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Fizz Build Guide by Sniper2sword

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sniper2sword

Legendary Fizz

Sniper2sword Last updated on October 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Legendary Fizz - Discription

Basically what i aimed for is early and mid game lane dominance. What most people i tell this build too is late game their damage will be very powerful and yet being still durable through out. This build can also be used for mid lane using playful/trickster to continue poking with maximum damage. Also late game this build is ment to be able to control most fights to be the dominate of the fight. Fizz is mostly best in top or bottom lane and best with range AD just for the reason that the damage will be giving you countless victories. Also if you come up in a fight and you know you can win. Always open up with Chum the Waters for starting burst damage and a easy kill

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Pros / Cons

1. Burst Damage.
2. Easy to escape from a fight.
3. Pretty simple to learn to play.

1. Squishy
2. Skills are very useful when timed very good

Fizz is a character that you will need to know nimbleness and trying to kind of trick your opponent into thinking he can win. You can do this by juking into bushes or just clean up in smaller fights

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Using Seastone Trident will allow to put a bleed affect and extra damage on minions allowing to pick up easy minion kills and farming good gold from those kills.

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Unique Skills

Playful/Trickster is a very very useful skill. A perfectly timed use of this skill can either evade an attack or give extra time for Cooldowns to finish and allow more burst damage. This skill can also be used to hop over smaller walls for an easy escape if needed

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Creeping / Jungling

To be honest I Do not like jungling with Fizz so I'm not going to get into detail. HOWEVER... Creeping is very good with Fizz. Last hits a very simple especially when your going for minions when you know the exact damage that you will hit allowing for easy farm from minions. Your E playful/trickster is an easy farming use because of it damage the spreads around Fizz that will allow more kills at a quicker rate.

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Lane Dominance

Trying beginning to poke at your enemy early game. If in mid wait till level for to begin your harassment unless you are confident in doing so earlier. Once at level 4 once you get Playful/Trickster it because to poke in and then out giving them damage and then you receiving none. Fizz is not very tanky so if your lane partner is a tank allow them to take all the damage for a full potential from the DPS on your basic attacks. If you have a DPS in your lane basically you are just going to hope they can keep up and win the beginning damage in the lane. When you begin try and focus for the squishiest target because basic attacks will do the most damage along with the passive true damage.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Used to escape from sticky situations

Ignite - Reduce heal from enemies and to insure no escape with a low amount of health

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9. Greater Marks of Insight - +.95% magic pen.
-Magic Penetration for Fizz is what gives him the significant burst damage that you may see often so putting this in your rune page with only make the burst damage more possible.
9. Greater Seal of Potency - +.59 Ability Power
- This is for Fizz's early game dominance for Mid or Lanes for the most part you should be able to win over the lane
9. Greater Glyph of Insight - +.57% magic Pen
- You could either use this or even grab magic resistance runes of you want Mid lane so you could out last your opponent but either one will do
3. Greater Quintessence of Focus - +1.64 CD reduction
- This is only to further Reduce Fizz's cooldowns to help out with the Ionian Boots pick up Early/Mid game

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1. Boots of Speed and 3 Potions - This is for a simple quick lane to get your build going.
2. Sheen - This will give a bonus of ability power to increase damage on abilities and also give a good kick in Bonus attack damage
3. Phage - this is the slow utility to keep up with the enemy giving some Auto Attack Damage and also giving some durability in health.
4. Ionian Boots - This is a very important piece of your build which will decrease your Cooldowns allow to put out more damage with lower cooldowns.
5. Trinity Force - the first major damage item, Attack Speed, Ability Power, and Durability which will help out a lot later in game and help dominate team fights
6. Rabadons Death Cap - 1. Needlessly Large Rod. 2. Blasting Ward. Which ever you feel is needed first is your choice. It will all build to the Death Cap which is the main damage item for Fizz[*]
7. Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Start with the extra durability from the Giants Belt. Afterwords just get which ever of the next items as you please it will all add up in the end.
8. Void Staff - What is so important about this item is that it gives that replacement of your Sorcerers Shoes with Ionian Boots because of the Magic penetration which is very important against more tanky targets.
9. Lich Bane - This is just for that boost of AP and utility use which it will give a bit better dominance in a team fight. Really the last item is your choice you could get a Morello's Evil Tome for the CD reduction and also the AP boost.
Side Items - Keep in mind that if you are kind of a new fizz player you will want to be able to survive team fights. So maybe throwing in an Abyssal Scepter for the magic resist.

Quick Notes - I do realize that the Trinity Force and Lich Bane both have the extra damage from Sheen. With that being said each item does have its own purpose. They kind of both the same yes. But One is kinda for melee the other is for range. It is kind of obvious from look at the items. Where trinity force does have Zeal and Phage for melee. Lich Bane has the Blasting Ward for AP, Throwing in magic resist for durability.