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Leona Build Guide by basjeee

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League of Legends Build Guide Author basjeee

leona tank-supp season 5

basjeee Last updated on January 7, 2015
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my name is bas and i am a silver 3 player on the EUW server. Leona is my favorite support champion to play because of both her natural tank stats and her huge amount of cc. in this guide i will show you a leona build wich i personally think is a good build and some tips on how to improve your skills with her. Also this is my first guide ever on mobafire so i will be keeping it simple.

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Pros / Cons


passive is very powerfull if used right

w gives free tank stats

has lot of cc and ult cna even stun a large group of enemy's when aimed right.

is easy to learn.


gets banned sometimes

requires a good adc to truly shine.

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i know you dont expect this champter on a supp champion but when you are building a face of the mountai you can get a last in once and a while. so when you do try to get a cannon creep. They give the most gold and your adc will still get the gold and you will get more gold quickly.

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leona has a very strong laning phase thanks to her w and runes you will be taanky from the start of the game and can survive early trades with little damage. Her e-q combo is also a good poke if you time it right with her adc. Your job is to maek sure your adc get kills during the laning phase and gets fed as asap. thanks to leonas cc this is an easy task for her. what lso helps is that leona counters 2 of the most hated supps to play against thresh and blitcrank. this is because their pulls just save you the mana you would need to cast your e.

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leona's laate game task is simple, stay with your adc, protect him from harm and stun or slow as many enemys as possible. during teamfigths you cna just jump the enemy carry and stun him so that your team can quickly take him out. your ultimate can be used both the engage and save your e or you cna use it to prevent an enemy from escaping. but the best use is to aim it in the middle of a teamfight and stun as many enemy players as possible. thanks to its many uses your ultimate is a very powerfull abilatie during the late game in both 2v2 fights and teamfights. and thanks to its low cooldown it it nearly always up when u need it to be

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i have played with a lot of difrent adc's and my personal top 3 adc's to have on your team are

#3= draven . his q does insane damage and with leona's cc he can easly take enemy's out thanks to leona's passive and the fact that he can easy cath his axes becaause he doesnt need to move.

#2= jinx. We all know jinx is avery powerfull adc but leona and jinx have a good synergie becease of jinx's q passive attack speed it is easy fro her to proc leona's passive everytime it applies and her w and e give bot ane a huge amount of cc wich is almost impossible to escpae from.

#1= quinn. this is my personal oppinion but its an insane op combo. When ot both quinn;s and leona's passive proc on the smae target and quinn AA's once it will be a burst of damage even at early levels. Also quin's mobilety and leona's cc make a great combo becasue even when quinn is not close to her leona can keep an enemy stunned long enough for quinn to ult in and deliveen a huge bust of damage.

This is my personal oppinion. There are a lot of other combo's that wil work but these ae the 3 adc's i can work with the most.

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last words

Well this is the end ofmy guide. Im sorry it was so short and i will update it in the future when i get more experience with how to use mobafire. anyway i hope you enjoyed my guide and i hope you have gotten at least a little idea about leona.