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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author D3AD_MIK3Y

Leblanc, the destroyer!

D3AD_MIK3Y Last updated on April 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Pros / Cons

1. Excellent Nuke/silence
2. Two built in flashes
3. Combine chain of ethernal equals a nice escape skill.
4. can easily flash behind enemy's minions and devastate a champion.

1. Most of her skills only trigger one champion
2. Squishy, if stunned it can be bad
3. Passive doesn't really save you.

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Hello Guys, This is going to be My first build on this site. Now I decided to do my build on Leblanc because I've played with her since the minute I bought her. Her Skills are pretty simple, Find a target and destroy him. Leblanc is an excellent Caster because with her Mimic ability and your distortion, you have two built in flash's at your disposal. Well lets jump into the guide on this last note

If you Like the build please tell me how you've done, If you dislike the Build please help me expand this build thanks. :)

I Hope To add a Video soon.


Please rate.comment.and Thumbs up

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The runes I used for Leblanc are common caster runes, With Magic penetration in Marks, Mana regeneration in Seals, And Ability power in glyphs. Now It is up too you to decide your Quinteses. You can go Ability power to give you more AP in the begging, or some Health for some more survivability, or some Cool Down reduction to help you spam more of your skills, which makes her a deadly champion :).

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The Masteries are as follow's (9/0/21) having archaic knowledge covered, as well as mana regeneration in utility. This is best way to build her, I've tried to go Defense with 9/21/0 But My end result wasn't that good because beginning game I've ran out of mana quickly.

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I'm Probably going to have to have one of the older members help me code items for a more detailed guide.. Update- Baobao helped me code items- 2/20/11
Ok to Begging my item build, this build consist's on heavily damaging a key player, As well as being able to spam your skills for survival, or more killing which we likeyy.
These are just item builds so ill explain why I use them in Next category

Early 0:00- 15:00
I first Grab . Because Doran's Ring Is the best choice because having 39 ability power early game is complete utter destruction!

MiD 15:01-25:00

Mid game You should have the following:
Since these items are cheap This is why you should have them in this range.

Ok Now is where you should have your core build down, here is what you should have.

5. and starting of
6. And the last items I have time to get is a for more ap, and Starting on your

Optional Items

This item grants Hp,AP, and slow. So match it up with And then you got a Aoe slow!

If you think you're still squishy and need some hp, Then Rod Of Age's is the way to go!

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Reason of Items

Early- I use because one, you have 15Ap and 100 health to start out with, which can easily get you first blood or even an assist!. Then with the you can Spam your skills a lot faster because of such a low Cdr.(you may also like to choose be my guess, the more Magic penetration, the harder your skills do to them) and If you have gotten some kills you may have started , If you have 435 gold +, then you should get or have Already :D!

Mid- In mid game is where you may have some problems to get that gold for But once you have gotten it, it would be worth the wait. If you can be able to get some kills and already have this item by now, Then it's have been a good game for you my friend.

Late- Late game you should have Becuase this is your main source of damage, and have started or have . I like to collaborate with my tanks to make them get Will of The anchients Because not only are you getting 60-70Ap your also getting some Vamp which is an ace on the cherry :p. And you Should Get Because your goal is last in a team fight to do massive damage. The will Not only grant you protection from a stun, but also grant you some Ap :D. By the time your game ends you should be proud when you press Tab and see how many kills you have and read the text box to see people Crying how Over Powered Leblanc is! Don't forget to Thumbs up, and Comment to show your end game result. :D

Notes- Remember to Last hit, If your having some trouble getting some last hits then shoot a Sigil at them, anything to get those early items because once you get out of those, you got some major Ap coming your way :p.

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Team Work

In Team fight's you should stay behind your tank's "Like All Squishy Champion's Should". If you can Use (W) To flash in, then throw A Sigil of Silence (Q) To add a nuke on any champion ,then Quickly use (w) To flash back.

Ok, Once the team fight breaks, I always start by throwing my Sigil of Silence (Q) and (R). Once you have done that Throw your To add massive Burst Damage To the surrounding enemy's. Then add a (E) To stun one of them. You may also take this opportunity To use To flash Past their tanks, throw On their Carry, Then its time to kill them Throw Sigil of Silence and , You must be fast when you You use your Distortion, And chain if you do it to slow, your chains will hit but now your behind everyone else and can just get focused on, the best thing to do is as soon as you throw your Distortion ,You instantly Throw in your Chain's and Ignite. Then when you have them stunned you throw a Sigil and Mimic to silence them of their skills so they can't do anything to you, then you can Flash back in 2 seconds!. This may take some practicing but once you have Figured your combo out it can be devastating!

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Here some of my recent matches

As you can see, leblanc can do massive damage, but without a carry like I had, we lost