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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ohmicidal

Lee Sin: How to BM like Idra

Ohmicidal Last updated on April 6, 2011
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This is just a quickie guide on how I build lee sin. He's the new champion on the block as of the last patch, and alot of people have been calling him underpowered. I'd have to agree up until his hotfix that he was, but on 4/5/2011, riot hotfixed a lot of his abilities to make his damage scale much better.

I choose to build him tanky DPS because his abilities require him to be up in the action (ESPECIALLY his ultimate) and any competent teams will CC you and focus you down before you can do anything.

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Pros / Cons


Extremely safe and efficient jungler. It's literally IMPOSSIBLE to die in the jungle (unless of course you're getting ganked).

High damage, high survivability

Good escape ability

High lifesteal. Never have to go back to the fountain.

Powerful ult in the right hands

Can solo baron


He is very hard to use

He requires you to keep a rhythm with his abilities

Squishy without the right items

His q is hard to land and moves very slow for a skill shot.


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I choose AS reds and quints because they really help your jungling early and you can take full advantage of his W and his passive. Armor yellows for survivability, and CDR blue's because he's an energy champion and works best when you can spam your abilities.

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Standard DPS jungle masteries, not much to say here. You don't really need any of the defense masteries because you jungle so well, and you dont need utility because your runes and items will do that job for you.

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I know alot of you are going 'BUT TEH RIOTZ TOLD ME HE'S AN ASSASIN'. Riot also told you Zilean is a mage and vladimir is hard to play.

Fact is, after his ability buffs he is an outstanding 'physical caster', as morello would like to call it. With sheen and trinity your damage is just as good as it would be if you were building carry. His high attack damage and low cd's on his abilities mean sheen should be up ALOT, and phage will proc ALOT due to his passive.

His ultimate also requires you to have position on your enemy. If you're building carry, how are you supposed to get into position if you're just being focused 100-0 every fight? His ultimate is extremely powerful in the right hands, and taking advantage of all of his abilities will lead to success.

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Skill Sequence

Start with W and E for jungling, then max out Q as it is your main nuke. Not much to say here.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Smite. Ghost can be switched out for flash if you want, but if your allies are competent you should have no problem landing your W to escape. It IS possible to smiteless jungle on him, however it is not necessary and will ultimately slow you down.

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Creeping / Jungling

Start at small golems, press w, use a health potion, after two attacks press 2 again. Smite to finish it off.

It is important that you have the rhythm of your abilities down to take advantage of your passive. Just count 2 attacks after every time you use your abilities.

There is no reason why you should ever lane on Lee Sin. I'd go so far to say that you should pick someone else if you can't jungle. He brings absolutely nothing to a lane and his extreme speed, efficiency, and ganks from the jungle easily put him in the top 3. Laning with him is equivalent to laning with Warwick or Udyr

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I plan on adding much more to this guide later. For now I need to get back to class XD.


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Ranked Play

In ranked your role is basically to be a tanky damage dealer. Use your Q and Ult to put enemies out of position, to help CC, and to save teammates.

Depending on your ELO, teams will either ignore you or focus you down. Use your E on their carries to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce their damage. You can do all this while doing significant damage aswell.

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Team Work

Lee Sin requires good team work and good players skill to use effectively. Your R has a very short cooldown when maxed and is very good for knocking people back and saving teammates. You should use it like Alistar uses his shove.

Almost every ability of his has a useful team application and you should use it to your full advantage. His E will reduce the enemies fighting ability by tons, and his q can be used to save allies. His W should be used on the person being focused.