiver and she might deceive you!
This build is to keep her from doing so :)(You will see what I mean later on.)

-Great mobility.
-Good for ganking (snare and silence)
-Short ult cooldown.
-Can port through thin walls.
-Nukes hard.
-With this build she's no weakling.
-Good mana efficency.
-She's annoys hardcore if played right.

-Not a good farmer.
-People tend to focus you.
-Not easy to master.
-I don't recommend soloing unless you've got LeBlanc mastered.

My thoughts about LeBlanc
When I bought her and played some games with her, I felt a slight disappointment due to how weak + how bad of a farmer she is. I was always down in gold which kept my AP down making LeBlanc useless. Now this is what I meant with not letting her deceive you.
LeBlanc is just like Tryn you have to be dynamic and aggressive. You want to be able to dive in, blast them with your combos,take a couple of hits, and still have mana ready for the upcoming encounter. This is the reasoning behind this build. I will upload soon a couple of vids. Then you'll see why I name this build "The Annoying Orange"

Get your Doran's Ring and a Health Potion. I recommend not going for an early gank. Again, don't go solo, you are still weak.
Pick up Distortion first. You want this to be able to help push a bit, try to hit as much mobs as you can and port back. Distortion will be your farming tool. You can also try to hit an enemy champion in the way, this always scares them off, so just port back. Next thing to get is Sigil of Silence.

So this will be your first combo:
This is great dmg if coordinated with your partner. You don't have ignite so you might not get the kill, but this done repeatedly will get them to base really quick. Don't get too crazy with killing yet.. It'll come soon ;)

Second Combo(as soon as u hit lvl 3):
Just add Chains to the last combo. This is when you become annoying. Just wait until lvl 6 lol.

Start with the Chains to slow him down, cast SoS afterwards, port to him with W to break the mark and silence him during this. The Chains snare should pop now.

When you hit lvl 6 you become a lot stronger, getting a Catalyst soon will help A LOT. Use your ultimate depending on the situation, its great for escaping with double Distortion or really good for double snaring with Chains so your partner gets the kill, if you want to feed him.
OR really GOOD FOR NUKING LIKE A VEIGAR with double Sigil like this:

Q+R+W+E+(W) ---> if you are being targeted.
You start off with a nuke which means 90% of the time, whoever is targeting you, WILL run away.

Q+W+E+(W)if needed+Q+R ----> if you are not being targeted.
This makes sure you save the nuke for last and also makes sure that your target doesn't start fleeing too soon. Remember you don't have Ignite, you want something to land the killing blow with.

GET THE ELIXIR OF BRILLIANCE.. PLZ. (TRUST ME you will need the extra AP)

LeBlanc is very dependent on having a good early game, you will need a couple of kills to get your Rod of Ages fast. However, if you can't get kills due to your lane-partner being ******ed or due to the enemy champion's skill just make sure you are farming as much as you can with Distortion.. You can use double Distortion as a farming tool. (When its safe to do so)

MID GAME AND END GAME consist on keeping up the fuzz.
By this time you'll have more mana to spend and spam your combos. Just make sure you are not getting ganked or tower diving like crazy. You will annoy your enemies so much they will start hating you. Try ganking a lil bit its really fun. You are no weakling neither you are Achilles. So make sure you have distortion ready to escape. Oh also, don't go in first on team fights. BTW, the reason I put up a Zhonya's Ring as your endgame item is because if you played right you will get focused.

Have fun playing LeBlanc!! I will start posting videos so you understand better :)
Thanks for reading.

I appreciate feedback.