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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pillow8

[Legendary] AKALI

Pillow8 Last updated on October 14, 2010
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1. Introduction
Greetings and welcome. This is my first guide so be as constructive as you want. But down to the meat of the guide.

You are here because you are a killer. You want to mow down your enemies and escape with little loss. You want to embody Death itself. Akali will meet your needs, for she is twice as powerful as Death. Why you ask? She has twice the number of scythes than the Grim Reaper (kamas for you weapon snobs).

The focus in this guide, like many others I'm sure you'll see, is a hybrid AP/AD build.


Your ignorance makes me embarrassed for you... I build Akali as such because it is the most efficient way to build her. Sure, I could put an Infinity Edge on Fiddlesticks and call him a DPS build, but that is bringing out his true potential. Akali's passives, as well as her skills make her best to be played as a hybrid. Now do not worry, my build does alter from others on certain areas, including certain items, runes, and skill tricks. Hopefully when you are finished, you will be a better murderer.

This is a guide, not a rule book filled with laws on how to build her. This is merely a tool for you to get a grasp on the character, nothing more. Whatever you disagree with me on is fine, tell me about it, I will test for myself. In the end it may not suit me, but that may be just how I play. Good Luck and Have Fun.

2. Pros / Cons
+Decent burst damage (can be repeated very quickly)
+High damage
+Fast movement
+Great chasing abilities
+Lots of spammable moves
+Decent escape artist
+Decent 1v1

-Not the most defensive
-Tower protection is sub par
-Initiations can be messy
-Difficult to control accurately, having to pay attention to many spammable skills in a team fight.
-Large cleavage distracts player...

3. Unique Skills
Efficient use of Twilight Shroud:

So this is a very unique skill, and I'm going to go over the most effective ways of use


Simple enough, but depends on your positioning. Dropping a smoke bomb right where you are may not always be viable. If near a bush, plant the bomb so you can access the bush while invisible. That way you pretty much extend your invisibility.

If you are in an open area where an enemy has almost killed you, sometimes it is more viable to back track through the smoke bomb area, giving you a little bit more time as they turn back around. If your ultimate is up, you can dash far out if you aim it at an enemy minion, giving you more distance.

Sometimes its viable to use the smoke bomb to avoid getting hurt. If you are exhausted for instance, you may want to throw it down and wait for the exhaust to where off so they cannot target you while you're vulnerable.

Help your allies escape by slowing the pursuing enemies. DO IT.

Far to many Akali, run right out after they plant the bomb, instantly giving you away. Sometime its fine because the enemy will not pursue, but others, it is best to wait and use time so your friends can advance, or you have a better opportunity.

If you brought Flash, just throw down the bomb and flash across a wall, into a bush, or if none are available, the farthest away possible. They will most likely stay near, if not in the circle.


This is not really the most useful technique, but is interesting none the less. There's something about area spells that last a while that seems to scare people (i.e. Nasus's Spirit Fire). His is much scarier to stay in but the Twilight shroud is still useful for the same purpose. Throwing down a smoke bomb makes people do certain things:

A) Avoid that area until its gone or
B) Wait next to it to finish a kill
C) Think you ran through the bomb and trying to keep running.

Depending on the situation. Scaring off enemy champs while laning is very advantageous. To make sure they get your point, use the bomb as any other time you would by taking as much life off of them as possible, so they know you mean business. If you get them down low enough, go ahead and finish them. What you want is for them to fear going into that smoke. Once you do, they will avoid it like the plague. While in the bush, drop it so it bridges from the bush. You don't necessarily have to go in it, but the enemy champs sure won't if you seem a threat. They will come to link the smoke bomb, to thought of you dashing in and draining their health.

In most C situations, they will think you kept going. Drop a smoke bomb before entering a bush, bridging the edges so you remain stealth the entire walk. Most likely they will think you walked all the way through and will keep going. Most likely they should pass the bush, thinking you kept going, while instead you stay in the bush and smoke.


Early ganks, when your ultimate is not ready, you can easily use it in a lane from a bush. Start from a bush, and use the smoke to bridge yourself to the enemy without breaking invisibility. This slows them and allows you time to do damage. This plus an exhaust and ignite will usually give you the kill, as long as you chose the right enemy to kill

When you have your ultimate, your range is far larger. What I find most effective is to get in maximum range of your ultimate so you take them by surprise. Once Akali begins the dash, throw the bomb directly at the enemy, making them slow for just as long in whichever direction. They will not be able to target you right away, allowing you greater advantage.