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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trixstir

Lee Sin, being blind is only a strength

Trixstir Last updated on April 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my 2nd build/guide. Hope this one will be will help a lot of you other Summoners out there. Just would like to state that I have not started playing ranked games yet so all my info that I have taken in are from all random games as my normal friends I play with are not on so I will be updating this if it gets the views and I learn more about this champ.

Lee Sin is a melee assassin, and a squishy one at that. He packs a big punch atm, Now that I think about it haven't had to fight to many tanks with him yet but hoping he fairs ok with them. My choice of play stile with him would be to lane with him he is great at harassing even better if your partner is on too.

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For my runes I have been going armor pen marks and quintessence off the bat because he is an assassin after all. But for your seals there is a great amount of choices for ya here and I still need to test a few. Atm I'm using attack speed just because he seems to be a little bit of a slow hitter but I may change them up to dodge just to help avoid a little bit more damage. But I'm sure even pure armor might even help here. As for Glyphs I'm still taking a look at them. Kinda just have a mix as I may end up just buying some just for him, First melee champ that I have chose to use that really doesn't need to much ap or mana so kinda using Focus ones and a few magic resit and crit that i had around for some reason.

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There isn't to much to explain here other than the reason I chose the defense ones as I said before is he is pretty squishy. Magic resist over the armor because its easier to gank the squishy casters and the dodge to keep the melee off of ya and the little speed boost to help escape if ya need it. Or even for chase speed if ya dove into a group of minions to try and kill a champion.

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There may be better item builds out there but I basically kinda took this one shhhh =P its one of the nocturne ones that I found really nice. Just changed the boots up from zerks to Ninja. But boots are always easy to change depending on what the other team is made up of.

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Summoner Spells

Flash one of the more useful summoner spells that almost every one can use to help. Of coarse one of the great usages of this skill is to get away. But I also like to use it some times to get that extra leap close to some one so I can get Sonic Wave off on them. Or even to hope on the other side of them to Dragon's rage to help the team then quick Safeguard back to safety

As for Ignite this could be one to be toyed with as it helps a lot more in early game and not so much late game. It's something always usable for pushing them away due to they are already low health or even to use when diving towers, to make sure they do die as ya run out of range of it. I don't like to use it to much out in open fights as its basically more of something that would steal the kill or get the killing blow and basically do nothing.

Clairvoyance!!! something I have just fell in love with when using Nocturne it may not seem as useful for Lee Sin but being blind and still being able to see where people might be is very useful! Even if ya are hiding behind something this may be a good way to set up a Sonic Wave to Resonating strike with out being all the way blind lol.

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So remember he is an assassin choose fights carefully, lots of learning about this champion still to come, But people are already telling me in games they are waiting for Lee Sin nerfs so we will see what will happen to the Blind Monk, But until then Good Luck summons!

Hope you guys like the build/guide. There will be more as I learn him. Hope to see ya out in the field!