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League of Legends Build Guide Author freak1sh

lee sin

freak1sh Last updated on May 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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lee sin dps build

when playing lee sin most important thing to remember is you are not a tank or even a off tank unless u build to be one.

what i mean by that is you should never be the first one into a team fight and u should always use positioning while playing, example i played a game the other day that had a fiddle in it and every team fight i would always hang back a bit so when fiddle tryed to ult id knock him into his team stoping the ult and knock all there team into the air, followed by a w skill onto our teams tank and a slow.

attack dammage on lee sin scale 1:1 on his q and e skills and 1:2 on his ult
lee sins e skill does magic damage.
both lee sin's q and e skills reveal targets, (his q skill will work on teemo while he is stealth'd it does not however work on his stealth'd mushrooms but can be used to kill them at ranged if u can see them.)


passive: lee sin's passive gives u 50% attack speed for 2 hits every time u use a skill.
(this is per stage of the skill, so 4 attacks in total after useing both parts of the skills.)

Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike: this is gonna be ur main harsing skill, the first psrt of this skill deal damage+all of ur bonus attack dammage and reveals the target for 3 seconds.
the second half of the skill deals the same amount of damage as the first part. but makes u dash to the target, and also deals a damage for a % of how much health ur traget is missing.

W Safeguard / Iron Will: charge's you to a frendly target sheilding them and ur self for a set amount of damage, the second half of the skill give u a % of ability and life steal for a few seconds. (this skill i find the first half of the skil to have no real use apart from a free teleport and a proc for ur trinity force, the second half should be used as much as it can.)

E Tempest / Cripple: does aoe magic damage+full bonus attack damage and reveals targets for a few seconds, the second half slows the targets movement and attack speed for a few seconds.
(this skil is used to harass early game and to set up ults/slow in team fights.)

ult Dragon's Rage: damage's the target a knocks them back if mobs or enemy champions are in its way knocks them into the air, (this does huge damage late game and is great for keeping enemy champs away from there tower's and getting rid of tanks in team fights.)

for my runes i take health Quintessence and seals. This gives me about 120 extra hp so i have around 600 at the start of the game
I then take attack marks and glyphs to give me 11 extra damage at the start of the game
this mix with my 22/0/8 masterys i have 14attack damage at the start of the game.

I play lee sin in lane so i can not give any advice on his jungling skills or such,
my first skill is always q and i start with a long sword and 1 health pot, i harsh from the brush as much as i can only useing the first part of my q skill (do not port to them) till i hit level 2 i then pick up my e skill, this is when u can start useing the second half of ur q skill followed by e (use the brush if u can after useing the two skills to get away.)

level 3 i pick up my second point in q giveing me more damage and harasing power, then level 4 i take 1 point in w so i have an escape skill i also use it for the pasive of the second use as it gives u like back from using ur e skill. at level 5 take another point in e, i find this is inportant because the slow becomes enough for u to positon urself when u hit level 6 while only having level 1 boots, also it does alot of damage early game.

after u pick up ur ult at level 6 finish of level Q then E taking ur ult when u can.

to gank with this build u need to Q in hit ur E then run through them and ult them back to ur tower if u have a laning partner, this will almost always get u a kill.
if ur 1v1 and u go to gank try to use ur ignite skill just before u use ur ult because u will find it never seems to kill them they always have 20hp after the ult, (done this many times till i took ingite now they always die :).) another tip is to use ur ult after u have slow'd them and have ur Q skill ready so you can chase. try useing the second part of the Q skill straight after u have ulted them will take them to about half hp every time from full health.

by level 6 u should have basic boots and phagethen work on geting zeal then sheen and trinity force before u get ur full boots.

i have found this order of iteams to be more effective then starting with sheen or zeal first. and i have found taking sheen last seems to be more suited for my play style.

the faster you can get the trinity force the easyer the game gets while playing lee sin, as soon as u have it u will find most champions u fight die in about 3-4 skills.


u will find that u die very fast with lee sin in most team fights unless u pick ur targets and know what ur gonna be attacking before u go in, the best way i have found to enter a team fight with lee sin is to use ur w skill on ur teams tank after he has gone in, knock the enemys tank into the enemys dps, this way u take there tank out of the fight for a few seconds while also knocking up there team giving u time to aoe slow and nuke there dps. if done right most case's it becomes a 4v5 team fight to ur team very fast.

my iteam build is trynity force as fast as i can with ether amour or magic resit boots then frozen mallet and atma's impaler. after you have these 4 iteams its really up to you what to build.

i have only given u tip's on how to start the game and what to do in team fights this is because the hardest part of playing lee sin is the start and team fights.

one last thing i have found while playing lee sin is that he is best with relying on his skills to do the damage for him much like ezreal and played right he is devistating and can carry a team aswell as anyother champ.