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Lee Sin Build Guide by FamishedBurrito

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FamishedBurrito

Lee sin: tankey jungle

FamishedBurrito Last updated on January 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Abilities + Skill Order

Abilities + Skill Order

This is a great ability that makes Lee Sin easy to jungle, and separates good Lee Sin's from mediocre ones. Try to space your skills 2 attacks in between to maximize your AS bonus and your energy regeneration to keep your energy at the highest possible.

Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike[Q]
This move takes quite a lot of skill to land. If you want to get good at it practice a lot. After around 50 games you should have the down perfectly. Mastering the is the key to maximizing his damage output. This skill is your damage output so learn to use it well.The Second half of Lee Sin's is one of his hardest skills to use successfully. In many cases you will wind up completely regretting flying towards an enemy champion hurdling towards you death. The key to this skill is to learn when to use it, and when to avoid using it. Max this first for the best damage output.

Safeguard/Iron Will[W]
This is what makes Lee Sin, Lee Sin. Timed with a Ward of Sight or the much more reusable you can jump over walls. this skill can also let you escape ganks and initiate fights. Use this skill sparingly though, because if you are always spamming it you may not have it off of cooldown when you need it the most. The second half of this skill makes Jungling with Lee Sin so good. The Lifesteal spellvamp armor and shield all allow him to heal his hp without taking any damage in the jungle, and at max level this skill is just completely insane for lifesteal. This skill makes the jungle your dog. Max this second for the sustain.

This skill is also a great skill. In the Jungle it makes minions slower to attack and if used on the enemy AD carry will shut them down. This also makes Lee Sin the one true counter to stealth and as it allows him to see stealthed units. Max this last as it is not as necessary as the other 2 skills.

Dragon's Rage[R]
This skill is really all about skill. Many Lee Sin's use this as a finisher to get the final blow; however end up just kicking the enemy to safety. This skill really takes a lot of skill to master and you can do some pretty cool stunts with this and . Try to use this to initiate fights instead of using it to push their carry to safety unless you are absolutely 100% sure you can secure a kill. Practice on this skill really does make perfect.

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In order these are the Items you should take on a normal game with Lee Sin Solo Top


Start with boots and 3 Health potions for solo top Lee Sin for an everyday game. If you feel you are against a very strong enemy and are scared of losing pick up and 5 Health pots. If you want to be super agressive go

First Back
wriggle's lantern and mercury treads
Try to get around at least 1600 gold before going back. If you don't have that much at first back just go for components of the two items just try to at least pick up a vampiric scepter. After you have gone back once there are many choices for how you build lee sin with only a few core items.
Core Items
trinity force, mercury treads, wriggles lantern
Your Core Build for Lee Sin. These 3 items are what you want to end up with at least in a game with Lee Sin. After you have these 3 items there are many items you can choose between.

AD Heavy Team
atma's inpaler

Get this almost every game even if they don't have an abundance of AD. It is just a good item that makes you even stronger and beefier than you already are. Plus it adds 18% Crit Chance.
randuin's omen
Out of All the Armor Items this is probabley the best if you have Atma's. The gold Per 5 can help somewhat in the making and since you have a great initiate it is pretty easy to get off its active on their entire team in a teamfight. After Atma's deffinitly the best.
sunfire cape
Just not worth the gold in the end. The Benifits aren't high enough and the passive is not best used with Lee Sin. Use it if you desperately have to.

AP Heavy Team

force of nature
What an amazing item for an amazing champion. You can survive for so much longer with this item and its magic resist is the best in the game. Buy this always first unless of extreme circumstances.
banshee's vail
Another great item, however more situational. This item gives you mana, which you don't need, however if there is a really burst enemy team with an and a this may be what you want.

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mercury treads
God boots. All tanks want it and all tanks need it. You want these boots for the CC reduction, but the magic resist is good if you're going up against an AP champion top. If they have literally NO CC then go ahead and pick whichever boots you like more. Here is my guide to each Boot(s).
berserker's greaves
Decent Boots for Lee Sin, but by far not the best. The Attack speed is nice, and their cheap but I don't see why you wouldn't just go for Mercury Treads. If you really think they will help and you live by them go ahead and buy them.
boots of mobility
Just don't bother with these boots. I have never once gotten these on Lee Singah, and I don't plan to. The movement speed is only out of combat and Lee Sin is usually in combat. These are in the Dead Zone
boots of swiftness
Surprisingly good on Lee Sin, but not as good as Merc Treads. I would personally prefer this to Berzerkers Greaves as these let you catch up and kill and stall time for your team to pile on their team.
ionic boots of lucidity
Decent CDR is always a plus; however for Lee Sin CDR isn't as much of a benefit as it is for other champions who REALLY USE that small amount of reduced cooldowns to shine. Plus it doesn't help your ult as its cooldown is already ridiculously low.
ninja tabi
Just not all that special. Defense is ok against some people, however you shouldn't need the little amount it provides. You could do with dodge but what is better. Dodge or reduced stuns? Reduced Stuns are about 20% more likely to work as well. Usually don't pick these up.

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early game

Alright, so start off with a cloth armor and 5 hp pots
Start at red buff and get a leash. go straight for middle if it is an easy gank, and make sure you use exaust to get a kill. if all goes right, you'll get first blood. at this point, take wraiths, then if your mid didn't back after the kill, get them blue, but if they did, take wolves then blue. you still need a leash to take out the blue buff, but let them have it. after that, gank mid or top, or just go to wraiths. after that, go wolves if top is open to gank, or golems, if bot is open. after wolves or golems, gank that lane. if you're lucky, your exaust will be up if needed. after that gank, buy. you will have a lot of gold. if you want, after wolves or golems, instead of ganking, just back and buy.

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mid game

focus on ganking, but keeping up with their jungler. if they have no jungler, try to keep up with the duo lanes. you should always be 1 level ahead of them. back before ganking if there isn't a window to gank. make sure you take dragon as soon as possible. stick to my build. this champ is hard to play, so just practice with him.

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late game

same as mid game, except, take baron when you are 2 people up on them. IE: 5-3. don't smite fail. use q,q,e,e, then get infront of them and r them to your team on their ad carry. don't do this on their tank. you can r tehm into their teammates for extra damage and nockups on the people they hit.