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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author StaceyMeep

LeBlanc the Destroyer

StaceyMeep Last updated on November 3, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my LeBlanc build. LeBlanc is a great nuking champion and should be played as such. You should rarely die as LeBlanc since she will have 2 flash's (3 if your ult is up and you need it to get away). If you do her burst rotation correctly she can do massive damage.

  • Very good burst
  • Can easily get away
  • Great in team fights with silences and snares
  • Good at farming
  • Can be very good at tower diving if done correctly

  • Very squishy when unable to Distort out
  • Passive not always reliable

Early Game

First thing you want to grab is her Q ability Sigil of Silence. Make sure to harass the enemy with it alot so by the time your level 2 you can get an easy gank. Next grab Distortion. With this you can start harassing right away by casting a Sigil on the enemy then cast Distortion right on top of them after Sigil hits. This way they will take a good amount of damage and also be silenced. Then just use Distortion again and return to your previous spot and continue farming. Do this a couple times and they should be pretty low on health either forcing them to back or stick around which will just get them killed by one more combo. Just keep doing this early game. Don't just go charging in thinking you're invincible cause you're not. You are still a very squishy hero and such still play cautiously. Just wait for the right time to harass. Be patient.

Mid Game

The first time you go back you should have enough for Kage's Lucky pick and Sorcerer's Shoes or at least the Boots of Speed. Then just head back to your lane and continue the farming. Once you're level 6 you want to be careful before you use your ult. Make sure you know before hand what your ult is going to be before you cast it. For an extremely good burst you should have your Sigil saved for your mimic. Cast your Mimic: Sigil then port in with Distortion. This will do high damage and silence them, then folow up with regular Sigil and end with Ethereal Chains. This again will do good damage and silence them a second time and add an Ignite if needed. If this hasn't killed them stick with them if possible so your Ethereal Chains doesn't break so when its done the chains can snare/kill them. Once you have Deathfire Grasp your burst will increase by alot. And keep on harassing.

Late Game

During team fights you can be very useful. As the team fight engages single out the other carry and lock them down. With your full rotation they will be silenced the entire time you take them down. With their carry already down picking off the rest of the champions shouldn't prove to be a problem. Still make sure you have Sigil as your mimic before opening and open with Deathfire Grasp and start your rotation of R->W->Q->E. This should ultimately kill most champions. Even if you have to target a tank their health will still drop alot making it easier for you or someone else to pick them off or your teams aoe to finish him off as well.


Obviously there are alot of situations in which you need to have your mimic used for other things. One big thing is escape. If you need to you can double Distortion away from someone and even flash after that pretty much giving you 3 flash's. Another time is using your Ethereal Chains as a mimic. If you or your team is chasing down the enemy team you can Ethereal Chains one person then Mimic: Ethereal Chains someone else, slowing down 2 people and if sticking with them stunning them both as well. Just know when to use what Mimic combo when needed.

Just remember even though she does amazing burst she is still very very squishy and can easily die. Port out after a quick combo to do good damage and safely get away. LeBlanc often gets targeted during team fights so make sure to stay back until you can get a good combo off then quickly port back out to safety away from the fight.

LeBlanc is also very good at last hitting creeps early in the game since her auto attack shoots quickly after you click the target as well as her Sigil costs little mana to get some last hits as well. Just don't over use it on creeps so you don't go out of mana too early.

Just make sure to play safe and not rush into any fights. Stay back and play smart and you should rarely die. If you know you can get the kill go for it. If not play it safe, you can easily die.